Daddy’s Voice

I know how hard it can be to go minutes and hours without talking to me. It’s like something’s missing when your daddy isn’t near, like there’s a hole in your chest. Sometimes you don’t even know realize it’s my absence. Maybe you’re yelling at cars in traffic, or silently cursing your boss underneath your breath. But when you really boil it down, why are you so agitated? What is the one thing that you know will sooth you, the one thing that has total power. Your daddy’s voice is what you need. You need to hear me whispering in your ear the soft sounds that run through every vein in your body at lightning speed.

As soon as my lips are pressed against your ear and I speak the words, “Daddy loves his little girl,” there’s nothing else that matters. All the pain and stress washes away. It’s almost like the tones of Buddhist monks praying up in the mountains, echoing off the rocks. It’s almost like the sound of a mother’s heart beating to her baby in her womb. My voice is all things to you, my little girl. It’s the beginning and the end. It’s salvation. My words in your ear is freedom and peace. It’s life itself. That is how much you love me, I know. I know because I have felt it when you’ve kissed me. I know because I have tasted it when your tears have fallen to my lips. I am your daddy. And you are mine. So, when that hole inside you feels like it’s growing and growing and you don’t know why, just close your eyes and listen. If you can drown out all the background noise and open your ears you’ll hear the one things that you need, the one thing you’ve needed your whole life. Hear daddy’s voice and all will be well.