“Shhh, daddy’s here.” That’s all you need to hear when the room is dark, and you can sense my presence. That feeling of me nearby, even though you can’t see me, is like a persistent pressure on your chest, but as soon as my voice reaches out and touches you, you’re able to take a deep breath and let out all your stress. That’s what a daddy’s voice should do for a little girl. So, don’t worry about how long and challenging your day has been. Just worry about me and the sound of my voice. “It’s OK, baby. Daddy’s here.”

Focus on how it feels when I brush your hair back off your face. Focus on the way the backs of my fingers feel on your skin. “Do you know how beautiful you are to me? Do you know how it feels for your daddy to touch you? I’m in awe of you, my little girl. Being near you is like watching the rain flow up from the ground back into the clouds. It’s like a single day off after years and years of working without a break. From the moment I saw you, I knew you’d be mine, and now that you are, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let you go. This is how a daddy needs to feel about his little girl because, in the end, all your emotions can get the better of you. You can get lost in your own head. That’s why it’s so important I say these words day in and day out. I must remind you that you are my little girl, and I am your daddy because even though you know, hearing me say it makes it more real. It makes it something you can feel. My words are like a warm bath or being wrapped in a blanket. They will calm you, show you love, and ultimately set you free.