The house is dark when you get home, only the single light you left on greeting you. You drop your keys in the basket and set your purse on the counter, sighing deeply.

You walk to your room, passing the bathroom, still smelling the remnants of your shower this morning hanging in the air. You flip the switch, but nothing happens. No light turns on, no expected click, nothing. You growl and turn around to get a new light.

As you turn, he grabs you from behind. He is tossing you heavily to the floor. He jumps on you, holding you down. You start to scream, and he shoves some of your panties in your mouth, stifling your scream. Quickly, tape follows. You can breathe, but no sound passes far enough to help you.

Your mind races, you trained for this, you know what to do. You struggle, you begin to fight. You’re desperate to getaway. He is just so strong, so heavy, lying on your body. You feel his muscles bulging as you struggle. You can’t budge him, not on your stomach, so you try to turn over.

He grabs your arms, tying them quickly behind you. You continue your struggle to try everything you can to get away. You try screaming again and again.

You hear me laugh, a deep baritone in your ear. The things you notice surprise you. His breath isn’t fetid, you smell cologne, even realizing it is a type you like.

What are you going to do? You keep trying to fight. To struggle to free yourself. You try to think. You feel his weight pull away and feel a stinging on your ass. Did he just slap your ass? You get madder beginning to turn and struggle more since he is no longer astride you.

He reaches down, grabbing you by the hair. Drags you into the bedroom as you struggle. You again hear him laugh. You continue to try to scream and get him to release you. Your fear and tears well up. He stops beside your bed and snatching you up he throws you on the bed. It scares you how easily the manhandles your body. He acts like you weigh nothing. As he stands there, you shake and cry, trying to beg him to release you. All he hears is the muffled moans, which makes him smile and laugh.

He grabs your arm rolling you over like you’re a rag doll. He is quickly flipping you as he wants you. No matter how much you fight or kick, it doesn’t faze him. You frantically think, what can I do? How do I save myself? What does he want? As these thoughts play through your mind, you feel him untying your arms, but he holds both wrists in his one hand.

He rolls you over, and you stare into his face for the first time. It is covered and still dark in the bedroom. You can’t see any features to help you identify him. How can you tell someone who it was if you can’t identify him? How can you stay safe from him if you don’t know who he is?

He stares deeply into your eyes in the darkness as he draws your hands, now bound together, up to your headboard. He is securing your hands to one point. He slides his feet down, forcing them between your tightly clamped thighs and pushing his shoes down easily, your legs parting like silk with a razor. He leans up against his bulk, now sitting on your stomach and hips.

He leans down, his deep voice echoing from its closeness. He growls out, if you scream, I will rip your tongue out, and you will die here alone choking on your own blood. If you follow my orders, you will possibly survive this, relatively unhurt that is. Do I make myself clear slut?

You shake your head, yes, scared to do anything else. You try to think of who would be home and awake at this time of night. Would they answer and help you if you yell? Would you just be hurting another person if all you must do is obey him? He might just want to know where your valuables are. Maybe he isn’t going to touch you. Perhaps he is just a thief.

He rips off the tape, quickly sending pain through your lips. The panties having soaked up all your saliva and stuck to the tape are yanked out as well. You scream just from the pain if not for trying to get help. He slaps you across your face, a hand closing around your throat. His hand cuts off sound and breath in one swift move. You go silent trying to fight for breath.

He leans down without releasing your throat. Growling deeper in his chest, he says, through gritted teeth, I said quietly. Do you want me to have to kill you because you can’t obey you, little cunt?

You again shake your head a negative since you can’t speak. He slowly releases your throat, waiting to see if you scream. You remain silent. You are lying there looking at him. He looks down at you, bringing a large knife out, holding it in front of your eyes. Making sure you see how sharp it is. He draws it across your throat. You feel it cut lightly but still, feel blood. You freeze afraid even to move.

You hear him say, see you can be a good girl, can’t you? You shake your head yes, your throat and mouth still too dry to speak. You cough, trying to control it but can’t. He reaches to your nightstand, holding a cold beer he had gotten from your fridge. You gulp seeing the liquid, and as you watch, he smiles at you and smiles, taking a long deep drink. Tears come to your eyes just from the need of a swallow to wet your throat.

He smiles, holding the bottle above your lips, some condensation dripping to your lips. You swipe your tongue, trying to capture all the moisture. Too late, you realize it already ran down your chin. He whispers, would you like a drink bitch. You shake your head, yes. He sets the bottle on your lips, and as much as you hate it, you lick the bottom of the bottle as he laughs, watching you.

He pulls the bottle away quickly. Then he reached down, grabs your hair pulling your head up slightly. He tips the bottle slightly at your lips, and you begin to choke as you try to swallow all you can—the beer burns across your chapped lips and dry throat. Beer spews across your shirt as you choke, hitting his legs and stomach. He snatches the bottle away and slaps you. You close your eyes after the slap trying to control yourself. Growling out, he asks, What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I was nice and gave you a drink and you spit it back onto me. You begin to beg and plead saying that it is only because you choked. He is hearing none of it and slaps you across the face again. He is telling you that you’re not even worth being nice to you. That you’re just another worthless whore. You begin to cry and plead to beg him to let you go, that you won’t ever tell.

He laughs at that. You open your eyes after you feel him moving on your hips. As you open them, all you see is a hard cock heading towards your mouth. He grabs your chin, telling you that you are better open and not fight. He pushes his cock into your mouth, drawing it back and forth slowly and forcing more and more into your mouth. He tells you, Open your throat slut. You comply, having done this for boyfriends before. He pushes and pushes, filling your throat. You feel the head pop inside as it forces its way through your throat opening. You begin to breathe through your nose, not wanting to upset him.

He stops moving as his cock sets in your throat and looking down, laughing. See slut, he says, I knew it just like the others. No difference at all. Then he begins to pound your mouth. He was using it quick and hard. You cough and gag as he fucks your throat deep and hard. One final push, and you feel his cock pulsing in your mouth. As he draws out slowly, he pulses twice more, filling your mouth with his cum. Choking as you swallow, he laughs louder as he pulls out and then shoots the rest on your face. He is covering your face, dripping into your hair. You continue to cough as you finish swallowing his load.

He smiles down at you. You look just like a cheap little cum dump whore you hear him say. Your cheeks burn because as much as it embarrasses you, you also feel yourself getting wet. You also see that he has not gone down and is still hard sticking right in your face.

He stands up his cock bouncing as he laughs. Looking at you, he smiles as he gazes at your body. Your clothes disheveled half your breast showing through your ripped blouse.

He grabs the knife, making you wince. He slides it down between your heaving breasts, quickly cutting through your shirt and bra. You tremble as he looks upon your 36 B with large hardened nipples standing on display. You wish you could cover them but are afraid to move even if you could as you feel the knife still resting by your belly button.

He slides it down, ripping through your dress and panties. Yanking them off, he leers at you, and you close your legs, drawing your legs up and trying to cover yourself. He laughs, grabbing your ankles, shoving your legs against your breasts. Your nipples dig into your thighs. You see him gazing at your pussy and ass on display.

You struggle against him even knowing he could kill you. He slaps your ass cheeks hard, first one side then the other. You whimper. He grins down growling and doesn’t resist slut. You’re mine to own and do as I want. Do you understand me? You whisper something, and he tells you to repeat it. Louder her hears you say Yes, Sir. He says good little cunt.

He leans down, spitting on your tight rosebud. It clenches automatically, which makes him laugh. He positions himself on the bed, spitting on his cock and your ass again. Leaning forward, he shoves his cock into the root. You scream, but he muffles it as his mouth covers yours. All you hear is a muffle coming from you. You feel his forcing its way in. You begin to fight against him. Struggling. Doing all you can. With his size and weight and his cock lodged in your bowels, there seems nothing you can do.

He draws out slowly and then back in alternating his strokes slow and fast. Deep and shallow. You grunt and moan as he fucks your tender ass. You pass out once only to wake you, his cock still pounding your ass.

He withdraws and slams his cock deep in your pussy. He is laughing because your juices are gushing out of your pussy. He was flowing down, coating his balls, your ass, and the bed. He lunges deep as you struggle against him. He pushes in, hitting your cervix. His cum is shooting out and filling you to overflowing.

He leans down, kissing you roughly before getting off the bed. You lay there looking at him. You hear him say, love, you, my little angel. He hears I love you, my Master.