Note: Sexy Erotic Vampire: The Erotic Vampire sub-genre is filled with fear, sex, longing, taboo, and a passion beyond what you’ve ever experienced.

She came to me one cold, dark night
Gleaming, emerald eyes chasing away my fright
Swaying, serpentlike, gaze looked unto me
Mind, spining who could this fallen Goddess be.

Cold, nimble fingers dancing teasingly along the vein
No resitance as back unto the cold marble crypt I am lain
Cold, voluptious flesh pressed tight against mine
Oh so slowly against me she does gyrate and grind

Oh so soft, sweet, cloven lips
Locked unto mine in a deep hungry kiss
overiding a coppery tinge of death
as she steals away my breath

Glistening, lustful lips locked unto the vein
Pleasure so sweet it is almost pain
Drinking greedly of my rich, red wine
On my life does she dine

Stripping away my clothes I can not resist
Lost somewhere between pain and bliss
Vice like grip holds me in place
A cold satisfied smirk upon her face

Forcefully she takes me to satisfy her lust
Taunting me with each ferioucous thrust
Cries into the night, her body shaking in bliss
Collapseing against me, one last sweet kiss

Bruised and broken as she walks away
Left cold and naked, caressed by first light of day
Was it real or fantasy
The only ones who know are her and me

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