I’ve never wanted to date a mirror

Sometimes I’ll meet couples and think, wow, they’re basically the same person. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I’m a strong believer in the whatever works policy. But dating a carbon copy of myself is not something I’ve ever been attracted to though.

I love the differences amongst us, as much as the similarities. Plus, I don’t subscribe to the fact your partner needs to think the same way you do or have the same exact interest in order to be compatible. I do believe you’ll need to be open-minded, compromise at times and learn to appreciate the differences as well as the things you bond over, in order to keep your sovereignty while also forming a beautiful partnership.

I’ve never wanted to date a mirror. I’m attracted to people who will let me see a world beyond my perspective. Who will challenge me when needed and support me when warranted. Who will inspire me to explore things I never would and find comfort outside my comfort zone.

I’m grateful that my lady knows who exactly she is and doesn’t feel the need to reflect me, nor I her. We love each other for who we are and what we are and while we are not a reflection of each other, the differences we share is what makes us feel we’re perfect for one another.