In a D/s relationship, if you are invested enough in someone to take the time and energy to discipline them, it’s not because you hate them, its because you care about them enough to make sure they understand the consequences of their actions and that following rules is important. When a D-type is apathetic and doesn’t hold their s-type responsible for their actions, it says you not only don’t care about the dynamic, but you really don’t care about them or their progress as your s-type.

Discipline lets them know that they matter, that you are paying attention. As much as they need your affection and affirmations, they also need your strength and determination to correct them when they’ve done wrong. Discipline isn’t a negative, it’s an essential, positive element of a D/s relationship in my opinion.

How will they know how to serve you if you don’t show them the way you want be served by setting out rules and making sure that they are followed.