I am dominant
You submissive
Together we will become one
I will guide you on a journey
A voyage of discovery
These ropes I bind you with
Are attached to my heart
The very core of my being
I will orchestrate your experiences
I will show you your true self
The dark dreams you dare not reveal
But know that deep within your soul
You covet
You yearn
You need
I will bring you under my will
I will take you to deeper depths
In understanding your submission
I will reside in your imagination
And care for your dreams needs and fantasies
The core of your very being
I will hold in my hands
And you will come to know what it is
To be owned
To be used
To be possessed
I will make every nerve in your body scream pleasure
I will become the Master of your mind
Your heart
Your body
Your soul
And you will become my universe