When you get in the car, you give me a blowjob until I’m hard and you don’t speak until I say so. That’s what we agreed on. 

What was I thinking, never met this guy only texted him. Why do I go to extremes when it comes to sex? Maybe because I like the excitement, get bored quickly and I like to push my limits? Or better I like others to push my limits.  Anyway he was waiting in his car downstairs so don’t be a pussy Nathalie and do what you agreed on. So I went downstairs a little bit nervous, opened the door and I got into his car. 

He is good looking was my first thought when I saw him however he’s much shorter than I expected. Hope his cock isn’t shorter than expected. It was time to explore that. So I got his cock out of his pants and started to lick the top of it while I looked into his eyes. He grabbed my head and pushed my mouth over his cock. Shit, I really hope the neighbours don’t see this. I felt his cock growing in my mouth. Oh there’s nothing wrong with this size I thought and his cock quickly fills up my mouth. Without words he pushed me even deeper over his cock which made me gag when it’s disappear into my throat. Gosh what did I started and fuck this is so horny. He grabbed my hair,  pulled me back and started the car and drove to the hotel. He didn’t took the effort to put his cock back in his pants.

After a 20 minutes ride we arrived at the parking lot. “Get out of the car and bend over” Are you kidding me I see people nearby was my thought. It was as if he read my mind and said “Do what I ask you, bend over and pull up your dress, I want to see your white ass” I did meekly what he said and there I was leaning forward so my white ass can’t be missed. He stepped behind me and slapped my ass. Just one firm slap before he spreads my ass and slid his hand over my pussy. Without any warning he penetrated my willing pussy with his big cock. O fuck that feels so good, he grabbed my breasts and moved his hips, first slowly with long strokes and then getting deeper and deeper and faster. His masculinity touched my uterine and combined with the possibility to getting caught and being fucked by a total stranger in a parking lot, I came very intense within minutes. My legs were shaking with pleasure and I could hardly bear my weight anymore. I felt my juices slowly slide down my legs. “Now clean my cock you horny slut and after that you can talk”

It was the start of a blistering summer, but more about that later.