Drunken Wife Meets Under the Bed Restraint!

Astrid and her husband went to some stuffy banquet. She wore a very risky top that showed off a great deal of her amazing tits. Men were staring at her all night, women even, and of course he could not keep his fucking eyes off.

The alcohol was free and there was a lot of it poured between Astrid and me. It was the first night the 2 of us went out like this in quite some time. She got shitfaced. On the drive home, she was awake, but barely speaking. he could not control himself anymore.

While driving 70 mph down the highway, he reached over and began stroking Astrid’s amazing cleavage. She responded well. he slid his hand down into her top, down into her bra and he searched for her nipple while keeping his eyes on the road.

After traveling down her huge, curvy, bulbous tits, he found the thick roughness of her nipple. Instantly it began to grow hard as he pinched it slightly. Driving down the highway, he began tugging and massaging her nipple with more force. She responded with a steady moan.

he reached across to her other tit and did the same. After getting each nipple fully erect, he slid his hand down her crotch to find great warmth and a moisture building between her legs. She asked if he was going to take advantage of her drunken state. he told her he already was.

When they arrived home, he helped her up the stairs and into our house. Astrid went straight for the bedroom while he put some music on and grabbed a few necessities, including a knife and a lighter.

When he entered the bedroom, he found Astrid laying on the bed with no pants or panties. She did, however, keep that amazing top on.

Earlier in the night, unbeknownst to her, he had installed an Under the Bed Restraint, his newest sex-shop purchase. Astrid appeared completely passed out, but he still found pleasure in lifting her drunken body in position and strapping her arms and legs to the restraint.

Her four limbs stretched to the four corners of the bed. Her pussy glistened in the dark. Her tits heaved out of her top and begged to be released. he gathered more tools on the table next to the bed.

He set out a blindfold, nipple clamps, a massage candle, 2 dildos, 1 riding crop, 2 bottles of lube, and a box of condoms. he lit the candle. he turned the stereo up loudly. It was playing the sexy album “Silent Shout” by The Knife. If you have never heard it– better yet if you have never fucked to it– you must.

He blindfolded her already closed eyes. he straddled her and began rubbing her massive tits. They began to roll out of the top and bra that tried shamelessly to keep them contained. When her nipples were exposed, he grabbed them, twisting them, and pulling them to his mouth. he took one in his mouth and sucked it deeply. Astrid let out a sound that confirmed to me she was indeed perfectly awake and aware of her surroundings.

He took the knife and he cut off her bra and top. They had been making me horny all night and he was glad to rip them to shreds and toss them to the floor. he put the knife down and exchanged it with the nipple clamps. he sucked her thick and hearty nipples some more and then released a clamp on each. They pinched her nipples tightly, but could barely contain the girth of her fabulous nipples.

He tugged away at the chain between them and again her body responded. he slid down her body and quickly buried his face into her cunt for a taste. he spread her lips apart and slowly licked up and down the walls of her pussy. When he reached her clit, he pressed it as slowly as he could and circled it once with the tip of his tongue. She almost came at once.

he dismounted her and grabbed another toy. he took hold of the longest and thickest dong they have. he slid a condom on it for cleanliness and he lubed it up with copious amounts of “gun oil.”

Before he slid it into her cunt, he slammed it into her open hand and made her grasp it. She felt the girth of this painfully thick dildo. She wrapped her fingers around it, and he slid it in and out of her grasp letting her feel the massiveness and slickness of the lube.

He pulled it out of her grasp, and she was trembling before he even penetrated her. She was so wet, and he had so much lube on the cock that that monster motherfucker slid right in. She gasped for air as he slid the humongous cock in and out of her pussy. For the first time, she pulled against the restraints. he fucked her deeper.

When she neared the climax, he slid it out and placed it at her mouth. Her lips parted and she took the head of the silicon cock in her mouth and tasted her juices. he pulled the cock from her mouth, slapped it against her clit a few times, and threw it against the wall. She jumped at the noise.

He released the clamps from her nipples and began sucking savagely as the blood rushed back into them and she regained feeling. Her mouth was wide open.

he grabbed the riding crop from the table and slid the tip up and down her body. he raised it in the air with a swish . . . her body tensed awaiting the release, but he held it a few seconds. As she released her breath, he brought the crop down on her nipple with a smack.

He tapped several light taps in her swollen hard nipple and then every so often he would slap it back down with force. he did this to both nipples, changing the pace, changing the anticipation time to always keep her jumping and waiting.

Sometimes when she thought he would bring it down on her tits, he would bring it down on her thigh or her ass. She was writhing with ecstasy. he put the crop down.

He picked up a glass anal dildo and he lubed it up tremendously as well. he grabbed the condom sheathed dong and re-lubed it too. he slid the dong into her cunt first. Once it was in, he teased her asshole with the fat and textured cone shape of the glass intruder.

As her asshole began to open, he slid increasingly of the cock inside her. She took the whole head, and then the whole dick. he grabbed a fake dick in each hand, and he penetrated her ass and cunt with both. It made the most delicious sound. It was so squishy he could hear it over the thumping electronic sex music.

Again, as she reached so near the top of her climax, he slid the cocks out, smacked them both in each of her hands, and dismounted her.

He took the candle that melts into massage oil and he poured it all over her massive, massive titties. It was smoking hot and she gasped with pain. he massaged the oil into her whole tits making them slick and greasy.

Then he mounted that fucking chest he had been staring at all night, squeezed those motherfuckers together, and slid his rock-hard cock in between. he had been withholding his orgasms for a week now. he had been drinking shit tons of water. He was so horny from staring at these tits all night. Also horny at the thought of Els off fucking our African friend, Gundu. All these reasons were why he shot the largest load of cum he has ever discharged in his entire life.

He was pumping away at his wife’s slick, warm, and ENORMOUS tits when he felt it coming. he slid out from between her melons and he began stroking his cock like a mad monkey. A huge, flowing, cock-busting stream of cum came spurting out. It shot past her tits, over her face, and smashed into the wall above her head running down into her hair.

Stream after stream followed. It felt like he was pissing, he came in such long bursts. It covered her face, it covered her tits, it flowed off her body and into multiple puddles on the bed. It was the messiest fucking mess he had ever made in his life. he pressed his cock deep into one of her tits and he still felt himself cumming.

He rubbed his hands along her face and body, relishing in his juicy bounty. he smeared it all over her body, ran his fingers through the puddle. She was soaked in me cum from hair to feet.

With me cum lubed hand, he slid his fist inside her. His fingers worked against her g-spot with much speed and force. She too busted at the seams and shot her cum into his palm and wrist. She screamed she shivered, she pulled against the restraints and came her fucking eyes out.

When her orgasm was finally finished, she passed out. Whether it was from alcohol or cumming so hard he knows not, but he rubbed her cum covered body some more before releasing her restraints and blindfold.

She lay there passed out as he put away and cleaned all soiled sex toys. he left her naked ass stewing in our juices, but he did cover her up with blankets to warm her as his hot cum turned cold.

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