As Emily spoke Brad double-checked the Find My iPhone app and sure enough she and her phone were still at the office. He mentally admonished himself for doubting her.

“Well don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll get dinner ready before you get home. What time do you think you’ll be back?”

Emily stopped sucking Damien’s cock and leaned toward the speakerphone where it was on the desk. “I don’t know. Damien left more than half the project unfinished when he left and he’s being a real cocksucker about me getting this job done for him.” She licked the head of the huge black cock in front of her. “It looks like a lot but I can handle it.” She looked up at Damien who was desperately trying to keep from laughing. “I shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours.”

With his dark, powerfully sculpted physique towering over her like this Emily felt like a complete whore. When Damien suddenly entwined his massive hands in her thick red hair, pulling just enough to make sure she knew who was in control it only reinforced the feeling. She loved it.

She still wasn’t sure how far she’d go with him but at that moment she decided that at the very least she needed to suck this cock until she tasted his cum. Beyond that she didn’t know…

“Yeah,” Brad said as he flopped dejectedly on the couch. “He really fucked you this time.”

“I’ll live,” she said as she started stroking Damien a little faster. “Besides, we need my job to survive until your bar starts bringing in money. So whatever he gives me I’ll just have to take it.” After another pause to compose herself and keep from laughing at her own puns she said, “Love you.”

“Love you too,” Brad replied feeling a little better about everything as he hung up. Emily had been working late an awful lot lately but she was right: with his bar still new (and very much underwater) her job was the only thing keeping them afloat. Whatever her boss threw at her he knew she’d have to take it. He just didn’t understand why she was always the one who kept getting fucked? Surely there were other employees that could be doing their share of the work too.

After Emily had hit ‘end’ on the speakerphone Damien finally let himself laugh. “You are a cruel bitch, you know that?”

She sucked hard on the end of his dick for a second before replying, “Oh, like you give a shit. I can always stop if you’re suddenly overcome with guilt.”

He grabbed hold of her hair, “Don’t you fucking dare. You been prancing around here teasin’ the fuck outta me since you started workin’ here and now that I got you alone I’m gonna get mine.”

She started sucking him again with renewed vigor, slamming his dick into the back of her throat as she deepthroated him. He held onto her hair as she did, forcing her back and forth and occasionally holding her down so that she’d come up gagging and sputtering. By the time he let up on the facefucking her mascara was running down her face and her lipstick was smeared on both her face and his shaft. He pulled her back and slapped her.

“I knew you were a whore on day one,” he snarled at her. “You know that? The minute you walked in here I had you pegged for a freak. The way you walked around here in them little skirts I knew you were just aching to get fucked by a real man. Then I caught you checking out that UPS brotha and I knew you’d be down for some black dick. It was just a matter of time before I took that married white pussy for myself.”

“Is that a fact?” She asked as she stood up. She slipped her dress off over her head, leaving herself in just a black bra and panties. The tattoo of Brad’s name rested on her left hip just above her panty line. Damien’s eyes darted to it momentarily before he touched it and chuckled.

“Well,” she continued once she had also unhooked the bra and tossed it after dress. “I’ve never been with a black guy before and you’ve got a reputation around her for fucking anything with tits. I figured if anyone around here would be willing to fuck a married white woman it’d be you.”

“I might have a rep but you’re the first married bitch I fucked.”

She grabbed his cock again. “Don’t get too cocky. You’ve only fucked my face so far.”

Damien touched the tattoo again as she started to stroke him. “That little bitch you got waitn’ on you at home don’t fuck you right, does he?”

“Oh, he fucks me just fine – just not as often as I’d like,” she said. “Besides, what do you give a shit? I’m about to let you destroy my tight little pussy with this fucking monster. That should be all that’s on your mind right now.”

Damien sucked on one of her nipples and then the other, biting intermittently as he did so. “So,” he said finally. “You just a whore. Is that it?” He grabbed onto her ass with both hands. “Either way this big snowbunny ass of yours deserves more than whatever he’s giving you.”

“Now you’re getting it,” she said as she dropped back onto her knees and sucked him again, bobbing back and forth as hard as she could. Just sucking his fat cock was getting her wet but the added thought of his massive tool fucking her pussy open had her practically ready to cum then and there. She banged his head against the back of her throat while simultaneously rubbing her clit through her panties. It took all of two minutes to get her there.

She groaned and clamped down on his cock as the orgasm shuddered through her. She may have been concerned about her resolve to go through with actually fucking Damien — the idea of cheating on Brad with someone she worked with made her a little nervous — but as she sat there on her knees, shaking with an orgasm brought on by the mere thought of fucking him she knew she had to go through with it. Besides, Damien was fucking gorgeous and she didn’t know when she’d have another opportunity to get split open with a dick this big.

When she stood up Damien was laughing almost maniacally. She finally kicked off her soaked panties and kissed him hard, forcing her tongue into his mouth. He resisted momentarily and then started kissing her back, probing her mouth with his own tongue while his massive, calloused hands started probing her body. His left hand clamped down on her ass again while he worked two of his right hand fingers into her wet pussy.

They stood there entwined, her hands around his shaft, his hands all over her, for an eternity. She had promised herself to not go any further than meaningless, one-time-only sex and yet here she was kissing him more passionately than she kissed her own husband most of the time.

Damien broke the kiss and pushed her back a bit. He wrapped one hand around her throat and dug his huge fingers even deeper into her pussy. “I bet you’re the kind of bitch that likes getting choked, aren’t you?”

Emily choked out a noise of agreement just as she felt herself starting to build to yet another orgasm. Her pussy involuntarily clamped down on his fingers as she started to cum and her vision went cross momentarily as Damien tightened his grip to match.

He leaned in so that their noses were practically touching. “I fucking knew it,” he snarled. “Some white whores love getting treated like shit. Some big nigga slaps you around and calls you a few names and you cum all over the place.”

Emily broke away from his grasp and bent over her desk, spreading her legs slightly. “Then call me names while you fuck me with that big nigger dick,” she said as she reached underneath herself and started rubbing her clit again.

He licked his hand and rubbed the head of his cock. “When I’m finished with that pussy, you won’t be able to feel them white boys anymore. You know that, right?”

“Ye–” Before she could finish speaking he slipped into her and the rest of her taunt was lost in a sudden intake of air and all she could manage was a breathy, “Oh-my-fucking-god.”

He slid in further and she threw her head down, almost slamming into the desk. She could feel her legs starting to shake. She hadn’t been lying when she said Brad fucked her just fine but this… this was almost more than she could handle. This was by far the biggest dick she’d ever had inside of her and her pussy walls were straining to accommodate him. She may as well have never been fucked before.

“Goddamn it girl,” he groaned. “You weren’t lying when you said you were tight.”

She wanted to say, ‘Not when you’re done I won’t be,’ or something equally whorish but all she could manage under the circumstances was a moan of acknowledgement and rapid breathing. When what felt like an eternity had passed Damien’s massive cock finally hit bottom and Emily’s eyes momentarily went cross. She gasped raggedly and finally managed, “Goddamn… goddamn.”

Damien ground himself into her as far as he could and leaned close to her ear, “You ready to have your fucking cunt destroyed?”

“Oh god yes,” she gasped into the desktop. “Wreck my pussy Damien.”

He grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head away from the table. He growled into her ear this time. “You can do better than that you filthy little whore.”

Emily bucked against him. “Fuck me already you big, black motherfucker. Fuck me so goddamn hard I can’t walk afterwards.”

“More,” he commanded.

“I want your big black dick to ruin my little white pussy.”

He pushed into her further and pulled on her hair so hard it made her eyes water. “More you stupid cunt.”

“I want you to fuck open parts of me my husband’s sad little six-incher has never even seen. Make me a black cock slut. Leave my pussy so fucked open and blown out I can’t fuck anything but big black motherfuckers for the rest of my life.”

“That’s more like it.” He let go of her hair and grabbed her hips with both hands. He pulled back about halfway and slammed back into her listening to her ragged breathing as he did. Then he pulled back further and slammed back into her even harder. He loved the sound white girls made when they took his dick for the first time.

After a momentary pause to let her writhe beneath him, he started to pound her, rhythmically thrusting into her while maintaining his deathgrip on her hips. White girls come and go but a sexy redheaded white girl with black girl’s ass? This was something special and her pussy being as tight as it was was just the cherry on top of it all. He wanted to fuck this girl into the ground, ruin her for anyone and everyone else, make her into a black cock slut for real, not just this roleplay shit.

Emily groaned, gasped and shuddered with each of Damien’s thrusts. She groaned when her pussy strained to accommodate his massive cock; she gasped every time he pulled back, leaving her suddenly empty; and she shuddered with each of the little miniature orgasms that she had when he thrust back into her because they were roughly equivalent to what she had thought were ‘fullblown orgasms’ before. Orgasms she had only ever gotten alone. Brad made her cum but fucking barely and not without a significant amount of effort.

“Oh goddamn it,” she groaned. “Fuck me Damien.”

“Louder,” he demanded as he took hold of her hair again and pulled it hard enough to keep her head back and her ass arched up toward him. “Tell me how much you love this fucking cock.”

“Oh godfuckingdamn,” she groaned again. “I love your cock.”

He slapped her.

“I love your big black fucking cock,” she half-screamed at him. “Just keep fucking me like this daddy. Make me your fucking whore.”

Twenty minutes of Damien’s mind-blowing rhythm and she couldn’t take any more. She was screaming loud enough at this point that anyone in the building afterhours would likely think she was being stabbed. She had lost count of her smaller orgasms an eternity ago and she needed something more to facilitate the massive, earth-shattering orgasm she knew was building up somewhere inside.

“Oh you wanna be my goddamn whore?” he growled. “My whores can take a fucking load.”

“Then fucking cum in me,” she gasped without hesitation. “I want your fucking cum.”

She meant it too. Right then and there there was nothing she wanted more than she wanted to feel Damien’s big black cock unload into her.

Damien didn’t even break rhythm. “Then say it like you mean it you stupid fucking slut.”

“I want you to dump your fucking load in me,” she groaned. “Make me a real black cock slut and send me back to my husband full of nigger cum.”

“You on the pill?”

She didn’t give a shit. “No.”

“Good,” Damien grunted as he thrust in once more and suddenly unloaded into her.

The first blast of cum hit her insides and she immediately knew what her pussy had been building up to all these years. The earth-shattering, eye-crossing orgasm hit her full-force and her world turned inside-out as her pussy convulsed and flooded. She screamed with pleasure and then the second, third, fourth and fifth blasts of his cum repeated the same earth-shatter. She felt her legs giving out but Damien still held onto her hips and the desk was still beneath her, otherwise she likely would’ve fallen to the floor.

“Oh-my-fucking-god,” she managed halfway through the orgasm. “Oh-my-fucking-god.”

Damien grunted behind her and ground himself into her as far as he possibly could.

After another eternity they stopped cumming but he kept his barely softened cock inside of her.

“I’m not on the pill,” she laugh-wheezed into the desktop. “I’m not on the fucking pill and I just let you cum in me.”

“Let me nothing,” he said grinding into her still. “You fucking begged me to cum in that pussy.”

“Yes I fucking did,” she said, still trying to compose herself. She could feel the cum inside of her, feel how full she was both of cum and Damien who still hadn’t pulled out. “I begged you to cum in me and you didn’t even hesitate.”

“I’ll let you in on a little secret,” he said as he wrapped his massive hands around her throat from behind. “From the minute I got into that pussy I was planning on fillin’ you up.”

“Oh really,” she choked out despite his grip on her throat.

“Fuck yeah really,” he said smugly. “What I wouldn’t give for your husband to see you like this. Bent over your desk, sweaty and full of nigga cum.”

“Fuck him,” she choked out as Damien tightened his grip. “This is your pussy now.”

Damien grinned evilly but before he could say anything smarmy the phone rang. Damien let go of Emily’s throat and put his hands back on her hips.

She looked at the caller ID. “It’s Brad,” she said hoarsely.

Damien’s evil grin returned as he pulled out of her slowly. “Get on your back,” he said. “And answer it.”

She gave him an incredulous look but climbed onto the desk nonetheless. “You evil motherfucker,” she said as she hit the button to answer the phone.

“Hey,” she said managing to sound surprisingly composed considering Damien was sliding back into her pussy as she said it.

“Hey,” Brad said back. “I just wanted to check on you. How’s it coming?”

“Oh it’s coming along,” she said as Damien hit bottom again. “It’s coming along better than expected really.”

Damien started fucking her slowly while thumbing her clit. She almost immediately started to see stars.

“Good to hear,” Brad said. “Don’t let that fucking prick get you down.”

“I won’t,” she managed.

She then bit into her forearm to muffle her moaning. Somehow Damien’s cock felt bigger in this position and he was pushing into entirely new parts of her. She wanted so badly to hang up the phone and let herself start screaming again.

“I just don’t get why he’s so hard on you,” Brad continued. “It’s not like there aren’t other employees around there he could’ve saddled with this shit.”

“I don’t know,” she replied indignantly. “Maybe he thinks I can fucking handle it.”

Damien leaned in and shoved his tongue in her mouth. They silently kissed for a few seconds until Brad finally spoke up again.

“Or maybe he just wants to fuck you.”

“What?” she said taken aback. She put her hand on Damien’s abs initially meaning to stop him for a minute but after he fingers felt his taut, sweaty stomach she changed her mind. “Maybe I’m just good at my goddamn job and my boss thought to give me more responsibility? You ever think of that?”

“You know what I meant. It’s like a little boy pulling a little girl’s pigtails in grade school. Maybe he likes you so he treats you like shit. That kind of thing.”

“That’s fucking retarded,” she snapped as she wrapped her legs around Damien’s back.

“No it isn’t. You’re a hot white girl and he’s… well, you know.”

Damien started fucking her a little harder at that and she could see by the look on his face that he was getting pissed off.

“No Bradley, I don’t know.”

“He’s one of those thuggy black guys, isn’t he? I’m sure he likes white girls.”

“Wow,” she said legitimately surprised. “That’s kind of fucking racist of you. Besides, what are you so fucking worried about? Don’t you trust me?”

“Oh I trust you,” he said defensively. “I just don’t trust him.”

“You don’t even know him,” she snapped.

“I know the fucking type,” Brad said defiantly. “They come into the goddamn bar all the time with their baggy pants and gold teeth and every fucking one of them ends up hitting on a white girl before the night is out. I’m sure he’d love to get you alone in that office.”

“So fucking what!? Who says I’d fuck him anyway?” The irony of this argument wasn’t lost on her but as far as Brad knew was actually working right now and he had suddenly made it abundantly clear that he thought the only reason she was advancing at her job was because her boss wanted to fuck her. Which, granted, he did but she had earned promotions before giving in to his flirtations.

“I didn’t say you would!”

“You’re fucking implying it though aren’t you? You think he’d corner me and I just wouldn’t be able to help myself, huh? I’d just turn into one of those snowbunny girls that fucks nothing but black guys, huh?”

Brad was silent now.

“Oh my fucking god!” She exploded. “That’s exactly what you think, isn’t it?”

More silence.

“You know what Brad? Fuck you.”

“Don’t be like that Emily,” he said suddenly finding his voice again. “I’m sorry–“

She hung up without letting him finish his bullshit apology.

“Wow,” was all she could say.

“You’re husband is a fucking prick,” Damien said, still slow fucking her.

“I just argued with my husband about whether or not I would cheat on him,” she said. “While I was cheating on him.”

“Yeah well apparently he’s a racist fuckface so I can’t say I feel sorry for him.”

“It’s fucking funny,” she said.

Damien looked down at her with renewed lust.

“Now will you please fuck me properly?”

Damien grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her into him more, grinding his shaft into her as far as he could. He hadn’t been rock hard because of all the talking and arguing but now he was hardening up at the thought of pounding her again. He was stopped short, however, by the phone ringing again.

Emily looked at the caller ID and pushed the phone away without answering it. “That’s not happening again,” she said.

“You know what? I never fucked a married girl before so I thought it would be funny to have you talk to him while I fucked you a little,” he said almost absently. “But after hearing that fucker’s bullshit I want to fuck you harder and more often.”

“Oh yeah?” she said bucking against him. “Does my racist idiot of a husband make you angry?”

He started to fuck her rhythmically. “Yes he fucking does. It makes me want to fuck his whore wife even more. “

“Oh yeah?” she taunted while bucking against him more. “You’re already fucking his whore pretty goddamn good if you ask me.”

“Then I want to come over and fuck you in his goddamn bed.”

“Yeah?” she said as her orgasm started building again.

“Maybe me and my boys’ll take you that dive bar he owns and parade you around like a proper snowbunny.”

“Oh yeah?” she asked bucking against him harder. “Right in front of him, huh?”