Ethical Power Exchange

Like all good textbooks, the last chapter is about ethics. PE Relationships are morally acceptable when the participants are:

1. Legal adults of sound mind in order to understand and agree to the specific exchange or activity.

2. Reasonably informed regarding the specific power being granted and activity.

3. Adequately experienced to participate in the specific exchange or activity.

4. In agreement of the specific exchange of authority and responsibility of each party (reciprocal exchange).

5. Treated fairly in a balanced, equity-based exchange relationship, even tho it’s inherently unequal.

When something goes wrong in PE, it’s almost always because one or more of these principles was not met, ignored, or violated, either intentionally or unintentionally.

As you can imagine, because PE Relationships are long-term arrangement compared to scene play, making sure these principles are effectively met is crucial.


Once you identify PE relationships as a relationship dynamic separate from BDSM activities, it becomes clearer that, while no two healthy PE relationships are identical, there’s underlying similarities that can be helpful.