Fear play includes all sexual activities that use fear to create sexual arousal. Where in other BDSM games the body is often pained and endorphins are released, in fear play the body mainly produces adrenaline.

Why do people engage in fear play?

Fear play relates more to the mental state than it involves physical actions. It is perhaps best compared to watching a horror movie, where you can often reminisce about the moments you were afraid of afterwards.

Fear play is often considered a form of edge play, a category of BDSM-related activities with high physical or psychological risk. Where certain agreements are made prior to the game, they are often ignored in fear play to enhance the sub’s sense of fear and hopelessness.

Examples of fear play

Some fear play involve feelings of insecurity and doubt, such as separation anxiety or humiliation. For example, the submissive can be tied up somewhere without knowing when and if she will be untied. But there are also examples that are more physical, such as medical games, knife plays or kidnappings that create a sense of anxiety.