Pearls are beautiful and when you string them together to form a necklace, the creation will usually be both elegant and stunning. Most people can appreciate the raw beauty of a pearl and become memorized by it’s natural and captivating appeal. That’s because pearls are gorgeous natural gems of the ocean, but the thing to remember about a pearl is how elusive they are. The chances of finding a pearl in an oyster are about one in twelve thousand. Not great odds. But some feel it’s worth making the investment into finding those pearls and they don’t let something like bad odds stacked against them stop them.

Maybe you’re looking for your own gem in the form of a person to date, play with or serve and all you’re finding is empty promises, flakes or phoneys and it makes you want to give up searching. While I can understand the frustration, I also know that if you want to find your pearl, you’re going to have to crack open a few oysters in the process.

No matter what it is you seek, don’t give up if it’s an investment in yourself you know worth making. Even if trying to find or create what you’re looking for feels like the odds are stacked against you, know that with enough time and the will to achieve your goals, you will find your pearl eventually.