There’s an intoxicating power that lies within the ability to force her to cum on command. To whisper cum for me in a tone that isn’t menacing, but leaves no room to doubt me or the repercussions for disobedience.

To be able to demand that she cum and then feel her squirt all over my cock and the sheets are intense and memorizing like nothing else. I love fucking her while she lays in a puddle of her own mess.

Sometimes I get greedy and force her to cum multiple times with only a few moments to catch her breath in between and it leaves me wearing a deviant smile to watch her drift further into that sweet utopia of pleasure with each orgasm.

I love taking control of her in that very special way. To make her let go of any doubt and just serve me for my pleasure. To cum, shake and suffer in bliss.

Forcing her to cum is my favorite fetish and no matter how many times she cums for me, I’ll always want more because I’m a greedy, sensually sadistic bastard.