When you put the words genital and torture together, you get Genitorture. So it will no longer surprise you that genitorture is the torture of the genitals. When it comes to male geniture, it is also referred to as CBT – cock and ball torture . When it comes to the female parts, it is usually called female genitorture .

Different currents

Ball Busting

Ball Busting, also known as BB, means kicking, hitting or punching the balls. This is from Japan, they even have a specific term for it: Tamakeri.

Knife Play

Do you like a sharp edge? Then Knife Play might be just what you need. Knife Play is very suitable for those who love Edge Play . Edge Play explores the limits of what is safe within the BDSM. So not for beginners!

Sensation / Temperature Play

Torture your sub’s genitals with a pinwheel , candle wax or an ice-cold glass dildo.

Ball Crushing

You can use a special toy to crush the balls of your sub. With a Ball Crusher you increase the pressure a little further. Or you can use your (bare) foot and slowly increase the pressure.

Genital Spanking

There are several options for genital spanking. Think for example of a flogger, whip, or just with your bare hands.

Genital Bondage

During your genitorture game, bondage can provide extra tension. For example, by tying off the balls (not too tight!), They become even more sensitive. For example, you can combine bondage with temperature play.

Urethral Play

For example, by introducing sounding in your genitorture game. Sounding is the stimulation of the urethra, by inserting something. For example a penis plug or dilator.

Needle Play

Needle play also falls under Edge play. So this is definitely not for beginners! Needle play pierces the genitals of your sub, creating a sensual experience. Pay very close attention to hygiene when you want to start with Needle play. Disinfect the surface you want to pierce and always use clean (new) needles. Some research is also advisable in advance, to prevent permanent damage. Also, remember that various diseases can spread through the blood, avoid contamination!


Prepare well when you want to involve electricity in your genitorture game. For example, If properly performed, electro-play can be a great addition to your genitorture game!


  • Trim your pubic hair
  • Relieve any pressure every 20-30 minutes to restore circulation
  • Avoid bondage / restrictions that you cannot easily undo
  • Have tools nearby to free your sub in distress
  • Be careful with piercings
  • Stop immediately when you lose feeling, color changes occur, or you experience deafness or swelling
  • Speak a stopgap
  • Do research in advance: know what you are getting into


  • Leave clamps in place for a long time
  • Leave weights on for a long time
  • Tie the balls to something. A knee bump reflex can then cause serious damage
  • Attach bondage rope or tape too tightly, so that the circulation is completely closed
  • Insert something into the urethra without lubricant
  • Squeezing the penis too hard – this can damage the erectile tissue
  • Suddenly lowering weights; always do this with care and never just let go.