(Old story wrote back in 2015 to Lisa, before she died in a car accident)

Too often, we work our asses off, all day, and for what? After we fight, tooth and nail, through all the drivers, who should all ride rapid transit and get off the road, we finally make it home. We really do not need to know that anything is broken, or that one of the kids was terrible and needs to be talked too. Oh no. We need attention, devotion, a lot of legs, and something suggestive worn. We men, that is, real men, want a Sunday school teacher for a wife, one who, at the moment your car pulls into the driveway, turns into a $5,000.00 a night hooker, who was paid in advance for taking you to the moon and back. 

Real men want to be touched, grabbed, kissed with lust, stroked, teased, and more. We want it all. They want their pants taken off for them, kisses down their chest, kisses to their little king (your Love Toy), and then, without any thought about it, a real-life attempt at being fully engulfed during your gagging effort of deep-throating him until he pulses his way out. Stand up, offer him your lips, a few more kisses, then raise your top up and offer him your sweet breasts. Take one of his hands and push it down into your loose-fitting pants to your smoothly attended, clean, and trimmed source of 200 thoughts a day. Real men are simple. It is the lapdogs who are too complicated. They live and die, having never figured it out. 

Keep life simple. I will trade you two bummers that I have to handle for one deep throat. It is the only thing we need, and I do mean need. So, here is the inside edition: Keep him happy, and he will keep you comfortable. It is yin and yang, give and take; it is the tradeoff for a loving, giving relationship. Giving; that is the secret to love, true love, and adoration galore. The secret to life is love; the secret to love is giving. 

The fact is that many people never get it. I am not talking the sex, but there are a ton of them that do not understand that either. They never get that this world is made up of givers and takers. The simple truth is we all want lots of things but, do we deserve any of it? So, pay attention because here is the message: The only reason to come home is you. You being a nasty-ass whore, who loves to dress up for us in little, skimpy, lacy outfits that allow easy, focused and attentive touches, strokes, and kisses that all become part of the whole picture; a picture of love that a man can concentrate on each and every day.

So, some of you are probably saying, “I know! But I do not like the way I look, so dressing in skimpy, naughty attire doesn’t look good on me.” Or, possibly, “I am uptight. I can’t do that.” That is the giving part of true love. You use it, or you lose it. If your guy buys you skimpy attire that he wants to see you in, go for it! What do you have to lose? Read stories to turn you on! If you have fantasies, share them with him! Give him a chance to give back to you! 

About 8 years ago, I was married once. I found my true love Lisa (she died about 4 yrs. ago) only after I left my ex. One day, I found all the naughty attire I had bought for her, in a bag, going to the Goodwill. “What?” I thought to myself, “Am I not worthy of being dressed up for? You do not care what I like? You do not care to please me? You no longer like having earth-shattering orgasms?” I took that as a sign, a pretty big sign. This was a sign that did not include my dreams, my wishes, aspirations, or my needs. If he buys you naughty little outfits, scanty frilled sexy clothes to wear, wear them! He loves you, he loves your body, and he wants to please you! Let him, but fill his tank occasionally!

My ex used to say to me, “Why don’t you hold my hand like he’s holding hers?” I would say, “Because she swallows.” I mean, here I am, addicted to your scent, your taste, and your body and why? I eat your pussy and give you 5 loads or more times or more. Then, I give you 10, 20, 30, or more orgasms after I enter you.

Well, she is alone now and unhappy. I mean, when Lisa and I had this talk about how to make life grand, she had an epiphany! Not that I did not know she had it inside, part of her being all along because I did. It is just that until we sat down and wrote out our “charter,” she did not know she means everything to me and always will. I told her, but sometimes, in some people, it registers, but for others, they do not get it, they never get it. 

Giving without expectations is the secret to love; if it is not one hundred percent all the time, it is nothing. Anything less than giving everything to your love is, quite frankly, nothing, void of worth. True love means giving everything. I see it as if both people in real life, true love relationships must be wired to give without expectations. 

Hold up a minute. This may be the best definition of love to date. “Giving without expectations.” Wherever and whenever the need is, later tonight, at this moment, or even tomorrow, the way that will give them the most profound, most gut-wrenching orgasm possible and doing what it is precisely they are asking for; all the right pressure, on the right spot, it’s perfect. It opens up the communication into a very hard to ever obtain openness that makes all following conversations just about 200% easier for both of you.

If you cannot talk, have fun, laugh out loud, cry, lose control, knowing what pleases you, all while pleasuring your partner the way they want to be pleased, then it’s not true love; it can’t be, by definition. It is a settlement, an acceptance of limitations, a tradeoff that will never quite catch-up to or mends the hurt and suffering of his and your own “something is missing” body, mind, and spirit. 

So, in conclusion, giving without expectations is the secret to love, and love is the secret to life. I hope that is easy enough to understand, because with the divorce rate at what it is, and rising, is giving what your true love needs too much to ask for? Think about being that perfect woman to him and for him, because without you, he would not be there. 

You can do it. You can be his Sunday school teacher who transforms; see if your life changes for the better. What do you have to lose?