Why She wants to hear, “Good Girl”

She doesn’t want to hear those two words in vain. She doesn’t want them said to manipulate or appease her. She doesn’t need, want or desire to be told she’s a good girl by a stranger.

She wants to hear it from the one who means the most to her because it’s simply what she wants to be. His good girl and the apple of his eye.

She wants to know that when she hears those precious words, that she’s his and has made him proud and that she means as much to him as he does to her. It makes her feel seen, appreciated, connected, respected and adored. Those words are like a tight, warm embrace when she needs it most. It’s like a passionate kiss in all the right places. It’s perfect, its powerful and it means everything to her, but it has to be said in truth and most importantly, it has to come from the one she honors and not some random stranger.