So, you’ve wanted to be a “Bull” and now you’ve found that perfect couple. She’s a Hotwife looking for a regular lover. He’s a cuckold (or wants to be) and he’s willing to step aside and let you and his wife become lovers.

Now what?
This is where the men get separated from the boys..
First of all, most single guys are totally clueless when it comes to being a real “Bull” in a cuckold-Hotwife relationship. They think being a Bull is just fucking someone’s wife. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and this is why most fail miserably.

What most guys don’t understand is that it’s a THREE-WAY RELATIONSHIP. In fact it is more complex than a normal relationship because it involves THREE people, not two.

But wait, you say. I only want to fuck someone’s wife. I don’t need a relationship with her husband. WRONG! You fail. Go back to AFF and start looking for single chicks, because you don’t get it.

On the other hand if you want to learn something that could lead to a higher quality, more satisfying sex life than chasing 20-something year old, clingy, airheaded drama queens then do read on.
Being a Bull means you’re coming into an existing marital relationship. Before you even show up at the door understand that the couple has already discussed what they want long before reaching out for someone like you. Your first job is to find out exactly what they want, and then FIT INTO that.

Then you must follow a certain protocol to create a new three-way relationship. One word of advice: no matter what you expect the relationship to become later, during the first meeting or two you should be a complete gentleman. Until you get some signal from the couple you should NOT initiate anything sexual or act as anything other than a complete gentleman. Even if things should progress into the bedroom during the second (or even first) meeting, you should progress slowly and not overwhelm them.

The perfect relationship WILL NOT happen instantly. It takes an investment of time by everyone INCLUDING YOU. Like any sexual relationship, learning the needs and desires of the other person is a process. As you learn the couple, and they learn you, the relationship becomes more comfortable and the sex gets better. Eventually it will become what you/they envision, but only if everyone works together.

Now, let’s start with “what everyone wants”. There are many variations of cuckold/Hotwife play. Communication is key to getting a clear picture of the desired relationship. There are many studies and theories as to the motivations for the Hotwife-cuckold lifestyle among otherwise monogamous couples. You may want to read up on it, to become better educated about why she wants to fuck someone else and why he wants her to do so. It is both fascinating and erotic reading. The better educated you are the better your experience can be.

The most common underlying theme for most Hotwife/cuckold couples is for the Bull to become the sex partner of choice for the wife. This can range from seeing him occasionally, all the way up to daily sexual encounters. Every couple has a different idea, and it’s important to know what their expectations are. In addition, “real life” can and does often restrict or interfere with the scheduling of play times.

As a Bull, it’s important to realize that you’re dealing with a married couple with job(s), a family, social obligations, perhaps children, etc. There will be times when play will need to be canceled or postponed because of the realities of life. You should always be sensitive to that, and never become angry about last minute changes, cancellations, etc. Be understanding about these setbacks and you’ll be rewarded with a more appreciative and willing wife!

Once you establish everyone’s expectations about frequency, another thing to discuss is how the meetings are arranged. Some prefer regular schedules, i.e. every Saturday night for instance. Others like more flexibility, and even spontaneous meetings. Some of the hottest experiences I’ve been involved with have been spontaneous texts that resulted in late-night, last minute encounters (Horny? Can you come over? Or can I come see you?).

It’s important to know what the couple enjoys. If they’re into the wife having the freedom to reach out to the Bull when she’s horny, or if you all agree that she’s “sexually on demand” to the Bull, then you can enjoy impromptu daytime, lunchtime, or late-night quickies.

Many couples enjoy some level of sexual denial for the husband. Some enjoy limiting intercourse between themselves for several days before the wife plans to meet with the Bull. Others go so far as limiting the husband to handjobs, blowjobs, etc., during the entire time that the wife is seeing another man.

This can be a fun area for the Bull to participate, perhaps demanding that the wife refrain from fucking her husband before their dates, etc. The Bull may even get enjoyment from voicing his demands to the husband in the wife’s presence (i.e., I don’t want you fucking her until I do her Friday night).

The idea of the Bull becoming the sole sexual partner of the wife can be fun to explore, and it’s a core theme in almost all Hotwife-cuckold relationships, with many choosing for the Bull to become her sole “intercourse” partner.

Another area to discuss upfront is your communication with the wife. Some couples prefer that the husband coordinate meetings between his wife and the Bull. Other husband’s grant their wife complete freedom, and she can call, email, text, etc. These are by far the easiest and hottest arrangements, as you can tease, flirt and engage the wife 1-on-1 with complete privacy.

Next you should discuss what the couple expects when it comes to you being alone with the wife. Some couples only play together. This can range from MFM threesomes, to the cuckold husband merely being present and watching. Other couples prefer that the husband be on the premises, but not necessarily in the same room, such as waiting in the living room or in the guest bedroom, perhaps listening in, etc.

Then again, many couples enjoy the wife going out alone on “dates” with the Bull. Realistically, most “dates” consist of the wife merely visiting the Bull at his home or a hotel for a sexual encounter. It’s not uncommon for the husband to help the wife prepare for her dates, often helping her bathe, do her hair, shave her legs and pussy, pick out sexy clothes and help her dress.
Some Bulls take advantage of this by contacting the husband before the date and dictating what he wants the wife to wear for the date, and the husband will select those items for his wife. Some Hotwife-Bulls will call the husband while having sex and let him listen in, or videotape themselves having sex so the wife can show it to the cuckold-husband later. In recent years some have turned to Skype, webcasting and other internet based products to share their acts with the husband watching in real time.

There is a certain excitement that can result from the Bull taking the wife out in public for dinner or a movie, etc. This can be a wise move by a smart Bull, as it not only starts the relationship off in a more traditional manner, but there is also some risk of the wife being seen in public with a strange man. While this may feel uncomfortable for the wife, she will also feel “naughty” and find it exciting nonetheless, which can lead to heightened sexual response later in the evening. This also shows that the wife is sufficiently attracted to the Bull that she will go outside her comfort zone and “take chances” to be with him. This is a good sign that the Bull will be able to push the wife in other areas as well, perhaps persuading her to do things that she may not do with her husband (semi-publix sex, visit a swing club, threesome with another male/bifemale, etc.).

Some couples enjoy overnight encounters. However, this is more common with couples that have already experienced some Hotwife-cuckold play in the past, and is probably not something newer couples would find appealing. However, if it is a possibility, it’s important to discuss those details too. There are many possibilities here, including the wife spending the night at the Bull’s home, the Bull spending the night at the couple’s home, or even an overnight hotel stay. Some also enjoy the wife and Bull going together for out-of-town trips, short cruises, etc.

In those instances where the Bull stays at the couple’s home, there are variations. Will the Bull and wife sleep in the guest room, or in the master bedroom? There is often significance to the wife’s “infidelity” and the marital bed, and the Bull should be sensitive to that.

Some couples limit the wife’s sexual play to places other than the marital bed, i.e. the marital bed is sacred and only for them. Other couples derive additional pleasure from the wife “cheating” in their marital bed, and playing there can be even more exciting for them. You should discuss this ahead of time.

Also, when spending the night it’s important to be clear about the expectations for the husband. Will he be present all night? Will he be present only during the sex, then go sleep in a separate bedroom? The couple often already has an idea of what they would prefer here, so you should find out.

Decide what other places/variations you all might enjoy. Some couples fantasize about the wife and Bull having sex in the backseat of a car or a semi-public spot. Some cuckold husbands enjoy the thought of coming home from work to find their wife in bed with the Bull, or knowing the Bull was at his house fucking their wife while they were at the office. Multiple partners, videotaping sexual encounters, outdoor sex, etc., can all enhance the experiences to be shared.

Bear in mind that most Hotwife-cuckold couples also focus on the Bull being “well-hung”, or at least being better hung than the husband. Ironically this is not something to be avoided around the husband, but instead should be openly discussed as a point of excitement (she NEEDS a bigger cock and he LOVES knowing she needs it). Hopefully, as the Bull, you are better endowed than the husband. However, if not, it’s still possible to build the desired relationship since much of it has to do with the Bull’s attitude and manner. If sufficiently assertive and dominant, most any Bull can still pull it off no matter what his endowment.
The age of the Bull is an area of some debate. Because most couples are seeking a Bull for the wife’s sexual pleasure, they prefer someone with a high sex drive and good stamina. Obviously this is more common in younger men. However, some women find it difficult to be sexually attracted to men significantly younger than they are. As a general rule I find that most couples prefer a Bull to be several years younger than the husband, but not so young as to have insufficient experience to sexually please a mature, married woman. Confidence, demeanor and a good attitude round it out.

Verbal play can also be critical, with both the wife and the Bull engaging in some level of interaction with the husband. Experienced Bulls enjoy telling the husband how enjoyable their wife is in bed, in a teasing, taunting manner. Common things to say might include: Your wife has a sweet pussy; She loves my big dick; She sucks cock great; I’m going to fill her with my cum; This pussy is going to be mine; Your wife is such a slut, etc.

The wife can also participate, working together with the Bull to stimulate her husband, saying things like: His cock is bigger than yours; He fucks me much better; I want him to cum in me; Do you like seeing me like this?; I’m going to fuck him more than you; He’s stretching my pussy out; etc. You often encourage a wife to say things like this to her husband, sometimes whispering in her ear and telling her to tell him, because You often know what the Cuck wants to hear more than the wife knows.

Another important issue is birth control and/or condoms. These are not necessarily the same. Some couples use no birth control other than rhythm method. Other couples use birth control, but may want the Bull to use condoms due to health concerns. This needs to be discussed upfront, and everyone in agreement. Be aware that this may be one of the few areas where the wife and husband will disagree.

The wife may choose the more conservative approach and opt for condom use, while the husband may prefer that the Bull not use a condom and ejaculates inside his wife. This is one reason that the Bull should befriend the husband, as they can both work together to persuade the wife to concede and allow the Bull to engage in intercourse and ejaculate freely inside the wife. For most cuckold husband’s this is one of the most intense aspects of the act, and he will want his wife to get “creampies” from the Bull.This can also lead to another angle, which involves the cuckold husband going down on his wife after she has had sex. Often called “clean up duty”, it is a staple of most cuckold desires. This act can be an intense experience for the husband, as it totally immerses all of his senses in the undeniable fact that his wife has been “slutty and unfaithful”, which is what turns him on the most. Many couples do this after the wife returns home from a “date”, but it also can occur soon or immediately after a sexual encounter at home.

If the three of you play in each other’s presence then consider including this after you engage in intercourse with the wife. The act itself can have a slight humiliation aspect to it, and some cuckolds enjoy being “told” to do this by the wife and/or the Bull. It can be both a post-sexual act to bring the wife to another orgasm, as well as a means to prepare the wife for the next round of intercourse.

Also, remember that relationships evolve. For instance, at first the wife may want her husband to be present for all sexual play. Later she may become comfortable playing while her husband is in another room. That could eventually lead to her playing alone, and visiting the Bull at his home. Or perhaps the couple isn’t interested in an overnight stay at first, but in time they may become comfortable with that idea. Many ideas can become more appealing as the relationship progresses.

There is one rather extreme variation of the Hotwife-cuckold theme, which is the idea of the wife becoming pregnant by the Bull. In reality almost all couples separate this fantasy from reality. No sane couple would intentionally bring a child into the world just to fulfill a sexual fantasy. But an offshoot that is a common theme is “pregnancy risk sex”. Some couples find it more exciting if the wife has intercourse with the Bull during times when she is near ovulation. Others like to use the withdrawal method during this time of her cycle, playing with fire so to speak.

Some wives are reluctant to openly discuss this fantasy, as they find it too close to reality. After all, pregnancy COULD happen. Yet, the idea can still turn them on and a smart Bull can use this to create intense sexual experiences. Nature’s urges can be strong and therefore exploitable. I know wives who get extra wet at the thought that they could get pregnant from the good looking guy pumping his sperm into them. Many wives have fantasized about a man refusing to pull out when asked (forceful insemination), or had thoughts of becoming so aroused that they lose the willpower to ask the Bull to pull out at all. Keep this in mind if you want to enhance your encounters with a Hotwife. It can be a powerful addition to the experience as long as you use subtlety and innuendo.

After discussing all of those important issues, you should have a good idea whether or not your desires and those of the couple are a good match. If they are, then what you need to do is craft a plan that has one important goal: YOU MUST BECOME THE ALPHA MALE IN THE RELATIONSHIP.

With married women it’s ALL about the sex. They’re not into drama and they’re not seeking commitment. She won’t be stalking you and you won’t find her crying on your front doorstep. When she calls or texts you that means she wants to fuck. When you need sex you can call or text her and she’ll come running. Better yet, her husband will encourage it all and help with the arrangements. You’ll get more sex and better quality sex from a willing, married woman than you will with most single women out there.

That’s why it’s so worth the time investment to build and cultivate the ultimate Bull-Hotwife-cuck relationship!