When he closes his eyes he can trace with his mind, every line of her face, every inch of her body he loves to touch more than anything. He can see every different direction her lips can turn in order to convey every emotion she has ever felt. He simply sees all of her as if she was physically right there, wearing a smile of pure affection.

Because when he closes his eyes, she is right there. He can taste her lips pressed against his, in that melting point of a sensual passion explaining two people’s immense love for one another. He can feel her body beneath his, as if she had just found her favorite place in the whole wide world and he has finally found his lover and his favorite sexy kitten at just the right moment.

That moment is always there, always present, always right. For when he closes his eyes, she’s always right there in sight, the woman he knows and loves.

Sometimes when she’s away and you see him close his eyes, it’s only because, he wants to kiss her good night and she’s always right there, to accept a kiss, from her favorite person.