Gloria’s Transformation – the Rape scene
Her transformation by genetic modifications into a gorgeous, voluptuous, totally uninhibited nymphomaniac, with many perverse sexual impulses, including hypersexuality, and extreme size fetishism, exhibitionism, masochism, and submissiveness. Her measurements are 36S-24-48. Her huge breasts lactate a liter of milk every hour. Her areolas are large and dark and rise above the curvature of her breasts to always erect, 0.5-inch-long nipples. All three sets of her lips are extraordinarily soft and full.

The Gang Rape

Terrill is sitting in a sleazy bar talking to the leader of a local gang. Jorge is one tough-looking dude, extremely muscular, with tats on his face and arms.

“It’s good to see you again, man! The reason I called you, my friend, is to propose to you something I know we both will enjoy. I want to watch my girlfriend getting raped. What can I say – I’m a sadistic fuck? I’d like to bring her to your gang because I can trust you to not go too far with her, and I heard you’ve got some of the ugliest, meanest hombre around, right?”

“Si, feo y fuerte! It will be bueno to hang together again, amigo!”

“Hell yeah! And wait until you see my sex, slave! She is an unbelievable hottie – muy espledido! I don’t want her injured, just scared, and in pain. And I’ll trust you to keep your boys with diseases away from her and not let them go too far. Okay?”

“Sure, I’ll take care of your girl.”

“Tell your boys if they are not brutal with her, I’ll bring her back. How many hombre in your gang?”


“Great! It’s going to be a long night for Gloria!”

They clink their drinks, laugh, and then talk about old times. Jorge gives him the address of the clubhouse, and Terrill gives him the date for the rape. Terrill had previously called Gloria’s secretary and reserved her time for an entire night and all the next day.

When Gloria sees the block of time on her schedule, she calls Terrill.

“Darling, what are we doing tonight, and why are there no engagements for me tomorrow?”

“I’m taking you to Jorge and his gang. I think you’ll need the next day off to recover. I’ll be home at 6 to pick you up.”

As soon as Terrill mentioned a gang, Gloria knew this is going to be the rape she promised he could set up. She made the promise at the beginning of their relationship, as a deal to make her Terrill’s only sex partner. She wants so much to keep Terrill happy and can’t stand the thought of losing him or even sharing him with another woman and missing any of their marathon coitus sessions. She knows she is much more beautiful and sexier than other women due to her genetic changes, but her ex-boyfriend was a scientist, and he told her all about the Coolidge effect in men.

She becomes anxious thinking about how hideous gangbangers could be and how much they will hurt her. She knows she will not enjoy the sex and pain even though she is a nymphomaniac and masochist, because she won’t be turned on. She has fantasized about being raped but never with ugly gangbangers. She knows she is going to loathe this.

She gives herself an enema, which she always does when she is about to have anal sex. She thinks, “I don’t care if the guys get a shitty fuck, so why am I doing this?” But then she realizes that they won’t be cleaning off themselves, and men always choose a different way to fuck her the second time. She needs a-milking but doesn’t do it, to make her boobs even bigger for Terrill and spray more milk during her “rape” show, which is really what this is going to be. She applies extra thick and dark eyeliner, as promised, to show her tears for Terrill. She selects clothing of light material that can easily be torn. She puts on panties, which she usually never wears, a long skirt, a shelf bra, a bustier, a blouse, and a poncho. She wants Terrill to enjoy seeing her being peeled like an onion. She sees in the mirror that the poncho completely hides her tiny waist. Her huge breasts and booty just make her look fat. She thinks, “Those bangers are in for a big surprise when they unwrap this package!” She grabs a purse and a pair of high heels that she doesn’t like too. A girl can’t do without a purse, even if she knows the gangbangers won’t give her a chance to use it.

She gets a large towel to protect the seat when she gets back in Terrill’s car and a small towel. She also brings a bottle of water to clean herself and quench her thirst. Her anxiety grows as she waits for Terrill, wondering how disgusting the gang members will be and how many will be raping her.

Terrill drives her to a warehouse. He grabs her wrist and pulls her behind him as they step inside. They see a bunch of men playing pool, lifting weights, and watching TV in a very large room. They all stop what they are doing when they see the couple and start gawking at her. Even though her figure is concealed, her gorgeous face and beautiful blonde hair are islands in a sea of ugly.

Gloria trails behind Terrill and looks at the guys staring lustfully at her. She thinks all the guys look hideous and dirty, with lots of tattoos all over their bodies, including their necks, heads, and faces. All have either horrible scars, pockmarks, pimples, moles, areas of uneven skin color, or just plain ugly facial features. Most wear dirty muscle shirts, and many have what she thinks is gross hair covering their backs, shoulders, and arms. All are solidly built, with big arms and biceps, and many have big beer bellies. A few are huge, around 300 lbs. and well over 6 ft. The men lifting weights are all sweaty, and their shirts are soaked. They all have dirty, disheveled hair, or shave their heads, and have discolored or missing teeth. She can smell most of them from several feet away, and she can’t imagine how badly they smell up close. She counts about twenty men and is thankful there is no more. Feelings of apprehension and fear overwhelm her.

“Terrill, these guys are hideous. I’ve changed my mind about doing this!” she says with a trembling voice. The men are even more repulsive than she had imagined. Terrill continues pulling her behind him, stops in front of Jorge, and throws her at him. Jorge is wide-eyed in disbelief at how beautiful she is and embraces her.

Before Terrill can finish saying, “She is all yours, amigo!” Jorge is kissing her hard on the lips as she is trying to push him away. Jorge grabs a handful of her clothing and suddenly releases her. She lurches back away from him as he tears a long piece of her poncho away, and a partial view of her huge boobs and ass is revealed to some of the men. Cries of “pechos y nalgas enormes!” fill the air as the men strain to see her boobs and ass and happily see that she is not fat. Her sudden release propels her into the arms of another man, who turns her around and kisses her with the worst breath she ever smelled in her life. He also reeks of beer and his body odor is enough to make her gag. He is the first of many horrible odors she will endure as the night progresses. He also releases her suddenly while holding onto her poncho, and her entire poncho tears away. Now all the men can easily see the enormous size of her breasts and booty, and they become aroused and excited, yelling epithets describing her body.

“Don’t do this to me!” She can barely be heard above the shouts of the gangbangers. Another guy grabs her and kisses her, and she grimaces and starts crying. The first of many tears produce dark streaks down her cheek. Before the night is over, her cheek will be covered with dark streaks. She stops playing their game and doesn’t push against the men, so they push her into the arms of other guys while stripping off another and another piece of her clothing. They cut off her bra with a knife and are astonished to see that her breasts sag very little. They are aroused by the size of her breasts and booty, and they love her huge and erect nipples. The men all make crude remarks about her and stare at the milk that drips from her nipples.

She continues crying and starts begging them to leave her alone. She stands there for a while, bent over slightly with her legs together, covering her nipples with a hand and arm and her pussy with her other hand. Her milk runs down her arm to her elbow and drips to the floor. The humiliation of being stripped before a crowd makes her experience a small orgasm due to her masochism, even though she fights against it. She doesn’t moan, and no one knows. Her pussy produces some cream, luckily for her, since she will soon be penetrated hard.

The guys are quiet now, just ogling her and not believing their eyes and luck. Her sexiness and beauty blow their minds and stirs them into lust as they have never felt before. Jorge steps up to her, grabs a handful of her hair and pulls it back, causing her to uncover her nipples and arch her back, exposing to all the spectacular voluptuousness, enormous size, and sharp curves of her breasts. Her milk now drips directly from her nipples.

“Ow!” she yells, as he continues to pull on her hair. Her masochism does not help her at all to deal with the pain because she is so disgusted by Jorge and his men.

“We are going to hurt you badly if you don’t do everything we say when we say. Comprendes?”

“Yes, yes, I’ll do anything you want! Please don’t hurt me!”

“The first thing you will do is bend over and show us your booty!” She bends all the way over until her hands are on the floor, spreads her legs, and slowly rotates around. She thinks if she gives them more than what they ask for, they should hurt her less and Terrill should enjoy seeing how submissive she can be. The men have never seen such a massive butt that is also very shapely, firm, and tight, flowing into a tiny waist and normally sized thighs. They think she must have implants and have no idea that her voluptuousness is the result of genetic engineering.

“Now, shake that booty!” She bends one knee, then straightens it, then the other, and then moves her hips from side to side. Everyone is mesmerized by the jiggling of her huge booty. The men call her a pawg, and that becomes her name for the night.

“Pawg, stand up and shake your tits!” She stands with her arms high in the air and rotates her torso back and forth, swinging her massive tits from side to side and spraying milk with every change of direction. She wonders what pawg means.

“Dance for us!” She keeps her arms in the air and moves her hips, shoulders, and arms to the rhythm of some R&B music. She rotates around to give everyone a good view and tilts her head to toss her gorgeous blonde hair from side to side. The men can’t take their eyes off the motion of her hair, breasts, and booty and the milk dripping and spraying from her nipples. But she doesn’t smile as she would if she were enjoying their lecherous stares. From the moment her clothes were torn off, the crowd has been yelling obscenities describing her body and what they want to do to her. Jorge yells at Terrill above the shouting, “You weren’t kidding about how unbelievably sexy and gorgeous your girlfriend is. We owe you muchisimo for bringing her aqui! Have another drink, amigo, and enjoy watching her get raped!”

Jorge grabs her, throws her onto a mattress on the floor, and puts her arms above her head. She keeps her arms where he placed them and lies motionless, with her legs together, as he enjoys her enormous fun bags. While he is still drinking her milk and roughly playing with her breasts, she spreads her legs wide apart for him without being told, and he penetrates her. She groans loudly and grimaces when she feels his cock inside her, and looks for Terrill in the crowd. She cannot see him for all the gangbangers surrounding her.

“Hey, our pawg is wet! She wants to be raped! Ha”

“My cream is totally involuntarily!”

Jorge thrusts extra deeply into her when she says that and she gasps, wide-eyed. She does hate what this ugly beast is doing to her, in spite of her nymphomania. He is too rough, ugly, and smelly. She groans loudly with each of his thrusts, to entertain Terrill, as she had promised. She feels sick when she realizes that Jorge is the best of his gang and that she must endure being used by much more repulsive guys. She finally makes eye contact with Terrill and tries to show in her face her revulsion at what is being done to her. While Terrill is watching, she softly strokes her fist against Jorge’s chest several times to show she is being used against her will. She groans and groans as Jorge continues to fuck her for what seems like an eternity. Jorge lifts her legs off the bed, and she raises them up high in the air and holds them there for the entire rape. She decides to be totally submissive and thinks Terrill should like watching the motion of her pretty legs in the air as Jorge thrusts into her. She spots him in the crowd and is happy that he never takes his eyes off of her, even while laughing and joking about her with the crowd. She notices with satisfaction a huge bulge in his pants and that he appears to be immensely enjoying a party atmosphere for him and the gang.

Jorge is strong, and while he is inside her all the way, lifts up her ass and gets up on his knees. He continues raping her by moving her back and forth on his cock, so the motion is entirely hers. This has the desired effect of increasing the swinging of her enormous breasts, which arouses everyone even more. She keeps her legs in the air but bends them at the knee, and now they also move more with his thrusts. She desperately wants to hold her breasts to limit their motion and ease her pain, but she knows Jorge and Terrill wouldn’t like that. They are so heavy, especially when they are full of milk. All the boob men in the crowd, which is most of them, get huge erections watching the motion of her breasts, spraying milk. Some of them pull out their cocks and start stroking them. Gloria doesn’t want to stare at their cocks but can’t help herself. Everyone marvels at and talks about how her breasts stay together on top of her chest without support. They think she has to have implants and are very surprised by their softness when they get a chance to squeeze them. Jorge finally withdraws and blows his wad over her tits. She covers her eyes with a hand, preferring not to look at the animals that are now crowding around her and leering down at her.

“I want no fighting over her. I’ll decide who’s next to have her”, as he points to his enforcer and number two guy, a naked giant of 300 lbs., with thick hair all over his body. Gloria peeks through her fingers at the ugly beast standing over her and starts crying again.

The enforcer picks her up like she weighs nothing and carries her over to the sofa. He throws her down on her stomach on the back of the sofa. Everyone enjoys the great view of her huge booty hanging over the back of the sofa. He spreads her legs and starts pushing his huge cock into her ass. He is bigger around than even Terrill, and she is dry. She did not produce her usual flood of cream while being raped by Jorge, and none of it leaked down to her ass. As his huge cock slowly forces her asshole to expand more and more, she screams because she has no lubricant and is not ready for such a huge cock. Her masochism is not making the pain arousing for her since she is so grossed out by her rapist and the other men around her. The pain is terrible and gets worse as he begins to fuck her ass. He leans forward with each thrust, putting his weight on her and crushing her ass between his big belly and groin and the sofa. She groans even louder with him because of the pain.

“Oh fuck, that hurts! Please, I beg you, stop!”

She pulls her ass cheeks apart to ease her pain somewhat. Her ass spreads out even more under his weight, and the large difference in size between her booty and her waist mesmerizes everyone watching her. She groans, whimpers, and begs the whole ten minutes he rapes her. For Terrill’s pleasure, she varies the loudness of her groans and sounds and faces she makes as her torment continues on and on: ohh, ahh, aargh, ugh, ow, and mmm, with a few plaintive no’s added in. When he withdraws, she is tremendously relieved. She sighs loudly and emits a soft moan that quickly turns to a loud groan, when the next guy, designated by Jorge, grabs her roughly and penetrates her ass. The pain is much less now because this guy is not as big, but he is hurting her because she is still dry. The enforcer blew on the small of her back, as all the guys do. They want to make it as painful as possible for her. After about five guys have fucked her ass with no lubrication, her asshole becomes so raw that the pain from each of their thrusts becomes unbearable. She cries uncontrollably and begs them over and over again to stop or give her some lubrication. She thinks her begging useless, but she continues it anyway to entertain Terrill. She hopes Terrill can see her clawing at the sofa and writhing in pain. She starts bleeding and her blood provides some lubrication, but she continues in terrible pain as five more guys fuck her ass and make her asshole even rawer. The men can see a small trickle of blood running down her leg and blood on their cocks. As Terrill walks by, she wipes some of her blood trickling down her leg onto his arm, and he leaves it there for the rest of the night.

Jorge says, “Piss break time!” She sighs in relief, and says, “Great, I need to pee!”

“Not you!” He laughs at her. “Get on your knees over there on that tarp and open your mouth!”

“No, please, don’t hmmm!” Her words are garbled as he sticks his cock in her mouth and starts peeing. She considers this as bad as being raped by this bastard, having his foul piss in her mouth. She does not swallow, and piss starts pouring down her chin. “Drink it!” She immediately gulps down a huge mouthful, makes a face, gags, and regurgitates some of his piss. The men have a good laugh. She enjoys Terrill’s and his homies’ piss but is nauseated by Jorge’s. She has been emotionally traumatized by the sadism of the gangbangers. He pisses for a long time, since he has been drinking beer, and slaps his cock against her cheeks when he is finished.

She continues being a human urinal for the men, who step up to her, one after another, shove their cocks in her open mouth and piss, as she forms her lips around their cocks and grimaces and gags. Many guys stand in front of her and piss a stream into her mouth. She hates that because they invariably miss their target and piss on her face, tits, and belly, and she has to pat their piss off with a towel, trying to avoid wiping off the semen she is covered with and angering her tormentors. Since those guys are standing further away from her and have a good view of her body, she cleverly jiggles her tits while they are pissing, making them erect and unable to piss anymore. Some guys make her hold a bowl under her face, as they piss on her outstretched tongue, then make her drink the piss collected in the bowl. One man doesn’t slap her cheeks with his cock but instead commands her to take care of his dribble. So, she obediently sucks on the tip of his cock head with her puckered and pretty lips and strokes his cock toward her until she can taste no more urine with her tongue. He has an erection by the time she is done, and all the following men want her to suck out their last drops.

Many guys command her to gargle with their piss. She shakes her head no, but when she sees their demonic looks, she submissively tilts her head back, lets them fill her mouth, and starts gargling with their piss while making horrible facial expressions of disgust, to their amusement. The guys who are not drinking as much have dark and odorous piss that tastes horrible and nauseates her. Her gargling produces bubbles in her mouth and makes the smell worse. She quickly starts gagging and vomiting with a closed mouth, bulging out her cheeks and ejecting piss from her nose, which they love watching. She holds a hand over her mouth since some of their piss escapes her lips. When her retching stops, she swallows the piss, takes a deep breath, blows her nose, and loudly makes a “bleaghh” sound, while making faces. She begs and begs them to not make her gargle again before she opens her mouth wide to accept more piss.