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Questions? Find answers here.

Q. Do you take male, female, or couples?

A. I am inclusive: men, women, trans, and couples – among others – are accepted. The experiences I provide are uniquely tailored for gender identity, orientation, and personal circumstances.

Q. What is your ethnic background?

A. I am Biracial Both Africa-American and Spaniard born in the U.S.

Q.What is your penis length?

A. My penis is 12+ inches long and over 5 inches around. Every girl I sleep with say how I have a massive penis and its the biggest they have ever seen.

Q. How many times can a woman come in one session?


Women can orgasm over 20 times in a row. Ladies, if you stop at two, three, or even four orgasms while having sex, then it is the time to realize your real potential. Puzzled? Well, according to a study, seven out of ten women can climax as many as 20 times in a single session.

With a Black Master Dominant? Dominating Her by Orgasms:   

My Stats making a woman orgasm

90 minutes = 100 orgasm

24 hrs. play session = 295 or more Orgasms

48 hrs. play session = 2 days of forcing into subspace 700+ or more orgasms

1 months = 4000+ or more orgasms

Q. What is your gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation?

A. I am a CIS Male. Polysexual.

Q. What are your physical stats?

A. Fit. Brown-Blondish hair. Hazel eyes.  73 inches tall, 210 lbs.

Q. Are you purely a Dominant, or will you “switch” to being submissive?

A. I am Dominant only. 

Q. What sort of training have you been through?

A. I have been educated and mentored in numerous ways for each activity I do to ensure a safe and satisfying experience. Take Japanese rope bondage; for example, I spent thousands of dollars over two years to reach minimum competency… and it didn`t stop there.

Before doing a major activity with a sub, I will have experienced it on the receiving end myself – so I have an idea of what the sub will experience. That makes me a masochist as well.

Q. What is a tribute?

A. A tribute is your show of appreciation and gratitude to your Dominant. It demonstrates that you recognize the time, energy, investment, and effort your Dominant has put into you and your session. 

Tribute is your contribution to making sessions happen. It covers the cost of the setting to host our in-house session. And there is time and effort to plan our session, pack and prepare, travel to meet you, and post-session clean up.

The tribute is also your support in my continuous improvement. Thousands of dollars have been spent on training to bring me up to my current level of skill. Many thousands more have been spent on equipment and attire.

That said, a tribute is not a charitable donation, nor is it a payment for services. You can keep your money or gift if that is how you see it: I will not meet you in that context. 

I do not need the money from sessions to make a living: I love what I do as a Dom, and will only meet those who I feel we can share in that passion.

Q. What are the risks with this experience?

A. There will always be some level of risk, regardless of how minute it may be. Those risks depend on the type of play you seek. You will be made aware of significant risks before your session begins, and there will be ways to manage those risks. I apply Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) and Safe, Sane, and Consensual (SSC) principles to the experiences I provide.

Q. Do you take beginners?

A. Yes. The level of play and approach for a beginner will be different than for an enthusiast or experienced client. Your needs and limits as a beginner will be considered for your session.

Q. Will I get aftercare?

A. Yes. Aftercare is pre-planned depending on the scene, and on my assessment of your composure following the scene. A written post-session report will be expected from you within a couple of days after the scene – for you to reflect and rebalance, and for me to gauge your state.

Q. How are you different from a “dominant” escort?

A. As a BDSM Dominant, you will find that I am not a “service top.” You may also distinguish your experience with me from that of a “dominant” escort by the approach I apply, and by the skill level for a given practice. Many kink activities carry risk, and an untrained practitioner can be very risky. Basic bondage, for example, can be unsafe with the potential for nerve and tissue damage with an untrained person.

Things you may note about me include the time we spend to plan your scene before it starts; the use of safe words and signals; technical knowledge, discussion of limits, risk and consent, and my level of awareness and attention on the client I am working with. Accepted BDSM principles are followed.

Q. How are you different from an amateur Dominant?

A. Experience is the critical distinction between me as a pro-Dom versus an amateur Dominant. 

As a pro-Dom, I deal with a wide range of scenarios, situations, practices, and preferences — all unique to each individual client. This translates into a level of intuition that will allow me to lead you on a more advanced journey – beyond enjoyable sensations… beyond headspace… to a more profound experience.

As a professional, I also take pride in the work I do by becoming educated and skilled in the experiences I provide, and by giving the attention each client needs.

Q. What will my experience be like?

A. This depends on the activities and experience you are open to. Your experience is unique to you. It comes down to how you and I want to feel in our experience. Every session involves planning to ensure our goals are met. Feel free to request a Consult Over Coffee session to meet in person if you wish to have more detailed planning and information.

Q. Will there be markings on my body?

A. No. Not if you choose to not be marked. Temporary body marks like welts and bruises may result from certain types of the play (i.e., impact or restraint), although I take care to avoid leaving marks if that is what is required. 

Q. Do you provide full service or oral?

A. You are requesting a session with a professional male Dom for your experience – not an escort. While a scene may feel sexual, and sensual or erotic play could occur if I/we desire, that does not guarantee any form of sex.

Q. Do you do scat?

A. No.

Q. Will you permanently mark or mutilate my body?

A. No.

Q. Do you do edge play (not to be confused with “edging”)?

A. I will only consider edge play that I am skilled with after you, and I get to know each other. For example, I will not entertain extreme breath play with a new client.

Q. Will you take me as a lifestyle slave?

A. Although I live the BDSM lifestyle, I am accepting lifestyle slaves at this time.

Q. Can you provide more photos of you?

A. For safety reasons, extra photos are not provided, and must never be a condition for booking an appointment. Rest assured, clients say I am good looking, handsome, and even better looking than my photos. Should you want to see how I look before a scene session, feel free to request a Consult Over Coffee session to meet in person.

Q. Can you provide a full nude or “dick pic?”

A. The experiences with me are for sophisticated and distinguished individuals. Plenty of nude or “dick pics” of others may be found on the Internet with a Google search. 

Q. Do you do outcalls?

A. Yes, outcalls are available. I will bring a bag of implements; however, the amount of gear I bring will be limited compared to what I have in the studio.

Q. What are the settings for hosted sessions?

A. Your session will take place in a clean, safe, and undisclosed setting. There are various themes (i.e., dungeon, boudoir, medical room, sissy room, classroom, kinky living room, etc.) – some dark and ominous, some exciting, and some cozy – and each sets a different mood. The choice of setting will depend on the mood we aim to achieve.

Q. Are those photos really you, and how recent are they?

A. All my photos are indeed me and are as recent as a few weeks old.

Q. What do you accept as a tribute?

A. Cash… in addition to any gift, you would like to bring along with that.

Q. What will you do to keep my privacy?

A. Privacy and discretion are assured for all the experiences I provide. What occurs behind closed doors between us stays confidential. Recording devices are not allowed in the room where your session occurs, and there is no view into the room from the outside. Discretion is standard with any chance public encounter outside a session. 

Q. Are you STI tested?

A. I am thoroughly tested regularly throughout the year and am tested STI negative.

Q. How do you protect me from pathogens if there is a chance for that?

A. All activities are conducted with health safety as a top priority. Depending on the activity, there is a discussion around this beforehand. 

All surfaces and tools are disinfected after each session, and used implements are adequately sterilized as needed. Latex barriers are also used for any activity that poses a risk of transmittable infections. The Dom’s hands are properly washed before each session as a given.

First aid supplies are also kept on hand if needed.

Q. How do you disinfect surfaces / sterilize instruments?

A. Surfaces and implements are cleaned with Clorox disinfecting wipes and 99% isopropyl alcohol. Metrex CaviCide (often used in NICU, operating rooms, isolation rooms, patient care areas, and laboratories) might also be used as an intermediate-level surface disinfectant. Insertable instruments are washed with anti-bacterial soap and sterilized with clinical-grade materials or with a steam autoclave.

Q. Do you have first aid and CPR training?

A. Yes. I have had first aid and CPR training.

Q. Do you party and play?

A. I do not take recreational drugs, and remain sober to ensure you receive a professionally delivered experience. 

Q. How much advance notice do you need for an appointment?

A. Sessions should be booked ahead of time at least 24 hours. Booking days or a week ahead is ideal for the best availability as I have a full schedule.

Q. Where are you located?

A. I work at various studio locations in the Dallas-Ft Worth area and across the world. The setting is determined by availability and what might suit best for your scene.

The exact location provided after an appointment has been booked.

Q. What do good subs do?

A. Good subs do the following:

1) Read info on my site
2) Follow directions
3) Reply quickly
4) Have no issue with a tribute
5) Are prompt
6) Respect rules & boundaries
7) Bring tribute gifts
8) Seek to be of genuine service to me

Q. What are your session cancellation rules?

A. Coming Soon! You must notify me of a cancellation at the earliest time possible. If canceled within 48 hours, your deposit will be applied towards your future session booking. Cancellations within 24 hours of the session time forfeit the deposit depending on circumstances.

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