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Everyone wants something rough and a little bit taboo every once in a while. If you’re searching for danger, fear, a little bit a pain and a lot of pleasure, then you’ll want to get your hands on this hot anthology. This erotic short are filled with kinky BDSM, spankings, and rape. All characters which appear are also of legal age being 18 years in age or older. Warning, the following story details themes of rape, torture and both physical and mental abuse. Please only read if you are an adult and are willing to read a story of such nature.

“What’s your name? “the masked man asked. There was no response from the woman he was holding face down on the sofa. “Don’t make me ask again lady! What is your fucking name? “the man asked again, his voice harsh with anger.

“C…C…Colette…My name is Colette…” the woman sobbed; her voice was muffled because her face was pressed down onto the sofa; there was fear in her voice.

“That’s better. Now, there is a hard way and an easy way to play this game. This game is one in which we have some fun together and then I fuck you. Understand? “he whispered this to her, his mouth inches from her ear. The woman did not know but this “game” he referred to was one in which he was very experienced. The man enjoyed all aspects of this strange game, the preparation the chase, the capture, the rape of his prey.

He gently removed his hands from the woman’s shoulders, allowing her to raise her head and gasp for breath. “Are you going to be nice? Or do I have to play rough? It doesn’t matter to me, either way I get what I want “. As the man said this, he was caressing the woman’s hair, she shivered with fear and revulsion at his touch.

“Please leave! I want to tell anyone! No one will know you were here. Do you want money? I have money… “the woman said. The man stared at her; she was too scared to look at the man; the black mask he wore hid his face and all she could see were his dead eyes. When she opened the door earlier and was suddenly confronted by him, the sight of him, masked and all in black, had caused her to stagger backwards in shock allowing him to quietly step inside her home. Once inside he knew she was his. He always planned his “games” carefully; he had watched her movements, watched, and waited for the right opportunity.

“Money? Is that what you think I want? This is no robbery… “as he said this, the man slid his hands down the woman’s back; his hands gently cupped the woman’s bottom. She could not see that he was smiling behind his mask as touched her body, he could see the outline of her panties through her skirt; his cock started to stir inside his black jeans.

“I want this! I want to make you cry as I fuck this ass of yours. You ever been taken up the ass? “he asked as he traced his fingers along her panty line. At this the woman screamed and started to struggle away from him. The man leaned back slightly, and the woman squirmed away from him, then she was free, and she staggered towards the door. The man watched her; this always amused him, this aspect of the game; like a cat with a mouse he played with her. He watched as the woman reached the door, he knew that her hopes of escape were rising by the second as she made her way down the hall.

Then, quick as a cat, he jumped up and raced after the woman, shouting “I’m coming to get you! You are such a naughty girl, running from me! “The woman gives a despairing scream and looked round and saw the masked man sprinting towards her. As she reached the front door and frantically tried to unlock it, she was suddenly slammed hard into the door!

Then he spun her round and threw her to the floor. She landed heavily, the wind knocked out of her, she felt dazed and shocked from banging her head against the door. The man glared down at her as she lay in an untidy sprawl, her skirt hiked up around her thighs, her legs exposed. “Are you happy now? All you have achieved is to make me angry…why can’t you just accept the situation?

Now…get on your fucking knees! “the man angrily spat these words to the frightened woman. The man, his eyes blazing with a mixture of anger and lust, moved threateningly towards the woman as she hesitated. She looked at the masked figure standing before her and started to cry. She struggled to her knees, her eyes downcast, her body trembling.

The man loved this moment, this moment when they realized that this was no fantasy, that this was for real…and that there was no escape. He liked the look of this one, there was something about her, and he was going to enjoy this. He reached for the zip on his black jeans and slowly started to pull the zip down.

The noise of his zip seemed unnaturally loud in the silence of the quiet house. The man was angry that the woman refused to look at him; he wanted to see the fear on her face as he exposed himself. “Don’t you want to see what I have for you? Look at me…look at my cock…you are fucking slut! “his voice was hoarse with passion and twisted lust. The woman shook her head violently and stared fixedly at a point on the carpet. His hand reached out and grabbed at her hair, pulling her head up, she yelled in pain and tried to pull his hand away from her disheveled hair. He was too strong for her and she grimaced in pain as he held her hair tight, holding her so she could not help but look at him.

Mutely she shook her head and shut her eyes; the man saw the look of defiance in her blue eyes before she shut them. “Still wanting to play silly games. If you are not a good girl then you are a bad girl…and do you know what happens to bad girls? They get…well, let us say that you will find out what happens to bad girls! “the man said, a note of cruelty in his voice that caused more tears to run down the woman’s cheeks.

The man pulled his cock out of his jeans with his free hand; his cock was already hard and throbbing for release. He leaned forward and the woman flinched and let out a small cry as he rubbed his cock over her face, pre-cum leaving a trail over her face. The man sighed loudly in satisfaction at the feel of the smooth skin of the woman on his hard cock. Still holding her by the hair he reached down with his free hand and grasped his cock and stroked it, he shuddered in pleasure and anticipation. “Open up little lady, I have something nice for you…Open up Colette…and remember, no teeth! “ this last remark was accompanied by a vicious twist of her blonde hair which caused her to open her mouth to cry out in pain.

This was what the man was hoping for and pushing forward he pressed his cock into her open mouth; the woman’s eyes were wide open in shock. He laughed in triumph and started to push in and out of her mouth, she tried to pull her head back to escape him, but he held her head in a vice like grip. This was no “blow job”; he was just using her, raping her mouth, fucking her face in a savage thrusting rhythm. The excitement he had felt in anticipation of this moment made him cum very quickly.

The brutal assault climaxed for the masked man in a pulsating, throbbing gush of cum that flooded the woman’s mouth. The man smiled in triumph as he watched the woman eyes again flood with tears of shame and humiliation as cum flowed down her chin to drip onto her blouse and onto the carpet. “Swallow it you ungrateful bitch! Swallow my cum! “he snarled.

As he said these burning words, he tightened his grip in her hair and tilted her head back, so the woman had no choice but to swallow or choke. As the last of his cum dripped from his cock into the woman’s mouth he watched as she swallowed, her face a mask of horror and revulsion. “Enjoying the taste my dear? Want some more! Well, we will see how much more of my “love” you can take…“ as he said these words he loosened his grip of her hair and the woman slumped to the floor, coughing and retching, flecks of cum and spittle splattering the carpet.

The masked man was breathing heavily, his hands on his hips. He looked down at the woman who was now crying softly, her body shaking with her sobbing. He nudged her backside with his boot, “Get up, I want a drink. The night is still young, and we have lots left to do… “. He reached down and dragged her to her feet; he put his arm around her in a parody of compassion and concern. “By the way, “how was that for you”? “he laughed at his “joke”, but the woman did not respond.

They entered the lounge and the man, still with his arm around the woman’s shoulder led them towards the sofa. As he sat down, he pulled the woman to sit down with him, she attempted to shift away from him, to move further along the sofa. “Hey! Do not be shy! Let us have a cuddle… “as the masked man said this, he turned her face towards him and tried to kiss her. She shook her head and turned away, her face a mask of despair. “Stuck up bitch! You are too good for me or something, is that it? Still have not learnt your lesson, have you?

You need to be brought down a peg or two… “he snarled at the woman. Saying that he put his strong hand behind the woman’s neck and pulled her down and across his lap, she struggled but in vain, he was too strong. The woman shouted in fear and frantically reached behind as she felt her skirt being dragged up her kicking legs. “Please do not, please leave me alone! Do not touch me anymore! Why me…. “she cried out. The man slapped her hands away and pulled her skirt up around her waist until her bottom, clad in white panties, was on view to his hungry, lustful eyes. “Uppity bitch, aren’t we? I would have thought a mouthful of cock would have taught you who’s boss!

Now, fucking behave while I tan this ass of yours! “he snarled at her. SMACK! His hard, calloused hand came down hard onto her bottom. SMACK! SMACK! Again, and again his hand rained down onto her bottom. SMACK! SMACK! He felt himself getting hard as he watched her ass turn a painful red; the contrast between her reddish ass cheeks and her white panties was turning him on.

He stopped and ran his hands over her bottom, “Phew! Must be getting old darling! Got to have a break but I have to say I could spank your ass for hours! It is gorgeous! “He licked his lips and contemplated his next move, his heavy breathing loud in the quiet house. He held the woman down with his right hand on her lower back. With his left hand he started to caress her, first the backs of her legs, then he started to slide his hand down between her legs, slowly inching his way along. The woman was either resigned to her fate or, because she was still recovering from the trauma of her recent beating, it did not register that his hand was nestling high up between her slightly spread legs.

The man slid his fingers forward and when his fingertips touched her panties the woman jumped as if an electric shock had run through her body. She started to struggle, the pain from her bruised bottom forgotten in the instant she felt her most private place touched, defiled by this awful man. The masked man pressed down hard with his right hand, holding her down and pressed hard against the woman’s panties, pushing them into her pussy.

The man grunted with the effort of holding her down as her struggles increased as his fingers ruthlessly pushed in deeper; she was dry down there and the pain was worse than the spanking, much worse. “Stop! You are hurting me! Oooooooohhhhhh…Get away from me! “she moaned and screamed in pain and humiliation. The man snarled, “Fuck this! You are a stupid bitch! Let us see this cunt of yours! “. And with that his fingers left her pussy, and he grasped the waistband of her panties and started to tug and pull them down and over her sore bottom. The woman gave a plaintive cry of utter despair as she felt her panties slide down her legs.

The man pulled them down to her knees and left them there, a crumpled band of white. His hand moved slowly back up her legs, teasing her as he savored the woman’s shame and despair. “Are you wet? Are you gagging for me to fuck you? Let us see shall we… “he whispered to her as his fingers brushed along her pussy. First one finger and then another pushed against her, spreading her lips, exploring, and searching. The man pressed into her with two fingers and the woman’s head snapped back with pain as his invading fingers opened her dry cunt. He knew that she was in pain but that meant nothing to him, his desire; his twisted lust was all that mattered to him, his gratification.

He felt the woman writhe and twist, trying to escape him. All she achieved was to rub herself against his growing erection and make him push his fingers in deeper, in and out of her cunt, while he held her down. The man gave a nasty laugh as he felt his fingers start to slide in easier as the woman became wet, her body betraying her. “Like it now does you? You are fucking slut! You are all the same…a bit of fingering and hey presto! “as he said this, he pushed a third finger into her and pressed in deeper and harder. “I think you are more than ready, don’t you?

Let us go upstairs…I want to see your bedroom “. The man was strong and as he stood up; he held the woman tight. The woman started to push her dress down, but the man snarled a warning to her, “What’s the point you stupid bitch! Leave it alone… “. As he pulled her to the door the woman had difficulty walking because her panties were still around her knees. The woman was crying and sobbing in shame and fear because she knew what was in store for her upstairs.

The man pushed the woman ahead of him up the stairs, his hands roamed freely over her bare ass, pinching, and squeezing. Reaching the top of the stairs the man asked, “Right, which is your room? Well…? “. She hesitantly pointed to a door to the right, he grabbed her arm and led her to the closed door. At this moment she started to struggle, tried to pull away from him. She caught him by surprise; he thought her spirit to resist had left her downstairs.

 The masked man cried out as she kicked him in the shin, and she broke free. With an angry roar the man lunged for her and managed to catch a hold of a piece of her blouse. With a tearing noise the material started to rip but the man was quick, and he reached out with his other hand and caught her by the arm. Spinning her round, he pushed her towards the bedroom door, she fell against the door and it swung open, she tumbled into the room, onto the floor.

The man watched her as she turned her head to look at him; she mewled in fear and panic and started to crawl away from him. He stepped into the room, took a deep breath of the scents and aromas within the room. “Ah, this smells nice…Get up from the fucking floor you stupid bitch, get onto the bed “he said to her.

He moved around the room, touching, and moving things; an ornament, a discarded blouse hanging on the back of a chair, a perfume bottle. The man could feel the woman’s eyes on him; he wanted to prolong this moment, this moment of delicious suspense before he took her. Reaching a chest of drawers, he opened each in turn, “Here we are! What I always have so much fun with…the good lady’s knickers draw! “. The masked man turned round to the woman and winked, “Any kinky stuff in here? Some sussies? Stockings perhaps Crotchless panties? A dildo? “As the man said this he was rifling through the draw, carelessly throwing bras and panties over his shoulders, “Wow! Look at these! These are hot, very sexy… “. He turned towards the woman holding up a pair of black, silk panties, “Put these on, and model them for me “. The man threw them towards the woman; they floated down in front of her, landing inches from her feet. She made no attempt to pick them up; she just stared at them and then stared at the masked man.

“What’s the matter? Shy? “he said in a mocking tone. “Need some more encouragement maybe? What if I use my belt on you this time…Will that persuade
you? “. He took a step towards her, his hands moving to unbuckle his belt. “No! Please…I will do what you want…No more…Please do not hurt me! “the woman moaned. The man smiled but continued to unbuckle his belt. He unzipped his jeans and pushed his jeans down his legs, his cock was semi hard. In these “games” he played, he chuckled to himself, he seemed to have a continual hardon.

He kicked of his shoes and slid his jeans right off; he stood there in this helpless woman’s bedroom, slowly stroking his cock. This is what he hungered for, why he played this awful “game” with his innocent prey. An immense feeling of power surged through his body as he stood there, reveling in the humiliation and shame of this woman. “Show me what those panties look like on…But I just want you to be wearing them, nothing else…so strip! “the man said this in a quiet voice, but the woman knew that refusal was to invite pain. As she lay on the floor, she kicked off the panties that were still around her ankles and stood up.

The man moved towards her and she shrank back from him, suddenly afraid. He brushed past her and sat on the bed, he gave a sigh of contentment and said, “Make it a good show now! Show me what a posh slut like you can do… “. He absently rubbed his cock as the woman shrugged of her ripped blouse, he movements slow and hesitant. As she reached behind her to take her bra off the man shouted, “What do you call that? Jeez, my old gran could do better than that! Put some fucking effort into it! Let us have a show! “. Startled the woman looked up, fear was contorting her attractive face and tears ran down her cheeks, “Why? Why me? Please go away, I won’t tell anyone about this… “.

The man jumped from the bed and flew at her in a rage; grabbing her arms he shook her, “Why? Because I enjoy doing this to the likes of you and I especially liked the look of you. I wondered what it would be like to rape you, fuck you like a slut! Satisfied with that? “The masked man was inches from her face as he spat out this tirade. “Did you know I have been watching you for weeks? Following you, taking pictures of you! I would sit in my room and wank myself silly looking at you…but now I have the real thing and I am going to enjoy you anyway I want! Now, let us get rid of this! “As he said this the man reached out and pushed her bra up, exposing her breasts and nipples. He grabbed her tits and squeezed hard, all the while staring at her. The woman was held fast by the darkness of his eyes, his stare pinned her, hold her.

The man smiled behind the mask he wore as the woman grimaced in pain as his rough hands mauled and twisted her breasts. “Now, get rid of the fucking skirt and get those panties on! “he shouted. The woman fumbled with her skirt and pushed it down and over her hips, it fell to the floor. Shaking she picked up the black silk panties and hurriedly stepped into them and pulled them up her legs. The man took a deep breath and stood before her, the anger and excitement within him was fueling his erection, he looked down saw his cock quivering and throbbing with lust, “Turn around, let’s see the full effect…“. The woman turned slowly, the man whistled softly as he saw how they fitted snugly her round ass.

The man reached out and gently touched her bare back; she jumped and gave a small cry. The man took a step and stood close to her; his cock was touching her; she trembled. “Get on the bed “he whispered. He watched as she moved to the bed, climbed onto the bed, and lay still, arms by her side; she stared at the ceiling.

The man smiled and moved to climb on the bed, he laid himself next to her, their bodies touching. The man moved his hand to caress her, touching her hair, her body. Suddenly the man slid his leg over the woman, and he was lying on top of her, his eyes within the mask seemed to float before her. The man positioned his legs between hers and spread them, the woman said and did nothing in response.

He moved his hand down her body and squeezed the woman’s cunt through the silk panties. As he did the woman writhed under him and shook her head, her eyes now tightly shut. His fingers pulled her undies to one side and he pressed a finger into her. He moaned in pleasure while she groaned and whimpered as his finger explored her. Everything was incredibly quiet in the room except for the bed creaking and the sound of the man and woman’s breathing.

His finger was making her wet, her body trying to protect itself, “Turning you on, am I? I knew you would want me in the end, your sort always does. Like it rough, don’t you? “. He pushed another finger inside her, opening her cunt, spreading her lips. He started to fuck her with his fingers; he watched her face as his fingers pushed in and out of her body. He thought to himself how the “players” in his sick ‘game” all reacted so differently. Some fought him until they were exhausted by the struggle and they finally gave up their bodies to him; he deliberately made them suffer for their spirit. A few lay comatose, allowed him to do anything to them, denying him the satisfaction of their struggle; in some ways they were the most challenging, he worked very hard to make them scream and sob.

The man leaned down until his face was inches from her face; he could smell her perfume; he could smell her fear as he pushed another finger inside her. He pressed his face against her breast and rubbed the coarse material of the mask over her nipple.

The woman gasped, “Aaarrrgghhhhhh!! Please leave me alone…let me go, please! I do not deserve this; I have done nothing wrong! “. The anguish and confusion in her voice made him smile, his victims never could come to terms with the vagaries of fate that brought them together; he the hunter, they the innocent prey.

He pulled his slick fingers from her cunt and pressed them against her lips, spreading her juices, he watched as she pressed her lips together. He wiped his fingers over her face and smiled, “Now for the real fun to begin! Ready for some loving’? “. He reached down and held his cock in his hand; he shifted his body to position himself, so his cock was touching her cunt. He could feel her body tense under him as the woman felt the weight of him moving against her, his cock pressing into her most intimate place.

The man pushed; he could feel her cunt start to open for his cock. He could feel the woman desperately trying to close her legs, but he was too strong for her. He looked down and saw the head of his cock disappear inside her; he stopped and moaned as a feeling of pleasure swept through him. This wave of pleasure was made up of the physical, the feel of his cock nestling inside this woman and the sense of power he had over her.

Then, with a growl, he put all his weight behind it and thrust his cock deep into her. He heard the woman put all the shame she felt, the pain she was in, the humiliation of her situation into a plaintive wail. He watched her body arch and contort under him as his cock drove deep into her. The man had no thoughts, no compassion, for the woman under him. All he wanted was to leave his cum deep inside her, to make her remember him. He drove his cock in harder and harder; the bed was shaking with the ferocity of the assault. For that was what this was, an assault on this woman though this was “sex” there was no element of love here, just his evil, bitter and twisted desire.

He was grunting and groaning as he raped her, sweat running down his face behind the mask. The noise of his body slamming into hers, the wet, squishy sound of
his cock thrusting into her and the noise of the woman moaning, and crying was loud in the bedroom. He slowed for a moment and reached down to put his hands
under her knees and he pulled her legs up. The woman was now bent double under him; he held her legs up and spread them wide.

This allowed him to press his cock in even deeper, the woman was sobbing and crying, tears running down her face. The man knew he could not last much longer, he felt his cock throb with imminent release, his balls tightening with anticipation. Suddenly he stopped his rape of the woman; his body lay still, his breathing heavy. “I have been saving a big load of cum for you! Wanted to fill your cunt…But now I have a better idea. I cannot resist what I can see down there, you look nice and tight.

Remember I said I wanted to fuck your ass? Well guess what I am going to do it now… “as he said this, he pulled his stiff cock, slick with her juices from her cunt. He then pulled at her black silk panties, the material stretched and then tore with loud ripping noise; she was now completely naked. Still holding her legs up with one hand he reached for his cock with the other. He leaned in towards the woman’s ass, holding his cock he pressed it against her small, tight bud.

The woman’s eyes were wide with fear and shock as his cock pressed harder against her. “Fucking hell, you are so tight! “he grunted. “Once I get my cock inside this ass of yours, I’m gonna make you squeal! “. He looked down and saw the tip of his cock flatten against her asshole. The man grimaced behind the mask as he pushed harder and then with one strong push the head of his cock disappeared into her ass. This rape of her ass was met by the woman with a loud wailing scream! The man clamped a hand over her mouth to stifle the awful screams of pain. The weight of his body kept her legs up as the masked man groaned with the effort of pushing his cock deeper into the woman’s violated asshole. The man had only penetrated about two to three inches of her ass when he felt his climax starting.

His body stiffened and he shouted in triumph, “Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhh! I am cumming! “. He felt his cock explode inside her ass, streams of cum spurted from him! He looked down at the woman as his cock pulsated and throbbed, she just stared at the ceiling, but he could see her eyes and face were full of pain and shame. “Oh God, which was fantastic! “he moaned, “You are one hot bitch! I bet you have never been fucked like that before… “. There was no response from the woman; she lay there, utterly degraded. The man lay on top of her, crushing her body, covering her with his smell and sweat. The man moved, and his cock slid from her body, he looked down and watched as cum gushed from her distended bud. “Wish I had a camera right now.

You should see how much cum is coming from your ass, I must have flooded you! “, the masked man said, a twisted note of pride in his voice. The man rolled off the woman and lay on his back, breathing heavily. The woman moved slowly away from the man, curling into a fetal position, her face pressed into the rumpled duvet. He slapped the woman on the ass, “Thanks for that! You are a good fuck, you know that? If time were not pressing, I would stay for seconds, but I have to be going “. The woman shifted on the bed but made no reply. The man stretched and then started to gather his clothes. As he dressed, he looked down at the woman, another victim of his wickedness, “I think I will take these as a souvenir “.

He picked up the ripped black panties and pocketed them. He moved to the side of the bed and leaned down, he kissed the top of her head, “Remember I know where you live, where you work. I might visit you again if you are a good girl. Goodbye Colette… “. She did not look up as he silently left the bedroom.

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