I ask, “Do you belong to me? Do you give all your power and will over to me, freely?” And you answer “Yes, daddy. Of course, I do.” But does that really make you mine? Do just those words mean that I have you forever?

So, I kiss you softly. I kiss you like you’re just an innocent little girl being kissed for the first time. My lips on yours make your heart fill with a rush of blood causing you to feel light headed, but does that make you mine. Does having the power to make you feel small and loved make you mine?

I’ll bend you over and yank up your skirt exposing your ass to the cool air. I’ll bring my hand down so hard your body jolts forward. Over and over again, whack after whack, my hand crashes down onto your ass. Will it feel good? Will you feel that sting through every inch of you? Your ass covered in my hand shaped bruises, will that make you mine?

Forcing you to your knees and making you open your mouth. Fucking your little throat until my cum shoots down your esophagus, smacking your face with my cum and spit covered cock, does that make you mine? Watching my cum and spit mix with your tears that drip off your chin, does that mean you’ll belong to me no matter what?

Listen to me degrade you, telling you. “You’re nothing but a worthless whore. The only thing you’re good for is raping your stupid mouth.” Does showing you how pathetic and meaningless you are without me make you mine?

It’s never enough. For as long as you live – for as long as you’re near me – I’ll keep advancing on you like an army. Words are not enough proof. Your kiss is not enough proof. My cock in your mouth and bruises on your body will never be enough. So, I’ll keep taking more. I’ll grab you by your throat and squeeze so tight blood can’t get to your brain. I’ll watch as consciousness leaves your eyes and just before everything goes black I’ll let go. Will holding your very life in your hands make you mine?

Maybe all this helps, but I need more. I just need to keep taking and taking until there’s nothing of you left. There’s only this devoted and obeying little girl before me. I don’t know why, but inside me I have this need to strip you bear and expose all your working parts. I have to rebuild you just using your essential components. I think it’s because before me I had no say and who you are, but now that you’re mine I need to make sure every part of me has touched every part of you. I need to be sure that there’s no lingering piece that doesn’t have my stamp on it. There’s nothing of you that doesn’t carry my brand.

So, when I gently lay on top of you and reach between your legs, when I ease my cock inside your innocent little cunt, will that make you mine? Can you imagine it? Your arms wrapped so tight around me as I kiss your neck. Pushing in deeper, my thick cock stretches you. Will that finally make you mine, when there is no end to our bodies? When we’re connected from your soft little parts to my big rugged ones.

I take and I take, so I have to unload my cum inside you. I have to feel your body push up, urging me to deposit my seed even deeper. Is that what I need to do to make you mine? Do I need to unload all my cum inside your little belly? Do you need it day after day as a reminder that you belong to me? Will me fucking a baby into your little girl womb finally be the mark I leave on you that makes you mine? Will fucking you day after day as your belly grows, wherever and whenever I want make you mine? Will breeding your little cunt over and over again, year after year, will that finally make you mine?

I don’t know. I really don’t. If there’s more I can take I’ll keep pushing you. I’ll keep advancing on you until there are no more lands to control. When I say I want all of you I mean it. When I say I want total control let there be no misunderstanding. You. Are. Mine. Every nook and cranny inside that little head of yours will be for my own personal expedition. I’ll discover never before seen hidden caves. I’ll reveal never before known species of animals. With the years I have left I don’t know if I will ever be able to fully chart what’s inside your head. So, maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s how I’ll make you mine. I will keep searching. I will keep discovering the secrets that lay inside you. And maybe, one day, a long way off from now, I will finally know enough – I will have finally conquered enough – to make you mine.