The perfect Master has to be very confident in himself. He must know that he is the one to be in control, he must also know that a BDSM relationship is as much about pleasing his sub as it is about his sub pleasing him. A sub’s true desire is to please her Master, that is what she truly wants. The majority of women that desire to become sub’s, comes from the fact that they either didn’t have a father figure or because their father figure was a strong influence in their lives. A Master sort of fills this role. He decides what she should wear, how she should act, how she should contain herself.

He teaches her what he wants her to be and when she misbehaves or disobeys he must correct her.

Punishments come in MANY different forms. From scolding to humiliation to physical pain. I always believe that a nice yank of the hair so that the head is back and looking up at me then a good finger waging in the face scolding will do for minor mistakes, slight private humiliation such as, making a shy girl strip in front of you, making your girl open herself up for your inspection, making her beg for your attention, make her crawl to you, make her masturbate for you. I like to make my sub stand naked in the corner as I admire my hand prints on her ass. The more I talk about her nakedness the more humiliated she is. There are numerous embarrassing techniques a Master can use.

Of course there are always the truly bad girls that just love spankings and other forms of pain. Personally, tying my sub up and spanking her ass and nipple clamps usually works. I have a cat o nine tails and when I pull them and the nipple clamps out, that is when she knows she’s in trouble. Find the one thing that your sub is willing to do but truly hates it. ALWAYS MAKE SURE SHE IS WILLING, you don’t want any damage to your property.

Anyway, a Master wants to let his sub know immediately that he is in control. Right from the first meeting a Master should explain to his girl that he likes to be in control of everything and he will demand a lot from her, once she agrees then it is time for the naming. Names are very important you must pick two names for each of you. One vanilla, vanilla meaning normal everyday life, so that you or she can address the other in a vanilla name so that you will know that others are around and that she can’t talk freely and vise versa. The other one can be of your choosing to be used in private. The name of a Master should be a dominate name like, Boss, Sir, Master, ect.. so that when your sub uses that name she knows you are in charge. The vanilla name for a Master could be something as simply as Honey or Sweetie. The sub’s name could be anything the Master chooses. Such as pet, little one, or it can be a humiliating name such as, bitch, slut, whore or whatever else you can think of.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a Master EVER allow his sub to be disrespectful to him at anytime. Even in vanilla situation remember punishments can always come later. Or the whispered threat of a public ass fucking and humiliation scares my bitch straight instantly. She loves the idea of public humiliation but being a strong woman in the vanilla aspect she doesn’t think she could do such. I’m working on it. It is always ok to push the limits but be careful not to push too hard nor too fast, you will have to earn the trust of your sub before trying to push her limits. Punishments can be physiological. My sub never knows what I’m planning so to merely threaten certain punishments is often enough to get her to do my bidding. Of course she must think that you truly will follow through on your threats before she will comply.

Punishments don’t have to be painful either, most subs like pain so it’s a turn on as much as a punishment but it doesn’t have to be painful it could be soft and sensual as well. Secure her to the bed or couch or table and while she is incapacitated use your hands, a feather, candle wax, ice cubes, use your imagination, and tease every inch of her body until she begs you to take her, then you can tease her more or please her or even more torturous deny her completely. Of course to deny her means to deny yourself as well, oh and make sure you order her NOT to masturbate that day or all your hard work goes down the drain. If she disobeys you can upgrade the punishment to a physical one.

Direct disobedience demands a physical punishment. Beyond all else obedience and honesty is a MUST!

Tears are a big part of any punishment, if your sub doesn’t cry or beg your forgiveness, how do you know she has learned her lesson. After a session I like to ask my sub if I’m a fair man. This question is simply me asking if the punishment was too harsh. If she says yes then I know I did well if she says no I inquire what she didn’t like about the days events. I learn as much as she does.

Also remember when your sub does good a reward is in order. Rather it’s a nice fucking, love making, or tongue lashing always reward your sub.

Never ask your sub, ORDER her. Never shy away, stand tall, proud, determined, don’t be afraid to show your displeasure. Keep your tone even and stern when scolding, and smiling and gentle when praising. A good sub likes to be told she’s a good girl. A bad sub likes to be told she is a bad girl. Fear in your subs eyes after a wrong doing is always acceptable. You want to know your sub inside and out so there is nothing your sub can hide from you.

Don’t be afraid to take things away such as walking, make her crawl to remind her who leads who, masturbating, talking, phone sex, sex completely, the ability to orgasm as you tease her. Being a Great Master means using your imagination to its fullest capacity.

If done properly you will have a loyal, devoted, slut to use anyway you like. Sex will never be boring, your imagination will grow, your ego will build, your confidence will strengthen, your bitch will love TO fear you and be willing to try anything you wish. What more can a man ask for? ENJOY!