You have already done the work of letting her know, in a subtle, sexy way, that she would look great tied up and tied down and how much it would turn you on to see her that way and be the one that does it to her for the first time. You have already assured her that you would be so turned on you would, so make it worth her while. She has agreed to do this for you, but you hear the hesitation in her voice. Knowing that it will be much more fun for you if she is almost as engaged at the idea of her immobile, tormented, and tortured as you are, you must have a plan to get her in the mood. 

Step One: Ask her to spend the night with you at a hotel. Neutral ground. Tell her to pack her idea of sexy lingerie and high heels, in black if possible. If you actually get as far as the hotel room and see her dressed in her idea of sexy clothes and ready for bondage, you are not really going to care what her idea of sexy is. Do not be fussy yet. Save that for the next go around. 

Step Two: Tell her what time you will pick her up and be on time when you show up at her house. When you pick her up, be very patient and attentive. She is extremely nervous and is trying to not let you know that. When she is ready to go, grab her face in both of your hands and give her the biggest tongue kiss of her life, look straight in her eyes and say, ” I am so happy you are doing this for me.” 

Step Three: Take her to a bar at once for one or two cocktails to loosen her up. Say something like, “It was so hot working outside today. I really feel like a cold beer.” Or, “Do you want to stop off for a drink before we go shopping?” She is going to be nervous and be receptive to one depending on what kind of woman you are hoping to torture.

While at the bar, focus only on her and be a total gentleman. You are cum filled balls depend on it! Flirt, kiss her and give her the ‘I want to fuck you’ eyes. After one or two cocktails, lean in close to her and grab her hair from the underneath at the back of her head, and kiss her deep and say something like, “Are you ready to go Beautiful?” Or if she is a dirty girl, “You’re making my cock so fucking hard. Are you ready to go?”

If she leaves the bar with you at that point, you probably have it made. Now all you have to do is play your last mood-setting card, and she will be begging for your sick mind to take her to places she has never been.

Step Four: Drive to the local farm supply store. Watch the confusion in her face as your park your vehicle in the parking lot. Say something like, “We need to pick up a few things.” Face her directly and look at her with a sexy, mysterious look. 

Take her inside and let the games begin! Grab a cart and push it around confidently. Start her out small by going to the Home aisle and picking out a few candles. Make sure to let her smell them all like you are interested in her opinion of the scent even though you are looking more at the color and imagining dripping the hot, molten wax on her abused tits and pussy later and what is going to look good on the pics you hope she approves of you taking. This is where compromise comes in. Let her have her way if it is going to suit your plans, otherwise, try to sway her choice by saying how much you like the scent of the candle you really want by playing to like the scent soooooo much. She is eager to please, and you will win.

Next, take her and the cart to the automotive aisle. Show her the rack of rolled chains on the wall. Say, “Pick one out.” Watch her blush and walk up to the very curious and touch each one. 

Once she says, “This one,” call the store staff over to help you. When they come to help, you make sure to say, “We need four, six feet chains, please, sir.” The guy who works there will not be stupid, he has seen this before, and he can see the knowing looks pass between the two of you. It will be a tossup as to who will be more embarrassed, your girl, or the worker. But it will be fun for you. 

Next aisle, dog, and cat collars. You need one leather dog collar and four leather cat collars. She stands there, uncomfortable, as you look at the dog collars. You pick one up and wrap it around itself to see its size as you instinctively look at her neck to see if it will be a fit. Her face turns red, and for reasons unknown to her, her pussy moistens as she realizes what you are doing. You find one you think will work and grab four cat collars that will fit her skinny wrists and ankles.

On to the Hardware aisle, toss a couple packs of small padlocks in the cart without breaking stride. You are doing well, and the lust and curiosity in her eyes start to make your cock twitch. Throw a couple of quick links and eyehooks in the cart and smile big at her. 

If she has touched your arm, belt loop, started to sweat, or you have heard her trying to slow her breathing, you have her right where you want her. She is going to be naked and bound on that cheap hotel bed in no time! 

Just for fun, throw a cheap plastic tarp in. You may or may not use it, although it may come in handy for that hot, dripping wax. But they are only a few bucks, and you will get a kick out of watching her try to figure out what is for. 

Go to the sporting goods aisle and grab some fishing weights and lines. Make sure to pick up the smallest weights, pause, pretending to think about it and put them back on the shelf and grab much heavier ones.

If you are really feeling randy, get some live bait. Nothing like new uncharted sex territory and the thought of live worms to mind fuck a girl. Besides, you can use them when you go fishing this weekend with your buddies.

Lean down to her and give her a reassuring kiss on the forehead to make up for screwing with her even though she doesn’t know you were. Get a sturdy duffle bag while you are there. You are going to need something to keep your new ‘rape kit’ in. 

Back to the Home department again. Locate the laundry line and grab a pack. The clothespins should be right there. Grab a big bag of the old-fashioned wooden kind. When she says wide-eyed, “What are those for?” Smile an evil smile and giggle. 

On your way out of the Home, the department grabs an extendable shower curtain rod. You may need to use it as a spreader bar or want to put in her pussy once she is bound.

Saving the best for last, make your way to the equine aisle. Note the look on her face as she sees all the whips. If she starts to cry, leave the cart, and get out of there with her as fast as you can. She is not the girl for you. 

If she is still game, have a good time with this. Pick out a variety of whips, study each one and let her handle them. Throw a crop in the cart and ask her if she likes any others. If she chooses one, bonus, get it too. Say something like, “We are going to have so much fun tonight,” and grab her hand and give it a squeeze.

After asking her if there is anything else, the two of you need then head to the checkout.

Once there, you spy the batteries as you wait and grab a few 9-volts in case things are going well later, and you want to juice her tit or pussy piercings up a bit.

After you have put all of your new treasures on the belt for the checker, put your arm around your girl and pull her in close. You will be able to feel her heart racing as she sees all her torment lying. They’re together and realizes the checkout girl just figured out what is up. If your girl stands up straight and clearly is enjoying the fact that you both have been ‘found out,’ you are in for a very long night of living out many of your deep, dark fantasies with her that you have been beating off to for a while now. 

Pay and grab all the bags. The crop will not fit into the bag, so hand it to her as you make your way out of the store. If she carries it in one hand and grabs your hand with the other, you are going to have a lot of fun later, and she is ready, willing, and able to do this.

If she takes the crop and starts smacking it against the palm of her own hand as you two exit the store, you have just created a monster.