I am not here to edit my message, my voice, or certainly myself so that it’s more family-friendly, or doesn’t ruffle any feathers, or any of that.

I am not here to convince you of something, like a bizarre cult leader, that you’re resisting tooth and nail.

And I get it. Not everything is for everyone.

And not everyone is going to like me, or what I say, or whatever.

So if you’re going to unsubscribe, or send an angry email, or wag your finger to try to get me back into society’s or god’s or your good graces…

If you’re waiting for me to in any way present in a way that is not 200% myself…

Then I’d kindly tell you to move along. Go on now, git. 🙂

Because my job is not to bullshit you or beg you to believe or understand.

It’s to help you remember not only who you were meant to be, but to get you to become her too.

To help you understand that life doesn’t have to be this hard.

That you can not only dream about “having it all”, whatever that means for you, but also bring those dreams down to reality.

And not-so-sorry to say that that might mean talking about some uncomfortable things, calling some of your shit out (lovingly, of course), and using some decidedly unChristian words to do so.

Because I’d rather get emails like this every day if it also helps you:

Realize your worthiness and own it.

Learn how to create your dream life and then have the courage to do it.

Feel sexy and at home in your body, in your life.

Understand that you are taken care of, loved, and meaningful.

That you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone or anything, that you don’t have to live out of alignment to succeed.

And though my style won’t be for everyone and in fact it probably will offend some, that I won’t stop doing it.

Because I’m not here to please everyone, because I can’t help everyone in the way that they need help.