It’s not because you have broken any rules or that I’m upset with you, in fact, I don’t think one should ever spank in anger. It’s because it makes my heart beat faster and unleashes the caged beast within to have your bare ass before me ready to be smacked and spanked as if I owned it. To watch it change colors and dance in delight with every smack that reverbrates around the room, only to be drowned out by your beautiful moans of ecstacy, makes me growl and feeds the deep hunger in me that wants to inflict pain on your precious and feminine frame.

The reason I crave to spank you is because it’s something we both enjoy and that erotic and poetic dance between a sadist and his prey is something profound and personally pleasing to me in ways words could never transcribe.

I crave your body as if it was a substance I needed in order to survive because when I’m spanking you, it feels as if it is.