When did I become desperate?
When did I begin to crave You so much
I’ll accept anything you’d give?

I crave Your touch, Your attention
I crave Your tantalizing touch
It’s true, I crave you
Like a drug, I’m addicted
I crave You, every moment I’m not with You

I crave the way my body feels when I’m with You
I crave the way my heart beats when I’m next to You
I crave You… This is true
I crave Your breath against my lips
I crave the anticipation of Your touch

I don’t just crave Your body
I lust for Your mind
and I crave for Your words
I crave Your embrace
But most of all I crave Your company

I crave the feel of Your fingers entwine with mine
I crave the taste of Your lips
those lips of Yours sweeter than chocolate

This craving, this desire … I must get my fill soon
I crave for You so much, it burns inside
So I’m wondering here…is the craving felt in return?
Maybe I will never know.. so for now
I will close my eyes and dream of You tonight.