I need to hurt you, little girl. I need to hear you scream.

It’s been weeks since the blood moon but I still feel it rising in My blood, seething in My bones, burning behind My eyes.

There’s a Beast in My soul and it needs to feed. I need to hurt you, little girl. I need to hear you scream.

I’ve woken from one of My Wolf dreams.

I was in the forest, stalking prey. I was a wolf and you were a deer. I caught your scent and pounced, My teeth sinking into flesh, My claws tearing and mauling. Innocence was defiled.

Now I see you next to Me, such vulnerable prey, your beautiful body ready to be ravaged.

I spread your soft thighs and begins to sniff and lap at your cunt. Its scent fills My senses and fuels My hunger for you. I taste you, tracing the thick lips of your sex, loving the way they feel between My teeth and tongue. Your juices begin to seep and I feel the trickle against My beard. You begin to stir and writhe against My face. I reach up and grasp a breast and twist it. There’s an animal clawing within Me and it demands your pain.

“Yes…that’s it” you moan.

I move up and stare into your eyes.

“Shut up, slut”I grunt, My husky voice a roar of brooding menace.

You look at Me with those dark, doe eyes. First with surprise, then fear, then you bite your lower lip, look up at Me and I swear I see you grin.

I was a tender Daddy Dom last night but now you’ve woken next to a monster.

‘That’s My little whore. Aye, little you are, but you’re far from fucking

innocent. We both know the darkness that seethes within you, the part which craves violence and pain.’

I grip your hair tight and drag your head to My crotch. My cock, rigid, veins along the shaft pulsing. Christ your mouth feels amazing on My shaft. So wet and warm and the way you gag as the salty head of My cock hits the soft palate at the back of your mouth…Grrr…and all that hot, thick, saliva pours out…makes Me growl in pleasure and yank your hair tight in My fist.

You whimper but I tighten My grip, My knuckles whitening from the force.

I pull your mouth from My cock, a rope of slobber connecting lip to tip, your cheeks rivered with tears.

“Oh does that hurt, cunt? Does that fuckin hurt ya?”

“Yes, damnit. You know it does, Sir!”

“Good” I grunt, My eyes filled with murder. “I want to fucking >hurt you. I need to fuckin hurt you and you know you fucking deserve it, slut!”

One hand tugging your hair, the other gripping one of your heavy breasts, I push your mouth back down on My dick, and growl loudly as that velvety soft mouth of yours takes My meaty shaft in deep. I twist a nipple and grunt

“Aye, slut. That’s My wee whore. Moan for Me, slut. That’s a good girl. Good good girl. Choke on that dick”

I can smell your arousal stronger now…the scent of a bitch in heat calling to the Wolf in Me. I can see hot juices dripping down your thighs…the scent and taste of you fuel to My My furious hunger.

It’s a struggle to keep the Beast caged within Me most days…the need to bathe you in searing pain, to flog your ass blazing red, and make your heavy tits bruise.

My leather belt will bless your sinful flesh with violence..soon.

I reach between your thighs and slap your soppy cunt, smacking it over and over before thrusting fingers inside to stretch you, My fat thumb rubbing your clit. You moan and grind back like My wonderful wanton whore.

I yank your hair harder.

Soon I’ll push you onto the floor, force your legs apart, and fuck you viciously with no care for how you feel. Your body is Mine to use. I need it. I need your suffering. I need your red burning ass and your bruised swaying breasts. I need your weeping and your moans. I need your No please No. I need your scent on Me.

In the dark hallows of My heart, In My fractured, splintered soul, there’s a Beast that thirsts for your hot blood, a wolf that hungers for your flesh.

I need to hurt you, little girl.

I need to hear you scream.