Ice Play is a form of temperature play: a sensual game where you play with hot or cold substances and objects. Heat or cold stimulate the skin, causing a sensual response.

What is Ice play?

Ice play is often linked to BDSM. However, it can just as well serve as a form of kinky foreplay, than it is really just something BDSM people do. Still, it has many similarities with BDSM. For example, teasing the body with ice is often combined with wearing an eye mask. Because the view is taken away, the other senses are sharpened. As a result, the stimuli usually enter you much more intensely. Especially with warm temperatures it can play with ice

Forms of Ice play

Foods can be used excellently and are relatively inexpensive to purchase. For example, use cold whipped cream to decorate each other’s body and then lick it off. But objects such as ice cubes, cold packs and metal and glass objects can also be used on the body. Both metal and glass have the property that they can easily be heated or cooled. Dildos made of glass or metal are therefore very suitable for passing ice-cold sensations.

Glass G-Spot Dildo
Chrystalino Champ Glass Dildo
Steel dildo wall


Dry ice that has just come out of the freezer can be dangerous to the skin. The ice can then stick to the skin, making it very painful to get it off properly. To prevent this, you can first put the ice in a container with water. Ice is also sometimes introduced (into the vagina, anus, or into the man’s urethra). There are a number of risks associated with this. For example, when the ice melts, sharp edges can form that are sharp enough to cut into the skin or tissue.

Remember that cold foods should not get into the vagina. Many of these foods can cause a fungal infection.