If You Just Let Me
Let me comfort you
and fall asleep in my arms, darling

I promise to protect you from
the nightmares invading your mind
Our bodies intertwined
I won’t let go, I promise
If you just let Me

Let me see you
Please don’t hide from me
Your scars, your flaws and beauty
everything that makes you, You

Don’t be afraid, I won’t leave you
I want to see the real You
If you just let Me

Let me walk beside you
I’ll lend you strength when you need some, I’ll give you a hand and support when you fall, darling

I can’t protect you from the hurt
But I’ll help you soothe the pain
If you just let Me

Let me be there for you
I can’t promise I’ll make everything OK

But I’ll cry when you cry
And we will laugh together too
If you just let me

In a complicated world
My feelings for you is the one

Thing I’m sure of
and I can promise you that

I’ll be right there for you
for whatever you need
If you just let Me.