Do you secretly fantasize about spanking? Have you ever considered taking your sex life to another level? Your partner who gives you a firm tap on your buttocks, hits your thighs with a paddle or torments your chest with a whip: it’s all a form of impact play.

Impact play? What is that?

Impact play is when one partner hits the other for sexual gratification, such as spanking. It is a form of BDSM. Impact play can be sensual or sensational, humiliating or cruel and anything that fits in between. You can think of impact play as an addition to your sex life to spice things up or as a form of power and humiliation. The person hitting is in control of his or her partner, and it can feel very humiliating to him or her. Spanking, flogging, caning, cropping and paddling are all activities that are considered impact play.

Since impact play is a form of BDSM, you also have to deal with the terms of this lifestyle. The partner who strikes is called the dominant. He or she has control and power over his or her partner. The person who gets hit is a submissive. He or she likes to be beaten or humiliated. So you are submissive to the dominant.

What does impact play include?

Typical forms of impact play:

  • Rough body play (punching, kicking and striking the face with an open hand)
  • Spanking (by hand, paddles, straps)
  • Caning (batons, canes, shambok)
  • Flogging (flogger, cat-o-nine, galley-whip)
  • Single tail (bullwhip, snake-whip, signal-whip)

Where can and cannot you hit?

Impact play can be dangerous if you hit the wrong places on the body. The areas where you hit should always be protected by fat or muscle. Areas to avoid are the kidneys, neck, tailbone, hip bone, cartilage, head and any joints or areas where the bones are close to the skin.

The usual areas to hit are the buttocks and the two spots on the upper back under the shoulder blades . With a little more care, you can also hit the thighs, the back of the thighs and the chest. Hitting the breasts (in women) is also a possibility, but there are more risks involved. It is recommended to do this only if you have a lot of experience with impact play.


Striking with an incorrect technique can result in:

  • Trauma and dementia
  • Cuts
  • Nerve damage
  • Damage to the vital organs
  • Bone fractures
  • Choking
  • Lactic acid poisoning and immediate death

Even if you use the right technique, physical problems can arise, such as:

  • Abrasions
  • Bruises and swellings
  • Temporary exhaustion
  • Dehydration
  • Temporary loss of balance or consciousness

So make sure you stick to the game with your full attention and use your common sense. An accident is in a small corner.

What is the best way to hit?

Before you start with impact play, you should be aware of the effects that affect the game. Be aware that simple things like using hormone treatments, blood pressure medications, menstruation, iron deficiency, and the like can lead to a much higher risk of leaving wounds, welts, scars, and bruises that can develop days later.


If you decide to use resources like whips and floggers, it is important to start low and slow . It is best to hit your buttocks with your hands first. This is the least painful part of the body and little can go wrong in this area. In addition, you can hit with your hands more focused and controlled than with a flogger or other toy. After you master this, you can switch to a paddle or flogger. These instruments have a longer range, so you can hit harder.

If you are going to hit an instrument for the first time, it is wise to practice this on a cushion or other object . You must have full control over the instrument. For that you need to get to know the whip or paddle first. How do you hit, with what force can you do that and how do you ensure that the whip ends up exactly where you want it. If you do not have an instrument under control it is unwise to hit your sub with it because this can ‘accidentally’ hit areas that you absolutely should not hit.

Warm up

It is important that the submissive’s body is warmed upbefore the real game begins. If the body suddenly receives sharp blows without first getting ‘warming blows’, it can feel very unpleasant and can also cause physical damage. Start hitting softly and superficially causing your sub’s skin to slowly turn red as blood rises to the surface, which will increase tolerance and pleasure. Gradually move to harder strokes. This way you can handle sub more and he or she will also get more out of the session. If you have multiple instruments, first use the lightest version and then switch to the heavier.

When using a whip with strands or a flogger, it is important that you have the technique well under control. With these instruments, there is a risk that one half will end up in the area where you want it and the other half in a place where you should not hit at all. Your sub will feel a sharp and non-erotic pain and if things go wrong you can also cause damage to the body. The longer the strands, the more skill is required.

Stop word

Always agree on a safety word for a BDSM game. This stop word is only used in serious situations and the game should therefore be stopped immediately. Choose a word that you would not normally use during the game, such as ‘ocean’ or ‘red light’.