Beautiful and very fertile Evelyn is shocked when a Jay (Black man) unloads in her unprotected body, against her will.

Note: The author does not condone rape, or any non-consensual sexual activities. This is a CNC fantasy, with adult characters voluntarily playing a non-consent scene.

Jay had taken Evelyn out to the local bar for the evening. She was absolutely stunning. Dressed in her very short “little black dress”, and wearing sexy heels, her 5′ 9 inch body was stunning. She was slender, with a large B-cup, and even though she was 22, she looked seventeen. Her long blonde hair contrasted with her dress, and she had tiny wrists and ankles. She looked better to him than any of the Victoria’s Secret girls. She had a face like an angel, and huge blue eyes, Jay loved to look deeply into when they made love. She had been his girlfriend for a long time, and just last month he gave her a beautiful 14 carat gold necklace with a solid gold heart. This simple piece of jewelry set off against her black dress beautifully.

Apparently, the men at the bar thought so as well. You could hear their eyes rotate in their skulls to watch her as she walked across the bar, like radar dishes tracking an incoming missile. They sat down and ordered a drink, a Grey Goose and Red Bull for him, and a Lemon Drop for her. They talked about their day, and their plans for the weekend. He was running his hands up and down her slender, perfectly smooth creamy white thighs as they talked, and he could tell she was getting excited.

They kept getting interrupted by the waiter, as he came by, stating that one gentleman or another wanted to buy her a drink. Jay began to get jealous. It got even worse when one guy actually came up to her and asked her to dance! He was getting perturbed. Couldn’t these assholes see that she was with HIM? Jay seethed, and made a decision, one he had thought about for a very long time.

Jay and Evelyn had always used condoms as she was incredibly fertile. Her mother had 8 children in 10 years! If her father even sneezed in her mothers’ general direction, her mom would get pregnant again. Jay had always hated the use of condoms, but it was the only way Evelyn would allow him to have sex with her.

Jay took Evelyn back to the car, Evelyn was thinking that they would be going home.  I can’t wait to get out of these heels she thought to herself. Jay was thinking about something very, very different. He was going to make her his forever, marking his territory in the way only a man can.

He pulled the car over on a dark, back road and stopped the engine, leaving the music on low. “What are you doing?” Evelyn asked. “I thought it would be romantic if we made love in the back seat, the way we did when we first started dating” he replied with a boyish grin. “Really?” she asked. She was pretty excited, and always loved having sex with Jay, so she crawled into the back seat, with Jay following right behind her.

“Let’s make this a little exciting”, Jay said, as he used the seat belt to tie her tiny wrists together over her head. Evelyn thought this a little kinky, but exciting – and cooperated. Once restrained, he reached down and slid her panties off. She was cooperating, as she did not know Jay’s plans yet. Jay pulled his pants down, and began to finger Evelyn. She was always very wet and fertile, always ready for him to enter her. As he slid into her body, her eyes opened wide. “You aren’t wearing a condom!” she wailed. “You can’t!, I am ovulating now, and I am very fertile! We agreed…. PLEASE!…PLEASE!”

Jay looked at her and said, “It is high time that I made you all MINE, I have been wanting to do this for a long time.” he said as he continued thrusting deeper and deeper into her. She struggled to get her hands free, but found that the knots were far too tight for her tiny arms. Her wetness made it easy for Jay, and soon he was balls-deep inside her perfect writhing body, the head of his cock pressed against her cervix. “Oh PLEEEEEASE” she cried, tears streaming down her face… Even in her fear of getting pregnant, the thought of actually feeling Jays sperm warm inside her pussy made her hips move of their own accord. Her pussy was contracting, involuntarily operating with an instinct passed down over the last million years. She began to beg. “Please, Jay, pull out, cum in my mouth, even in my ass, on my face, just please don’t cum inside me….” Her voice trailed off as her traitorous body wracked her with a powerful orgasm. She mewed as it washed over her body, and avalanched in her tight pussy, causing her to contract powerfully.

This drove Jay over the edge, and pressed hard against her cervix, he felt his seed boil out of his balls, pulse through his throbbing cock, and shoot ropes of potent sperm directly at her cervix and into her innocent, fertile womb. Over and over he shot jets of ejaculate inside her, the knowledge he was having unprotected sex with his love somehow made him cum more than he ever had in his life! Every pulsating spurt of seed brought a tiny, waiflike “oh no…” from Evelyn. His sperm was leaking out of her pussy as he continued to stroke her, and his spurts, while diminishing in volume were still emanating from his pulsating cock. He stayed deep inside her for a long time. Evelyn was crying, but filled with a mix of fear, violation, and anguish, but also of love and fulfillment. She did not know what to do except curl up and weep.

Jay put her panties back on, untied her, and carried her to the driver’s seat. “I love you” he said, as he drove her home. Evelyn’s brain was reeling from what had just happened, so many emotions at the same time were overwhelming her. She was silent all the way home, except for a few sobs. By the time Jay brought her to her home, she had made a decision on her own. She looked up at Jay and realized he WAS everything she had always wanted. In addition, her mother had always told her that she ALWAYS knew somehow; when she conceived. Evelyn felt she knew the same thing now. There was no going back… all she could do was to wait and see if her life was going to change forever…