Head thrown back completely overwhelmed, your beautiful face a picture of perfection. Your eyes closed in blissful pleasure. A little whimper escapes as you feel me move my hips resting my cock against your saturated pussy. Your body needy and aching slowly starts to grind against me urging me into you. Completely taken in the moment you briefly open your eyes gazing down. You see my cock glistening, straining and throbbing in its hardness, twitching, menacing.

The droplet of precum descending down makes you lick your lips. Your breath catches as you watch the head slightly spread your lips. You feel your pussy opening as the ridges disappear into your aching hole. Moaning in pleasure as I drive myself into you. Your eyes widen as the head of my cock hits home and you feel my pelvic bone grind against your ass. Your body melts against mine as I slowly start to move my hips. Feeling the veins and ridges along my shaft pressing against your walls makes you shudder.

Incapable of meaningful speech except for the most primal of noises you curse under your breath. Fuck, fuck, fuck as you feel me teetering on the verge of pulling out before driving back into you. No place for control or dignified behavior this is life at its most pure and raw form. Deep groans and loud grunts fill the room, the heady aroma of sex heightening the senses. Pushing myself relentlessly into you, you enjoy the feeling of having your pussy stretched, full and being fucked raw. So deep inside inside you grip my arm and get lost in my eyes.

I need to cum. I have to cum, but I want it inside you filling you to overflow. Consuming your whole body with me. But I need you to cum too. I strum against your clit while whispering in your ear. I order you to cum for me, needing to feel you clench and cum all over my cock. Faster and harder I urge you again and again. Cum for me. Just when I know I cannot hold back any longer I hear your familiar intake of air. You hold your breath and I feel your fingernails dig into my flesh. Your entire body contorts. I grip your body and bite into your neck. As your loud gutteral moan fills the air I feel your cunt grip my cock the extra pressure the final peice. I too swear and I groan into your neck at my own release. I feel my balls rise and fall as I fill you with my warm thick cum. I hold you tightly keeping you completely still, your clit pulsating as you feel me throbbing inside you.

Not wanting to move our hard breathing slowly begins to recede. My grip slowly releases and we lay together. With no place to be we lay together in each other’s arms. My cock still inside you as we both let the mixture of our passion soak into our pores. We lay there completely at ease, completely at peace. That is until our bodies start to move again.

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