Intimacy and what it means to me

Intimacy is being able to enjoy the silence with someone and not feel awkward because you don’t have anything to say. Instead, you can just enjoy the quietness of the moment together and relish in just being present with one another.

Intimacy is knowing that she knows the worst sides of me and has seen me cry, be worried or afraid and whatever other emotion that is unpleasant to experience and self-conscious to display and feel secure in knowing she loves me anyway.

Intimacy is those jokes only we would understand. It’s a language of our own making.

Intimacy is real. It’s the essence of a person and not the facade of them. It’s knowing someone to their core and allowing them to know you that way as well. Intimacy is the naked truth, even when it’s not pretty or sexy.

Intimacy makes sex and kink a thousand times better. It’s the reason why people choose to commit to being true to one another. It’s the best holiday ever because you’re simply together.

Intimacy isn’t everything, it just makes everything that much better.