Walking around in a diaper, cycling on a tricycle, crawling on the hands and knees on the floor and being pampered by an adult. Do you also feel the need to wear diapers and be cared for like a baby? In the role play infantilism you can be a baby again without any worries.

What is infantilism?

Infantilism is a fetish from the BDSM world. In infantilism, men and women find it exciting to play a baby or toddler during a role play, in combination with a diaper and often a pacifier. The excitement is mainly in the sadomasochistic humiliation or control. An adult man or woman is wearing a diaper and can also be looked after as a baby. In a BDSM relationship, one person plays the childlike role and the other plays the adult power person. This is often in the form of father or mother, but you can also take the role of aunt, uncle, teacher, babysitter, doctor, etc. It’s about being an adult role where someone has some control over the baby or toddler. It is rare for two babies and therefore no adults to be involved. Then there is no power relationship.

Two forms of infantilism

There are roughly two forms of infantilism: you have the adult babies (AB) and the diaper lovers (DL).

The person who takes on the role of adults is called diaper lover. He or she depends on the adult baby’s mother, father, teacher or whatever and changes diapers, gives orders, is punished or humiliated. The term diaper lover is also used for someone who only wears a diaper for sexual pleasure, happiness, comfort and relaxation. You have no further need to behave like a baby or toddler. Some diaper lovers even find that childish. Why does a diaper lover like to wear a diaper? He or she will get a comfortable feeling of intense security because you will return to the carefree era of the past. After all, when you were a baby, you didn’t have the responsibilities and stress of an adult.Some diaper lovers really poop and urinate in their diapers just like they used to with impunity. For example, it is very exciting to pee or poop in your pants unnoticed in company.

Adult babies really feel like a baby, toddler or toddler. You want to be looked after as a baby or toddler by a diaper lover. This is more about the pampering side. Think of cuddling, getting a bottle, changing diapers, lying in the box, playing baby games and watching children’s programs. Wearing baby clothes is also part of this. This form of infantilism involves a lot, such as baby and toddler clothing in a large size, food and drink utensils, toys and baby furniture in an ‘adult format’. Many adult babies like it if they have their own playpen, baby chair and cot.

Many adult babies choose to play a toddler or toddler. As a toddler you can do more as a baby. They love to let someone else decide what is and isn’t allowed or to be punished for doing something wrong. For example, the punishment can range from a scolding to a spanking.

No pedophilia

You should not confuse infantilism with pedophilia. The fantasy of being a baby has a sexual character, but an adult baby wants to be a child and has no sexual desires for children. In most cases, an infantilist will not perform sexual acts with his partner during role play, because babies simply do not have sex.

How do you practice infantilism?

If you are an adult baby, infantilism does not really mean anything more than having yourself taken care of by an adult. The adult decides what you do and is therefore in control of you. As an adult baby you can:

  • Wear a diaper and possibly pee and poop in it
  • Wear baby clothes
  • Get the bottle, possibly sit on the lap of the adults
  • Play with toddler / toddler toys, such as blocks or colors
  • Naughty creature
  • Being punished, such as getting a scolding or spanking
  • Take a nap
  • Sleeping in a cot (in a room that is used as a baby room)
  • Cuddling and sleeping with teddy bears

You can agree on how the game will be played with your (playing) partner. The adult allows the adult baby to be a baby or toddler again. Before the baby goes to sleep, for example, he or she is washed and changed and the baby is given a bottle in the morning. As an adult baby you can be pampered, but you can also be dominated or humiliated. For example, it is very humiliating that you have to poop in your diaper for punishment and walk around with it for hours while you normally urinate alone in your diaper.

Background of infantilism

The reason someone engages in infantilism is often because they need an intimate, loving and caring relationship. Some feel the need to go back to their infancy so that they can sort of repeat the infant or toddler period. This may be because they did not have a good childhood, for example. For example, they have been abused (physically, emotionally, psychologically) or due to circumstances they had to grow up too quickly and were never able to really be children. For many, the time of baby and toddler is a time of unconditional love and acceptance where one feels safe and yet a little vulnerable. It is not surprising that many adult babies long for this carefree time full of love and pampering.

The person who plays the role of adults often has based that role on something. For example, they want to play the perfect parent which, for example, was not possible due to a divorce or other reason. It could also be that the adult would have liked to become a doctor, for example, but that he or she could not become this due to poor grades or lack of money. The adult is also looking for a loving and caring relationship, but one with power.