Have you heard from other BDSM players about edgeplay but don’t know what they are talking about? We tell you everything about edgeplay.

What is Edge Play?

Edgeplay is a sexual game that is very extreme in nature. It is a game that is on the verge of safety and health . Actually, the name says it all: ‘edge game’. A BDSM game that falls under edge play can be very dangerous and even deadly if not executed correctly. Under edgeplay you can share different variants of BDSM such as breathplay and bloodplay.

There is no definitive meaning of edge play. There are various definitions circulating that could fall under edge play, such as:

  • BDSM scenes in which no stop word has been agreed in advance
  • Scenes that could cause permanent injury or be life-threatening
  • BDSM activities which a taboo hangs
  • Anything that can penetrate the skin or have sharp edges such as knives and needles
  • Activities that are physically or mentally risky (guns or phobias)
  • Breath control, suspension bondage, electroplay, cutting, piercing, fireplay, watersports and rape roleplay
  • Any activity that is new to the submissive
  • Things that are outside ‘safe’ and ‘sensible’ but that do happen with mutual consent

The definition of edge play is different for everyone. One person thinks that for example rape roleplay (rape sex) falls under edge play and for the other rape roleplay is not on the edge, so he or she does not think this role play falls under edge play.

Why should you play edge play?

Some people find it very exciting or sexy to be anxious. Others like the endorphins released after receiving a lot of pain . Some don’t want to be a control freak for a while and just want to be a completely different person. Edgeplay is also used by them to confront fears or phobias that have a certain impact on their lives. The reason for doing edge play is very different and can really depend on a person.

If you’re the type who wants to push boundaries, quickly get bored in certain routines and try something new, taboo and exciting, edgeplay is definitely something you can get acquainted with. Edgeplay is for the people who want a little more excitement than the mild side of BDSM . Keep in mind that ‘edge game’ is not for the faint of heart. Edgeplay brings you to the edge of the deepest and darkest parts of BDSM.

Keep this in mind with edgeplay

Before you start with a variant of edge play, it is wise if you have a few things in a row. It can prevent major mistakes.

1. What does the law say?

For example, in England and Wales, it is illegal to cause or receive injuries for sexual pleasure. By this they do not mean the well-known bruises, but injuries caused by breathplay or strangling sex, for example. Or what if a sub sues you? What does the law say? It is useful if you can show that you have made agreements with each other, for example by means of mail exchange. It is recommended to only do edge play with people you know and trust so that the chances of being sued by your BDSM partner are minimal.

2. Does the dominant know what he is doing?

Edgeplay is a dangerous game, and it can even be permanently harmful or deadly if not performed correctly. So does the dominant have the skills necessary to properly play the game? The cathedral needs the skill to bring the sub to the edges of his boundaries and help him or her explore those boundaries. They always go a step further.

3. Does the submissive have realistic expectations?

Be careful if the sub says he or she knows no bounds. Your submissive may be too inexperienced to know what he or she is asking, living in a fantasy world, or looking for someone to be damaged. Also watch out when the submissive requests activities that the dominant cannot safely perform .

4. Is the dominant capable and willing to provide the sub with proper aftercare?

After a BDSM game, aftercare is always needed to bring the sub back to normal. This is even more important with edgeplay. If a submissive has been pushed to the limits of physical stamina, hours of aftercare may be required to bring the body to rest. If a sub has been exposed to mental stress, the aftercare can take days. For example, the BDSM scene may have been very realistic that could cause the submissive to have nightmares for months. Even if the scene was a success and has overcome the sub-fears or phobias, it can be very disorienting for him or her.

5. Do the BDSM styles of the dominant and the submissive match?

If you want to push the boundaries of a certain activity and you meet someone with a good reputation as stupid or sub in the same activity, it does not mean that you are a good match. Check whether the BDSM style of your counterparty is what you are looking for.

6. Is the timing correct?

Have you met the right person to play? Do you know each other well and do you have the same style? Are you in the right place to do edge play without the possibility of being arrested? Then it initially seems that you can start without problems. But is the timing correct?Both the dominant and the submissive may have had too little sleep, low blood pressure, pressure at work, or distraction from personal problems. If so, it is wise to postpone the game for a while. At such moments, the risks of edge play are much higher. For example, the dominant can be less attentive, which can lead to horrific consequences. Wait for a moment when both the dominant and the sub are in good physical and mental condition.