For fuck’s sake, just be real

We all know that one person who fakes their way through life. While you might secretly hope that you are wrong about someone like that, it’s not hard to tell when someone is being fake. But what are the consequences of such a relationship?

For starters, when someone isn’t being themselves, you can never fully trust them. That means you can’t trust them with your information or problems, and you probably can’t share your good news with them either

In general, Don’t pretend to be something you’re not in order to try to fool someone in meeting up with you. Because you know what’s going to happen, they’re going to realize you are full of shit eventually. It’s okay to just be you.

As a example:

You don’t have to pretend to be some type of world-renowned Dom or sub to attract someone to you. I’m not less than average when it comes to doing kinky stuff and after playing with rope for years, my skills are still horrendous at times and you know what, none of that matters because my lady loves me for who I am and the awesome things about me.

I didn’t have to try and fool her, I just had to be real and let her make an informed decision (and she made the best decision of her life in getting with me, just saying, LOL!).

That’s the thing about informed decisions if you’re making them based off lies, you’re not really giving consent, you’re just being manipulated and that’s fucked up.

If you want to be a decent person and avoiding being called out for being a phony, heed the following.

1. Don’t post pictures of other people, pretending that’s you.

2. Don’t try to make it seem like you have years of experience when you’re really green as fuck.

3. Don’t create an illusion, be vulnerable and let someone know the real you. Deception doesn’t create a bond, it shatters it.

4. For fuck’s sake, just be real