Do you ever dream of acting like a dog? With K-9 roleplay, you can take on the role of such a faithful four-legged friend. This lifestyle is all about being a dog. The dominant plays the role of a dog owner or trainer.

What is K-9?

K-9 or K-nine is pronounced  kee-najn  and comes from the French word  canine  (pronounce:  kaa-nien ) for dog. Also in English, dogs become  canine  or  K9 called. K-9 roleplay is therefore a role play in which the sub has the role of a dog. Not only does it have doggy sex, it affects the whole life of the sub. The submissive sleeps in a basket, eats like a dog and does his or her needs like a dog. The K-9 subculture was born from the BDSM world, but that doesn’t mean it’s always about sex. Sometimes it is used purely to release the animal in humans. In a K-9 role play, the sub takes on the role of a dog and the dominant takes on the role of owner or trainer.

K-9 roleplay is all about mimicking a dog’s behavior. The sub therefore dresses like a dog. By using attributes such as a leather collar, a butt plug with a tail and a dog mask, the submissive transforms into a wagging four-legged friend as best he can. An appropriate outfit makes the role play much more realistic. In addition, it is easier for the sub to take on the role of a dog if he or she is dressed like that. The dominant ensures that he or she is dressed as, for example, the owner or dog trainer.

The K-9 role play can take various forms. How the game is played depends entirely on the wishes of the dominant and submissive. For example, the puppy can be trained hard by the trainer, but it can also be lovingly stroked by the owner. For many people, K-9 is a lifestyle. They are in their role as dogs and owners 24 hours a day. Others agree on a play moment and only then transform into their role and continue with everyday life after the game.

How do you let the dog out in yourself?

Are you interested in K-9 and do you want to know if this role play is for you? Then try to act like a dog. It is not always easy to transform into a dog as a sub. Everyone is different, so what works for one person may not work for the other. It is recommended to try to think how a dog thinks. To start, sit on all fours and start barking. Read books about dogs, especially books about puppy training. If you don’t have a dog, or haven’t had a dog for a long time, it will help you understand how a dog would react in a given situation. When you see a ball, you want to run after it. If someone gives you a treat, wag your tail (wagging your butt is also acceptable). Compliments don’t mean much to you,except ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’. As a dog you have few headaches (nice!), You crave attention and you are looking for ways to get this too. But to be a good pup / sub you really don’t have to run after a ball. You can also just put your head in your owner’s lap while he or she strokes your head.

What attributes do you need for a K-9 roleplay?

With a suitable outfit, the role play becomes much more realistic. That is why it is important for a sub to dress like a dog. There are various attributes for this.


A dog naturally needs a collar. With a collar around the sub can be walked more easily. In addition, the sub / pup will immediately behave submissively. Usually the collars are made of leather. The collars are adjustable by means of a buckle. The dominant determines how tight the collar is worn. There is a ring on the collar to which a leash can be attached.

Butt plugs with tail

Also a tail should not be missing. There are different types of dog tails attached to a butt plug. When a sub wears such a butt plug, a tail sticks out between his or her buttocks. There are butt plugs with a curl in the tail, but also straight tails. Dogs do not always have the same tail in real life.

Bone gag

With a tail, the outfit is as good as complete, but the outfit can be even more realistic! A bot gag is a wonderful toy for K-9 roleplay. With a silicone mouth gag, a dominant can comfortably train and control the dog. The sub will hold the bone firmly between its teeth.

Dog masks

There are also special dog masks for K-9 or doggy play. Such a dog’s head hood is equipped with a large snout, ears and a blindfold that can be removed. Due to the zipper at the mouth, a bone gag can still be worn. The collar has a ring to which a belt can be attached.


People who are more experienced in the K-9 role play are more likely to opt for a sleek, black suit made of leather or lacquer. This long suit usually envelops the entire body. If the sub is male, it is usually chosen to let the penis hang out at the bottom of the suit. When he starts to walk, his balls dangling back and forth.


Has your dog been naughty and deserves punishment? With a muzzle on, the dog cannot bark or growl if punished by the owner or the trainer.

With the right outfit, it’s time for the role play. How you shape this game differs per dominant and sub. There are no rules. For example, the sub can be walked by the owner. The behavior of the sub is then exactly the same as that of a real dog. People urinate against a tree, eat from the dog bowl and sleep in a basket. Do you also want to be a dog in the bedroom? The dominant can sit on the knees in front of the sub, so that the sub can climb on top to take the dominant doggy.