Things that will keep a babygirl happy
Kisses – Lots and lots of kisses. Pussy kisses, french kisses, sensual kisses, good morning kisses, goodnight kisses, soulful kisses. Point is, give her lots of kisses on her lips, her body and especially her soul.

Attention – Give her your time, your attention and create memories and moments together that will let her know she’s the center of your world and she’ll treat you like a king if you do.

Love – A deep, meaningful, powerful love. The kind of love that only a Daddy could give to his special little princess and one that creates a safe space for her to be able to love on her attentive Daddy as well.

Your heart, your word and your praise – Above all else, a baby girl needs a safe place to rest and in the arms of her Daddy, she can find her peace and her purpose. If you give her your heart, she’ll make a home out of it. If you give her your word, she’ll trust you until you give her a reason not too and more than anything, if you give her sincere and warranted praise for being your good girl, she’ll melt into a puddle of girl goo and do anything to please her Daddy.

If you want to keep a Babygirl, then you’ll have to be a giving Daddy.