She could not wait. She began reading one of my stories I wrote about her discipline sessions as soon as she got home, still dressed in her office attire. She started out in front of the computer, rubbing her pussy through the fabric of her skirt. In short order, the crotch rubbing was not enough. She hoisted her thigh-high miniskirt to her waist and removed her red bikini panties. She was wearing thigh-high stay up, so she now had full access to herself. She slouched in her chair and propped her feet up on either side of the keyboard. She kept on her ridiculously high heels…and let her fingers do the walking.

I unexpectedly entered the room and found her in that shameful position, engrossed in a tale of her own punishment. I stood silently for a moment before I gave out a slight cough, which got her attention in a hurry. Removing her hand from her hairy pussy and dropping her feet at once to the floor, she quickly pulled on her panties in a futile attempt to hide what she was doing. She jumped to attention in front of me, trembling with embarrassment and fear.

“Sir, I’m so ashamed of myself. If an 18-year-old schoolgirl were caught doing what I did, she would have hell to pay,” she confessed.

“Why should it be any different just because you’re 43? You’ve still disobeyed me just the same as if you were a schoolgirl in uniform,” I asked her, letting her ponder the question.

“Sir, do you think even at my age I really should be punished like a naughty schoolgirl who plays with herself?” she asked as she had been trained to do. This was her way of requesting punishment when it was deserved. She knew better than to argue that she was innocent of whatever allegations I made, or to protest impending punishment. “Sir, the story was just like reliving my punishment. I was just fantasizing about the next session that you promised me.”

Her fingers were still sticky and smelled with my female juices, which I confirmed by picking up her hand and holding her fingers to my nose. “You know what this means, don’t you, Leslie?” I asked softly, without any trace of emotion.

“Oh yes, Sir, yes, I understand. I was naughty just like a naughty 18-year-old schoolgirl. And I know I deserve to be treated like an 18-year-old schoolgirl found playing with herself…school uniform skirt up, regulation panties removed, and fingers inserted where they should not be. Yes, Sir, I know what happens to naughty schoolgirls who disobey instructions. Just please have mercy on me, Sir. I beg you!” she whimpered at the end of her recital.

I grabbed her auburn hair and dragged her into the kitchen. In the center of the kitchen, I forced her to her knees. She assumed her kneeling position of attention: knees apart, back straight, hands clasped behind her back in the “parade rest” position, head lowered.

“You are to remain in that position until instructed otherwise, Leslie. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir. Oh, please do not make me kneel long, Sir, it hurts my knees at my age. Oh, please, Sir.”

To prepare her for her scolding, I raised her miniskirt and tucked it up at her waist. I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it back over her shoulders, so it was hanging down on her arms in the back. She was not wearing a bra as usual. I pulled her panties down, so the elastic waistband was at mid-thigh, panties inside out, with the crotch still tucked in at your pussy. Sort of like an “A” shape. Her bare ass cheeks and pubic hair were now properly on display for me.

Ignoring her pleas, I did a few miscellaneous items around the kitchen as she knelt there alone, contemplating her predicament. After about ten minutes, I took an 18″ red ribbon and laid it across her now erect nipples.

“Now, young lady, you will keep that ribbon on your nipples at all costs. That is MY ribbon, and I expect you to care for it as if it were your own. If it falls, you will pay dearly. Understand?” I asked as I gently draped the shiny half-inch wide ribbon over the tops of her breasts, resting across the nipples, ends hanging to either side. The only way she could make sure it stayed there was to jut out her tits to give the ribbon a stable place to rest. With her hands still behind her back and her knees wide apart, she had to keep her balance for as long as I decided to leave her in that position. With my fingers, I gently lifted her head, so her eyes were fixed on me. I did not want her looking down in a psychological attempt to escape the present moment.

I knew this position would get Leslie’s attention. I knew what she was thinking to herself as she knelt there, blushing with shame, praying no one would come to the door while she was there being scolded. That had happened twice before, and she was thoroughly humiliated as I carried on casual conversations with delivery men while she was forced to keep her position. She knew better than to try to escape and hide.

‘I’m kneeling here as positioned…how humiliating! My miniskirt up to my waist…panties askew…breasts stuck out obscenely…making sure I do not drop the ribbon…HIS ribbon…his DAMN ribbon! I hope no one sees me as I am…it is so humiliating…especially at my age. And my knees! How they hurt! I am not used to kneeling. Please let me up…my back hurts from having to thrust my breasts out as I am. Oh, how I want to masturbate again…’ she prayed silently.

After fifteen minutes, I removed the ribbon from her jutting breasts. Grabbing her by her ear lobe, I raised her to her feet. She tried to pick up her panties, but I slapped her hands away and ordered her to leave them as they were. I led her back through the living room, down the hallway to the spanking room. She tried to hurry along with me the best she could, hobbled by her panties still around her thighs.

Arriving at the spanking room, I placed her in the center of the room. As she stood there rigidly, I dragged over the heavy wooden chair, straight-backed and armless. A perfect chair for discipline. I ordered her to remove her clothing, folding each piece neatly as she removed it. When she was finally naked and had her clothes in a neatly folded pile, I made her present her clothing to me using both hands. This offering her clothes to me served to remind her that she was now relinquishing all her modesty and that I would control how exposed she would be at any given time during her punishment session.

“Open your mouth,” I commanded. When she did so, I inserted my thumb and grabbed her lower jaw with my fingers curled underneath. I led her to the chair, making her kneel on the seat facing the low back. I pulled her head down, so she was bent at the waist over the top of the chair back. Using leather straps, I buckled her wrists to the rear legs of the chair, noticing how her breasts were hanging down between her chest and the chair back. I secured her thighs to the back of the chair, then her calves to the chair seat along with ankle cuffs fastened to the front chair legs. After double-checking all the leather straps to be sure she was secured, I was ready to begin. I selected an elongated polished wooden paddle with holes drilled down its length and her name, “LESLIE” stenciled onto the surface in flowing black script. I returned to the naughty girl.

‘There is nothing I can do secured as I am,’ she admitted to herself. ‘I know my buttocks and tender thigh backs are all too readily accessible to the damn paddle embossed with LESLIE.’ Suddenly she realized she had to pee.

‘I’m almost sure to pee when that paddle starts impacting my upturned bottom. In this position, I feel as if I am all ass and again curse myself for not losing some weight. Please, Sir, not too hard. I will be a good girl. I need to pee. Please do not make me suffer the indignity of wetting myself like this. Oh please, Sir, spank me as you wish, but please let me visit the bathroom so I may save some dignity. Please, Sir, please! Surely neither of us wants me peeing on the floor like an infant. It’ll only take a minute…then do with me as you will,’ Leslie prayed silently, knowing enough not to beg to be released once secured for a spanking.

I could see the familiar look in her eyes…yes, she had to pee badly by now. “Oh, Leslie! Stop your childish begging with your eyes! I know what you want. And yes, I would LOVE to see the little yellow stream of pee running down your thighs as you quiver in fright! Which would be grounds for further punishment, as you know. To prevent that, I should catheterize you, hmmm??? And then I would have to wipe your pussy with some Kleenex like a little baby. Then strap a sanitary napkin to your little pussy…. or a diaper. Keeping your ass clear for my punishment, of course,” I taunted my little captive schoolgirl.

She finally began to beg and squirm. She is desperate now, with tears rolling down her cheeks, streaking her makeup. Then the first warm yellow drops start their journey down her naked thighs. It gets heavier, and finally, she loses all control, crying like a baby and urinating like one as well. She floods the chair and then the floor. She is so ashamed.

“Look what you made me do you BASTARD!! I hope you’re happy now that I’ve wet myself.”

Not surprised at her outburst, I nonchalantly replied, “Too bad, you snotty bitch! I see you’ve got to learn more about not breaching discipline, though.”

I placed a large diaper between her legs on the chair to soak up her disgusting urine incontinence. Undeterred, I took the paddle and brought it around to her face, offering it to her. Now that she had regained her composure, she kissed the smooth surface before I took my position behind her, feeling, tasting, and smelling the finish of the paddle.


She blubbered and cried and begged until ten stinging pops were laid across her bared butt cheeks. She wiggled and squirmed to try to get out of her bonds, but to no avail. I stood behind her and watched with satisfaction as she writhed with burning pain, her most intimate parts on shameful display.

I was not worried about her peeing anymore. She was empty for now, so I knew I could continue with spanking the brattiness out of her.

After her paddling, I let her remain secured to the chair, burning ass on display. I admired my handiwork as I stepped back a few paces. God, I loved seeing her bound helpless like that, cheeks rosy from a proper spanking!

Finally, I unfastened first her legs, then her arms. I led her over to a wall, where I made her stand with her legs wide apart, hands on her head, fingers interlaced. I buckled straps around each of her thighs and attached wrist cuffs to each wrist. I brought her arms down to her sides, clipping the wrist cuffs to the thigh straps, which caused her to bend slightly forward with her wrists pinned to her thighs. I grabbed her hair and bent her over at the waist, so she was now eye-to-eye with a 6″ rubber cock staring at her, affixed to the wall. I forced her head forward.

“Now open your mouth and suck on that dildo! Take that cock all the way into your mouth until you gag! Wrap your lips around it! There, that’s genuinely nice, Leslie.”

I spread her legs apart and told her to hold that position…legs spread, bent at the waist, mouth sucking on a big thick cock, hands pinned to her thighs. I took my position behind her.

“Now, don’t move! I don’t want to see your mouth come off that cock, understand?”

I used my hand this time, cocking back my arm…


I reddened both cheeks with twenty of the most laborious hand spanks she had ever experienced. All the while, she was wiggling and squirming, but never once moved her feet out of position or removed her mouth from the dildo. Each spank caused her to lurch forward, giving the appearance that she was sucking that cock feverishly.

Finally, I stopped the spanking at that point. She is taken all her spankings like a good, brave girl so far. Let us see how well she does next….

While the spanking was going on, Leslie’s mind was filled with protest and humiliation even as she obeyed me.

‘What an awful position, bending with my wrists bound at my thighs. The dildo makes me gag…I hate having to give a man head…why do men like it so much? The rubber tastes God awful, but at least it did not cum in my mouth. God, I hate that filthy act! What a spanking! This is the hardest hand spanking I’ve ever had, and it sets my butt aflame again…How humiliating sucking on the rubber dildo…’ she thought all at once.
When the spanking was finished, I pulled her back by the hips, pulling her mouth off the dildo. Gasping for air, she straightened up as much as she could, restricted by the wrist cuffs attached to her thigh straps. Her boobies swung back and forth with her erect nipples, scribing little arcs in the air beneath her chest.

“All right, Leslie. Now comes the last part. Are you going to take your final punishment like a big, brave girl?”

“Y…yes, Sir,” she stuttered, fearfully contemplating what lay ahead.

I led her by the arm to the opposite wall, where several straps were hanging from eye bolts in the ceiling. Unclipping her wrist cuffs from her thighs, I raised her hands one by one to attach them to the hanging straps. I pulled the opposite ends of the straps to extend her arms outward and above her head until her feet were barely touching the floor. I took a spreader bar, adjusted it for about a four-foot spread, and locked her ankle cuffs to each end. She was now hanging there with her torso in the shape of an X, spread wide and completely exposed to me. She was vulnerable to whatever punishment I decided to inflict upon her. I moved around her slowly, inspecting her titties, spreading her pussy lips apart and noting her wetness seeping to the outer lips, and finally spreading her buttocks and tapping her anus a few times, observing the reflexive clenching of her tight hole. Good, I thought, still lovely and responsive.

“What a painful and undignified position for a woman my age. Naked, exposed, vulnerable. Please just let me bend over and touch my toes and take my medicine. I will stay in position, Sir, I promise! These hurts…this really hurts spread as I am at my age, Sir,” she begged.

“Tough luck, young lady! You knew what you would receive when you diddled your clit like a moonstruck 18-year-old. Now it’s happening… with ME!!”

I selected a strap from the wall in front of her, flexing it to be sure it was supple enough for the task at hand. I extended my arm with the strap and laid it across both her bare butt cheeks to be sure they would both be covered on each stroke. She felt the smooth leather…cool…waiting.

I instructed her to ask for each stroke, and to count each stroke BEFORE, I delivered it. That way, she would be telling me exactly when she wanted each stroke.

She craned her neck around to see what I was doing, but she could not see or hear anything. I raised my arm back…

“Please give me the strap, Sir! ONE!” she yelled out.

And the first thing she felt was the sharp sting of my strap raising the flesh of her exposed ass cheeks.




After every time she counted, the strokes rained down on her poor, vulnerable ass…making her squirm and twist violently against the straps…crying and moaning, but no one heard her…or could help her.

The mere feel of the strap on her bare butt sent chills through her body as she contemplated her strapping. The first stroke felt as if the burning fires of hell had been embedded in her weak buttocks. ‘God, you know how to strap a woman, Sir,’ she thought. The second stroke was worse than the first, and so on. She ached all over…her bladder drained again involuntarily. Her legs were spread so wide the last remaining drops just hit the floor directly.

‘Please, Sir, I have learned my lesson…please, no more…’ she begged silently.

Finally, Leslie counted to ten, just barely screaming out the last count, tears running down her cheeks. She just hung there limply, out of breath, waiting for the next thing to happen to her, knowing there was no way she could resist whatever I had in mind.

“Oh, thank you, Sir. I feel much better now…I have paid for my errors. Please forgive me, Sir!” she wailed.

“Very well, Leslie. You have taken your spankings like a big girl. You know I punish bad girls, but I also reward good little girls. Don’t I?”

“Yes, Sir. Please forgive me! I took my spanking just like you wanted me to!”

Leslie watched me pick up a feather…long, soft, and black. I began at the tip of her nose, and ran the feather down over her lips, over her chin, down her throat. I continued it down her chest, making light circles around each breast, and finally brushing it back and forth over each nipple. Despite trying not to become aroused, I watched with pleasure as her nipples hardened and came prominently erect.

I continued down her tummy, below her navel, finally poking it between her spread legs…up into the slit of her pussy. At the feather’s touch, the nub of her clit jumped, and I could see the pink wetness surrounding it. Leslie moaned and threw her head back, but she could not pull away from me. I continued running the feather between her legs, up her backside, tickling her little brown pucker, which was flexing like a target between her reddened ass cheeks.

‘That damn feather has me hot…my nipples are rock hard and ready to pop. I do hope you do not hurt them; they are so tender, you know. The air is filled with the odor of my sex. Oh God, everything about me is totally accessible for whatever you desire…inner thighs…sex…underarms…breasts…butt…’ she thought feverishly as she felt the feather move around her as she stood helplessly in front of me.

I moved over to her right side, facing her. I straddled her outstretched right leg, coming close to her. She could feel my hard cock pressing against her thigh. I extended my arms, so my right hand was above her tits, and my left was on her back, just above her shoulder blades.

I slowly began to lightly stroke my quickly her body, front, and back. My right hand moved across her tits, taking her nipples between my fingers and squeezing. I pulled them out and made them even harder and more erect. I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger…embarrassing her by making her close her eyes and moan at a time like this.
I ran my easily your spine to her burning buttocks, my front hand making a trail down her belly, lower abdomen, coming to rest on her pubic mound. While my left hand moved across her sensitive ass cheeks raising goosebumps, my right-hand fingers tickled and teased her pubic hair for a moment. She wiggled and squirmed despite her efforts to avoid showing how much this turned her on.

Finally, my left middle finger entered the cleft of her buttocks and found her asshole. With some teasing and wiggling, I inserted my finger past her anal sphincter, then all the way up into her rectum. She tried to resist, but it was no use. I took the middle finger of my right hand and slid it up into her wet pussy, cupping her clit in my palm when my finger finally reached its full insertion.

I moved my face close to her right ear and whispered to her.

“Who cares most about your good behavior, Leslie?”

“You do, Sir!”

I tightened my grip on her pelvis.

“Who has taken the time and effort to correct your naughty ways, Leslie?”

“Oh, you have, Dear Sir!”

I inserted my fingers all the way now, almost lifting her up by her crotch.

“Who has complete control of your two most private body openings right now, Leslie?”

“It’s you and only you, Sir!”

After satisfactory answers to all my questioning, I began rubbing her clit as I stroked my middle finger in and out of her pussy. My left middle finger was withdrawn slightly, so only the tip of my finger to the first knuckle stayed inside her rectum, twisting and wiggling to match the rhythm of my right hand on her clit.

Leslie’s senses were overwhelmed at this point, her mind going in a thousand different directions all at once. ‘He’s running his hands all over my fully accessible body…touching, fondling, groping, poking, pinching anything and everything he wants. I feel like a cheap old whore. It is so painful when he mercilessly squeezes my nipples, yet they still respond involuntarily, becoming hard as a stone. It takes my breath away as his finger violates my quivering asshole. The least he could have done was have the damn decency to use a lubricant besides my pussy juice! No man has ever been so deep up my ass! And then he violates my steamy, sticky, slimy sex…his finger ravishing me, going where my own fingers visited for pleasure…pleasure that earned me this punishment session. Oh God, what will he do to me next, the cruel bastard?’ she thought to herself.

While she was still strapped spread-eagle in an X shape, my fingers continued to play with her clit. I pinched and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger. Her pussy juices were flowing heavily, embarrassing her mightily. My rear finger slowly pumped in and out of her anus. I could feel her squeezing my finger every time I wiggled it around.

Soon I replaced my pussy finger with a vibrator. I ran the vibrator along her hairy pussy lips, all swollen and flushed with excitement now. I finally ran it up her slippery slit until I found her clit. I vibrated her clit back and forth as my other finger slipped in and out, and flexed up inside her rectum. Occasionally I would withdraw my finger and begin lightly spanking her already well-spanked ass.

As much as she tried to hold back, the feelings eventually overcame her, and I brought her to a tremendous body wrenching orgasm. I watched her writhe and thrash against her bonds, and scream with pleasure. I did not let up, making her cum again two more times in succession, until she hung before me like a damp dishrag.

I finally unfastened the straps from her wrists and ankles and let her collapse on the floor. She tried to bury her head in her arms, trying to hide her shame at such an out-of-control exhibition before me. I raised her chin and forced her to look at me.

“Well, Leslie, have we learned our lesson?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replies tearfully.

“Did the little girl do her penance for masturbating without permission?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you for punishing me. I deserved it. I was a naughty little girl.”

“Very well, Leslie. You may go to your room now. Lie on your bed with both pillows under your hips, face down. I will be in in a moment to spread some salve on your sore ass cheeks.”

She went as I ordered, knowing that she was now forgiven. She resolved in her mind to be a much better girl from now on.

When I entered her bedroom, I found her in position: face down, legs spread, arms at her sides, buttocks raised atop a pile of pillows. Although I knew she could hear me enter, she did not move a muscle.

I smiled at her naked, prostrate form as I quietly opened the jar of Tiger Balm, thinking about her final surprise…