Lisa Keller groaned, as much in shame and humiliation, as in budding pleasure as she thought about the chain of events that had brought her to this place of her incipient adultery. She had not wanted to go to this party, but her husband had insisted. They had only been married for six months, and they had moved into this country club neighborhood, into a home that they really couldn’t afford. Her new husband, Brad, had stressed to her how important it was that he succeeds in his new job, as the vice-president for real estate sales in this new, exclusive country club subdivision development; and his boss, Alan “Big Al” Martin, insisted that Brad and his new bride Lisa take part in the social affairs of the community.

But Lisa had heard rumors already, while sunning herself at the club pool, of what went on at these parties given by her husband’s boss, and his ‘trophy’ wife, Pamela. Not that Lisa had anything racist in her beliefs, but she had been brought up in the south, and she didn’t think it was totally right for a white woman to be married to a black man. She had to admit however, that Mr. Martin (“call me ‘Big Al'”, as he told her when they had first met), was a rather attractive man. She could understand, she thought, what Pamela had seen in him. He was very tall, over 6’ 5″, and was broad-shouldered with a trim waist, and was very muscular and well built, from what she had observed when they were all at the pool party together. Besides, he owned the development company that Brad worked for, and was reputed to be a millionaire many times over. Certainly, he and Pamela had a huge mansion in the subdivision, and Pamela drove a new Mercedes convertible around when she went out shopping, which she apparently did on a daily basis.

She had told Brad that these private parties were rumored to be really far-out, and even, she had heard, there might be some kind of sex or even wife-swapping going on. Brad, however, just poo-poohed her concerns, and told Lisa that he had to attend for the sake of his job. He reminded her that Big Al seemed to be pushing his sales career along, and that they were already totally dependent on Brad’s monthly draw against his–as so far–unearned sales commissions. “Just get ready”, he said, “and be sure to really dress up showy; wear your new island print sun dress, with those sexy red strappy sandals that we bought you last weekend.

“And, oh yes, be sure that you have your pedicure redone, you know, have your fingernails and especially your toenails painted a really bright scarlet red to go with your sandals. I know that Mr. Martin always notices whether or not the women who work in the office have their toenails painted a nice red or some dark color.” “It can’t hurt to please him in that little way, at least.”

So, she had done as Brad had asked; she had redone her nails herself, in order to save some money. She had picked out a really bright, ‘showy’ scarlet nail polish at the local K-Mart, and had re-painted her toenails that morning. She had fixed her honey-blond hair in a soft style around her face, and had worn the sun dress, with the red strappy sandals that Brad had wanted her to wear, so that her newly red painted toenails were very visible and apparent. Looking at herself before they left for the party, she had to admit, to her secret delight, she looked every bit as hot as that trophy wife, Pamela Martin.

Now, however, she found herself in a most compromising position and she didn’t know what to do, or where to go. Al Martin had suggested that they watch some videos after supper. Although she was a little uncomfortable, she went along with everyone else. Right away, however, her comfort level went even lower. Pamela had grabbed Brad by the hand, and had pulled him down onto a chaise-style lounger in the party room, with room enough only for 2 people. That left her and Al Martin alone to take the other 2 person lounger.

Then, Pamela Martin obviously got comfortable by kicking off her sandals (because of what Brad had said about toenail polish, Lisa had noted that Pamela Martin’s toe nails were painted a deep rich burgundy wine color, with gold-flecking highlights) and lying back on the lounger, pulling Brad down beside her. Pamela wore otherwise only a skimpy halter top, and a sarong style wraparound skirt. Lisa had already noticed that it appeared that Pamela Martin was either wearing nothing on under these items, or at most, almost invisible thong style panties. So when Al Martin had suggested that Lisa take off her sandals, she felt like she had no option but to do so, kicking off the sandals before she sat back on the lounger.

As the evening went on, and the videos became increasingly, explicitly pornographic, Lisa could now see her husband Brad and Pamela on the chaise lounge on the over side of the large game room, where they had become more and more entwined in each other. Although the room was dark except for the light from the TV screen, it was clear that her husband and Pamela were engaged in some heavy petting at the very least; if she was not mistaken, Pam’s leg was wrapped around her husband’s hips, and she was pushing herself up against his groin. From the sounds they were both making, it was clear that they weren’t discussing world politics, and unless she was mistaken, Pam was moaning up into Brad’s mouth, as their lips and tongues meshed together.

Al Martin was already kissing her, although she had not opened her mouth for him yet, but his tongue was licking around her lips, and up and down her neck and around her ear lobes. Despite her intentions not to do so, she was becoming aroused, when suddenly Al pushed her back into the lounge they were on, and flipped up the hem of her skirt. She had not worn any bra with the sun dress, at Brad’s urging, but she had put on her newest thong panty. She tried to stop his insistent hand, but she didn’t want to make any kind of scene. She remembered all too well that her and Brad’s livelihood depended on this man’s good will. While she was trying to hold his probing hand from going further up her skirt, however, with his other hand, he pulled down the strap on her dress so that he pulled the top right off of one of her large breasts, and her breast (with the nipple already prominently aroused) popped out. He immediately moved his searching mouth down, and took that nipple between his lips and started sucking it with swirling motion of his tongue. She gasped in shock, but yes, arousal as well, as her nipples were one of her “hot turn-on” buttons.

She was so immersed in what his mouth was doing with her nipple that she lost track of his hand under her dress. Just as suddenly as he had taken down her bodice, Al Martin hooked his finger around the band of her thong, and before she was aware of what he had done, he had pulled her thong down below her knees. She grabbed for her panties, but then Al pulled down her top again, and now she was nude from the waist up. She grabbed for her top, but only succeeded in losing Al’s hand, and with another sudden move, he had her thong off her bare feet. Now she regretted that she had followed his suggestion that she take off her sandals and make herself comfortable reclining back on the lounger.

She realized that all she now had on was her sun dress, and it was bunched up around her waist. She knew that she had to get up now, and get away from him, even if it meant that Brad would lose his job, or Al would try something even more daring and intimate with her, she was sure of it. But even as she struggled to get up from her semi-reclining position on the lounger, her eyes widened with another new shock as Al, smirking with an obscenely amused look, waved her thong in front of her eyes.

Suddenly, she realized she was already trapped in this situation. Brad would never believe that she had not willingly consented to be where she now was, and even though he was obviously not paying any attention to what she and Al were doing, he would be furious with her for her willing infidelity, she thought. From the look in Al’s eyes, he would claim that they had already done much more, and Brad–even if he denied it to her–would believe that story, especially with her now naked and already wet lubricating genital area.

She glanced over at the other lounger, where it was clear that Brad and Pam were actually fucking, as she could see that Brad was between Pam’s outstretched thighs, as he hunched his groin up against Pam’s obviously willing naked pussy. She couldn’t make any outcry now, she couldn’t call attention to her predicament; Brad would be more than furious with her. She could only hope that Brad’s involvement with Pam would be so complete that he wouldn’t notice her own nakedly exposed genitals.

Al whispered to her in a harsh undertone, “Your husband’s fucking my wife, you know!” “Yeess… Yes, I know”, the use of that lewd word sending waves of aroused passion throughout her already trembling body. Nonetheless, she still tried to sit up, but Al pushed the lounger into a fully reclined position, and just as suddenly as he had moved before, he slide his head down her nearly nude body, until his face hovered just over her already moistly spread cuntal lips.

“Oh, god, what are you doing?’ “Don’t do that, please don’t!” Even as she pleaded with him, however, her breath abruptly caught in her throat, as his tongue–soft, featherlike, but insistent–starting making small circles around the junction of her thighs with her pelvis. She shivered with an involuntary start as his searching tongue slowly worked its way to the warm, already moistly glistening crevice between her trembling legs.

An almost electric shock went through her stomach as he pressed his face forward, pushing his open mouth against her already opening vaginal slit. She squirmed silently in a half-hearted attempt to get away from his licking, searching tongue and mouth, but he tightened his hands on her inner thighs, and with one quick thrust of his thick wet tongue, he put it between her cunt lips and licked up her clit.

“Uuuuuuargh…. oh my god,… what are you … no, no, …. stoppppp …” she moaned again, this time in hopeless arousal, as her body betrayed her, and despite her efforts, her shuddering loins now thrust forward, seeking maximum contact with her tormentor’s stabbing tongue, as it pushed its way into her vaginal passage.

When Brad had tried this with her, she had stopped him immediately, much to his hidden relief, as she came to realize that Brad didn’t really want to do it, but just thought as a ‘good’ lover, he had to attempt it.

Now, however, she understood what she had missed, as the waves of arousal and forbidden pleasure began to ripple through her body. She thought she should be ashamed of herself for not only what was being done to her, but also for being so passionately aroused by it. But she couldn’t help the sensations that went through her body like so many electric shock waves.

Her breath came from her open gasping mouth, in tiny almost painful pants, as she pressed her face into the lounger cushions to muffle her rising groans of passion as Al began to work his tongue in and out of her now very wet, and open cuntal passage. He pulled his head up slightly and with a rapid up-and-down licking motion, began to work her pulsating cunt and clit, sucking and licking at first one and then the other crazily, with his on-so-dark hands and mouth contrasting so vividly with her nakedly white buttocks, as her buttocks swayed back and forth almost out of control.

Her state of excitement reached new heights of fevered passion as her husband’s black boss now withdrew his tongue from her slit passage, and centered his attention solely on her throbbing bud of her clitoris, licking it up and down, and flicking it with a slow, but steady rhythm that threatened to drive her over into a quivering mass of concentrated passion.

“Oh…oh…oh, uuuuh,” she moaned in increasingly loud tones, her nipples rigid with arousal and desire, at the spasms of pure delight jolting through her naked white pussy. The heels of her feet dug into the cushion of the lounger, and her red-painted toes arched up, as she levered her helplessly pulsing cunt up into his face and mouth. Her cunt opened ever wider, as Al Martin continued to work his tongue up and down, up and down, up and down, and she was unconscious of any other thing in the world, but the rhythmic stoking of that tongue. Then she was gasping for breach repeatedly, as she stiffened with the realization that she was about to have a climax, and she concentrated on that feeling as it began to wash up from her feet, threatening to drown her in a flood of passion.

Al grinned wickedly as he realized her sudden imminent climax, and raised his head from her wide-open cunt slit. Al smiled a lewd smile at Lisa, then bowing his head again, he took her throbbing clit between his lips and sucked her into his mouth, working her tender organ with his tongue and sucking as she bucked up against his mouth, having her first ever climax from oral stimulation.

Big Al now shifted up over her, as Lisa lay still beneath him, her white thighs spread wide, her cunt wet with her flowing juice, and open to him. She looked down as he pulled down his shorts, allowing his massive black cock to flop free. She was stunned, as she could see that even in its semi-hard condition, it was already half again as big as Brad’s dick. It was so black, it was almost purple, and his uncut foreskin could not hide the fact that the big bulbous head was even bigger around that the rest of it.

With one hand he continued to pin her shoulders to the lounger while his other hand guided that huge purple-black knob to her already openly wet cunt lips, and using the head like a battering ram, pushed his way past the swollen red flanges of her cunt.

“Now we’re going to fuck, baby, just like your husband and my wife.” “Oh, now, please don’t do that to me, you know I’m a newlywed. Besides, I’m not on the pill, I can’t use it, you can’t do this, you can’t get inside me and cum…. you could make me pregnant.”

Without making any verbal response, he pressed his now rigidly stiff cock down against her still tight opening, getting the huge black head lodged just inside her. “Oooooooh,” escaped from her wide-open mouth, without will, as she felt Big Al’s huge, now iron hard thick cock pressing, seeking full admittance through the tight elastic little opening of her slit. He pushed again, slowly, but surely, dominating his way into her.

“No, please stop, please don’t,” she whimpered uselessly, as the huge throbbing head slid through, stretching cruelly the small rubbery entrance until her white thighs are forced even more open from the sheer outward pressure and her cuntal passage felt as though it were being split apart. He fell completely down on her, his upper body weight crushing her engorged breasts and nipples to the sides of her ribcage. He thrust his hips forward at the same time, and his long black, wrist-thick pulsating cock slipped down through the tight hot walls of her contracting pussy, pushing aside the smoothly giving flesh like the rippling waves before the bow of a speeding ship.

“Please stop, please stop,” she cried again, not really caring who heard her. To her surprise, he paused momentarily, and pulled slightly back. She looked up at him, with her surprise showing on her face. “You know what, Lisa, baby, I’m only half way in, and you are as tight as a virgin; is this about as much as you’re accustomed to from Brad?”

She looked down between their bodies, as he lifted up from her slightly, and she was struck instantly with the stark contrast between her so-white stomach and thighs, and his black cock now thrust half-way up inside her. It caused such an immediate sensual reaction that she involuntarily pushed her pelvis up against him in an unconscious need to have more of him inside her.

He thrust his black battering rod again into her as she watched, and then again, and backing out slightly, then again, as his rock-hard blackness went ever deeper into her yielding softness. There was no stopping him now, as the resilient walls of her clasping vagina parted for his hardness and then slipped over and then wetly enclosed the full length of his surging cock, as he bottomed out in her.

She was so full, so painfully full, that she felt like his cock had gone into her stomach. She felt opened and stretched as though she had been impaled on a telephone pole. She had never been so filled by any man (although there had only been a few), and it seemed as if she had been ripped and torn open; as if her insides were being pushed aside for his black invading cock. She tried to clench her pussy walls together to keep him from embedding himself further into her cervix, but it was useless and she could feel every ridge of flesh on his cock as it expanded and buried itself more deeply into her that she had ever imagined possible.

His hungry mouth clamped down hard on her painfully contorted lips as he began a slow rocking motion, in and out, between her widely thrust thighs. Lisa, the almost virginal newlywed wife, could feel her tight narrow cuntal passage widening with each long smooth stroke of his black hugeness into her; and she groaned with her now helpless surrender beneath him. Once again, her young body began to involuntarily react, with the flames of — for her at least — forbidden desire, even more irresistible than those feelings that his tongue and mouth had brought her to earlier.

There was no reason to resist, to hold herself back for her husband’s sake. Even if he did know, he probably wouldn’t stop his fucking of Al’s wife Pamela, and she suspected that Brad had anticipated all along that this evening would lead to what was happening.

Brad’s insistence on her appearance, on his insistence that she wear the red toe nail polish that Al Martin wanted his ‘women’ to wear; all these things suddenly imprinted on her that Brad had, if not intended for this to happen, at least didn’t want her to make a scene that would adversely impact his job if and when it did happen.

At this point, Lisa knew that she had lost her battle, such as it was, with her naiveté and her newlywed’s conscience, and the obscene thought of her total surrender to this black stranger sent ever increasing tremors running along the base of her spine, as she felt him increase the slowly driving rhythm of his long plunging strokes in and out of her now openly flowering cunt.

Her now totally aroused white body began to follow his lead, and to move in counterpoint, in passionately abandoned jerks, with his strokes in and out, raising her cunt up to him to give him better access to her body. She now groaned in utter submission to his dominating control of her body, her arms wrapping tight around his neck, to pull his head down to her mouth. She opened her mouth, allowing him to invade and possess it, just as he was using and possessing her warm, now willing cunt.

She twisted and opened her thighs as wide as she could, to give him even more access to her, to get his black cock even deeper into her, if possible, as he continued to plunge his massive throbbing cock down and again, deeper and deeper, making her cunt open and widen for him in total acceptance, as if she had never been fucked before.

“Oh, my god, yesssss…yesss, like that, of yessss, like that, give it all to me, fuck it deep in me,” she cried with abandon up into his greedy mouth, surprising herself with her first ever use of that word, and with her now abandoned surrender to his hard-driving use of her. He grabbed the cheeks of her bouncing ass, and with both hands pulled her loins up against him, to give him even more and better access to her body.

In willing acceptance, she lifted her legs up above his back, so that she could see, over his back, her red toe nail polish glistening in the reflected light, as her feet jerked back and again, as his black cock plowed up and down, shining with the moisture from her soaking wet pussy, and he continued to pump back and in. As she moaned deep in his mouth, the electric shocks ran up from her arching toes and feet, throughout her entire body, as Lisa had her first ever clitoral stimulation orgasm with a man’s cock inside her.