Loneliness. It’s a feeling that makes you believe you’re disconnected from everything and everyone. It feels like you’re invisible and even if someone could see you, they wouldn’t care anyway. You feel like there’s no one who really wants to listen, so you don’t bother speaking. The silence becomes loud and drowns out any hope for happiness. So, you just isolate yourself because there’s nowhere you feel you belong, so you don’t even bother to explore the world around you, you just sink into the sadness within you.

Loneliness isn’t the same as being alone. Sometimes they coexist, but loneliness is a feeling that tells your mind you are all alone whether you truly are or not. That overwhelming sensation of believing you’re on your own and everyone is getting on without you can actually turn those feelings into a reality by affecting the lack of effort you put into your relationships.

Loneliness is a state of mind while being alone is a state of being. Sometimes we’re lonely because we miss our family, friends or partner. Sometimes we’re lonely because we don’t feel we belong anywhere. But no matter why you feel lonely, just know, it’s up to you to make as much effort to connect with people as you want them to put into connecting with you.

Friendships are about trust, sharing something in common and most of all about being able to care about someone and making sure they know that to be true. Without that, life can be a lonely place and while being alone sometimes, is important and healthy and will add to your well being, being lonely is a pain most wish they could erase when they’re feeling just that.

Loneliness is maybe the thing I fear the most in life.