There is nothing you will ever experience that is riddled with pain and pleasure both so explicit as love is. At its purest, uncut core is a feeling so robust with an exuberance dose of ecstasy, that there is simply nothing synthetic that could duplicate it’s euphoria. At its darkest and deepest point, where no light, hope or anything that resembles happiness is allowed to enter, is a pain so heartbreaking, it can do the one thing that nothing else in this universe can, shatter a soul.

When we dance the song of love and court our lover with words and actions of genuine affection, mashed up with a nervous anticipation of all that’s possible in this world of wonder, we believe that, to love someone brings meaning to everything else we will ever do. We enter into this, with eyes wide open and a heart ready to give, but what we fail to realize is that we are truly Sadist and Masochist when we become that vulnerable and expose every nerve ending in our being and knell before the power of fate. It’s not to say it’s not noble, just and beautiful to enter into such a majestic state of emotional exchange, it’s just to say, with a beauty that can leave one in awe and tranquil, can also devastate a person to a degree, that even the most intense, violent physical beating would pale in its comparison to the pain endured.

For those who crave that ultimate level of communication, commitment and connection, accepting one’s own predisposition of their respective Sadist and masochistic embodiment of the emotional battle that we all must trespass through in order to ever attain what is simply known as love, is as natural as simply saying I love you and meaning it with every last drop of dignity that you have. The laughter, the security, the enlightenment and fulfilment of a dream that was deferred but now realized could not exist without the crying, the insecurity, the disillusionment and abandonment of a dream worth chasing but never received. We love because we have the capacity for both pleasure and pain and within that growth and that suffering, we forge our identities within ourselves and under the embrace of the relationships that will forever define us. We can love because we can hurt. They are often at war with each other but sometimes they sleep in the same bed and because of that it gives us the ability to not only survive, but bring inspiration to ourselves and those we love as well, because with every action there is an opposite and equal reaction; and with everything that is within the scope and power of love, the immense pleasure and the brutal, crippling pain, brings a balance to us, that is like a Sadist and a Masochist playing and falling in love with one another for the first time.