The reception was held at a nearby plantation restored to its original charm. Horse-drawn carriages brought honored guests to the front stairs, where an equally debonair gentleman promptly escorted each elegantly dressed woman to the ballroom.

The plantation owner saw her from across the marble floored room, the chandeliers setting her auburn hair brilliantly ablaze. She wore a soft natural tan suede dress that fell to her ankles, accented with delicate silver and turquoise hand beaded fringe. He moved towards her, and when she looked up, their eyes met, engaging in a silent exchange, evoking irrefutable sensations – emotionally and physically.

They didn’t touch, savoring the moment, and saving more for later. Her heart beat wildly in her chest – his scent lingered in her nostrils long after she continued past to greet other guests in the ballroom.

She mingled easily, moving about the room in a dance-like fashion, so that the light caught the hues of the leather dress smoothing her luscious curves. She wore a hammered silver choker, with a single pendant at her throat – a very detailed depiction of two lovers entwined, delicately carved in bone. Feathery earrings framed her face, dove feathers dangled around each of two long, beautiful iridescent blue and green peacock eyes that dusted her shoulders.

The men in the room could not resist a glance – she took these opportunities to charm them more with a seductive smile. She was gracious with the ladies, greeting with hugs and sincerities. The men were the fuel of her fire.

In one corner, a musician expertly fingered a magnificent grand, expressing the melodic highs and lows of love, loving, and lovers. The music was alluring, inviting dancers to experience excitement, explore the edge.

He watched as she stalked the unsuspecting gentlemen, selecting the object of her night’s attention, and temporary affection. She touched their hands, letting her fingers linger just a moment longer than a casual greeting. She leaned closer, where her fragrance intoxicated. One, she caressed with red tipped nails – as if clawing her intent into his subconscious mind.

She walked alone to the French doors, slipped outside into the crisp air.

It was late now, dark in the lush garden, lit only by a few ivory candles placed on bamboo stakes along the walkway. She stepped carefully, leaning down to unlace white leather moccasins, tossing them aside as she continued on, barefoot. She heard the doors open from behind her – he was following her… and she stopped to wait.

The soft leather material felt velvety against her skin, feeling almost bare under his fingers as he began to caress her large round breasts, pulling her forcefully toward him – overcome with intense desire. She resisted only slightly – unable to contain her own intense yearning. She succumbed to his whispers at her ear – hypnotized by the vision he described, feeling every word… but aching for only one who could extinguish the flames set afire in the ballroom – her master.

The reception host – her One – casually watched from the second floor balcony, leaning against the rails, smoking a cigar. He could see their silhouettes in the garden; her coppery hair glowing in the moonlight made the identification unmistakable. He stood there, slightly amused, aroused by their risky rendezvous. His plantation princess had entangled another unsuspecting prey into her seductive web…

She came down the path alone, having said good night to the frustrated suitor, one of many who had at one time or other attempted to capture more than her attention.

His magnificent darkness stepped out from the shadows, grabbing her arm as she started to pass by – enfolded her in his arms to experience the lust she breathed, the seduction that seeped from her flesh like an aphrodisiac. She gasped, expecting he would be waiting, but not knowing exactly when he would appear – his grasp was strong, possessive, and arousing.

He wrapped his fingers gently around her throat, nipping at her neck, then stroked his tongue down to her ample breasts, savoring her pale flesh against his lips. She arched toward him, feeling his swollen manhood against her smooth thigh. He put a hand under her knee, lifting her so that she wrapped herself around him tightly with one leg. The dress fell aside, revealing that she wore nothing underneath…

Watching his face intently, she unbuckled his belt and pulled the leather strap out of his pants, letting it trail slowly across her lips – his eyes stared into hers, striking promises of ecstasy at her brazen, and irresistible, seduction. She deftly managed the zipper, releasing his full erection and wrapping her fingers around him.

She stroked him playfully, scraping her red painted nails across his throbbing cock, rolling his balls in her palm – squeezing him, feeling the fullness inside. She pressed against him in a breathless moan, pleading for him.

Leading her to the ground, he whispered his desire. She held his body to her possessively, her ankles against his back, biting into his shoulder in response.

She felt him against her, tightening around him as he entered, slowly pressing deeper inside. She gasped, every nerve alive with sensitivity as he explored further – his cock engulfed in the comfort of her warm, wet silkiness as she clinched and released him.

They began the dance, holding each other captive with pleasure, their music becoming more intense with each touch. Finally, an explosive finale was inevitable as their bodies writhed in tandem frantically, desperately… he pressed against her, she against him… she wanted to scream, but kept quiet, every part of her now his.

This was yet only the beginning. The hors d’ oeuvres of an excellent main course that would be prepared for mutual, ultimate pleasure – no reservations necessary. She was acutely aware that his power was stronger than hers, this man held the key no other would ever find.

Their relationship was constant, though most would consider it non-existent. Their connection was beyond earthly attraction – he saw into her soul, knew what secrets hid there. She was an enchantress – wise and sexy, filled with spirit and fantasy. He could not fathom what thoughts raced through her mind at any given moment and though he could not guess what drove her imagination – he was clearly the one man she trusted to expose her vulnerabilities and accept her surrender.

He returned to the house, strolling purposefully amongst the other guests until he reached the back stairs. Slipping through the door, he went down three flights to the cellar door, unlocked the bolt with a brass key from his inside pocket, and went in.

He lit a votive candle sconce on one wall, followed by half a dozen other candles placed around the room. This is where she would come tonight after her return to the ballroom. She had been here before, and he had promised then it wouldn’t be her last time.

She would be restrained, her body tense with anticipation, a silk scarf tied securely over her eyes. He pictured long, red strands hanging from her shoulders and full round breasts, beautifully bare in the candlelight.

Everything was ready here. Soon, he would bring her down into this special place again, satisfying her desires in ways no other man could. Indulge her imagination with intense explorations of her own fantasies, known only to him, allowing him to enjoy her most delicate treasures. Like the lovers in the bone carving at her throat.

He returned upstairs to the ballroom. He saw her standing in the doorway, near the man from the garden, talking to another couple. Her hair fell loosely in soft curls, askew around her face, still blushed…

She turned and caught him watching. Graceful as a sleek cat, she kissed the cheek of her gentleman friend, said something to the others, and crossed the room toward him.

Her blue eyes magnetized him until she stood directly before him. Leaning closer to his face, she reached between them, wrapping her fingers around his cock through his pants… and squeezed knowingly.

He pulled her to him roughly, hearing her gasp… now he would lead her downstairs to enjoy her insatiable lust, and remind her who was… her Master.

Forever, never-ending.