May I taste you?
I want to taste you. Not just lick you or kiss you. But taste your juices and eat your sweet peach until you just can’t stand to be licked any longer.

Then I’ll pry your legs open and eat that tasty little cunt of yours some more until Daddy is all full. But you know my appetite and tonight I will taste you until you squirt right into my mouth, letting me savor your flavor for hours on end and just when you think you can’t cum again, that’s when I’ll laugh and then just begin again.

Teasing your lips with my tongue until your flower is delicate and swollen and I’ll make you cum until your pussy becomes numb.

I love it when you’re so sore that pleasure becomes torture and I get to taste your fear and arousal, especially when you’re tied up and unable to escape my feast.

So just relax in your bondage, because Daddy wants to taste you and now it’s time to eat