Maybe she wants you to hold her down and whisper into her ear in a menacing tone what you’re going to do to her and then do exactly that.

Maybe she wants to simply sit next to you on a park bench, on a beautiful and sunny day and just talk about all the important and not so important things that make life interesting.

Maybe she wants you to spank her so hard that it erases every ounce of stress she’s been carrying around all day. Maybe she doesn’t want that at all and would much rather have a bath with a bath bomb and candles and your hands all over her, cleaning her completely.

Maybe she wants to be leashed and led on all fours around the house like the kitten she craves to be. Maybe she just wants to sit in your lap and give you the softest kisses ever.

Maybe she’s not into any of that and the dark shit she’s into would scare you.

Maybe, just maybe, you should find out what her maybes might be. Learn them, embrace them and spring them on her when she least expects them and make her greatest desire, be you.