An Emily Story: Mom Pimped

Janet’s phone vibrated in her pocket. She looked at the text.

“The Hilton downtown. Room 1203 9 PM. Dress like the slut you are.”

The text sent a chill down her spine and spark into her pussy.

It had been three weeks since she had been dominated by her 18 year old daughter and her “lover”. Two weeks since she had given herself over to him again. He had promised her he would get her fuck every time she asked for it. When she asked if it would be him he just laughed and said no. Yesterday she asked for it.

Janet was a 42 year old mother of one. Nice B cupped breasts capped with silver dollar sized nipples. Days of golf and tennis kept her legs nice and firm. She had just a little bit of a pooch belly but still very sexy. Her ass was big and thick on her small frame.

She went to her closet and pulled out a dark burgundy dress and matching 3 inch heels. She could not wear a bra with the backless dress but pick a black thong to wear under it. Her makeup was layered on thick and she used a bright red lipstick to add a little more slut to the look. She did a spin before the full length mirror and decided that she would fuck herself.

Janet walked down the stairs and into the living room to find her husband and daughter watching TV.

“I am going out. Don’t wait up for me.” She announced.

Her husband barely looked up from the TV and nodded his approval. Her daughter on the other hand jumped up and followed her to the front door.

“Did he call?” Emily asked her mom. “Are you going to see him and get fucked again?”

“He texted me and said to goto the Hilton downtown.” Janet answered. “I doubt he will be there. Last time he said he would get me fucked when I asked not that he was going to fuck me.”

“Oh. He said there is a VIP sales guy in town.” her daughter said. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I am not sure but I am still going through with it.” Janet replied.

Emily watched her mother drive off and then took out her phone.

“She just left dressed to the nines. Are you really going to pimp out my mom?”

The text came back quickly.

“Good, I am glad she can follow orders. Would you rather I pimp you and Becky out?”

“You would never do that!”

“Try me.”

“Yeah you would. You jerk. When can we get together again?”

“After batting practice Saturday. The boys are at their mom’s place this weekend. Just you and me.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Janet drove downtown and pulled into the Hilton’s parking garage. She valet parked her car and walked straight across the lobby to the elevator bank. The doors opened and she stepped in. The elevator ride was the first time she had second thoughts about what she was doing. She knew when she stepped off the elevator and walked down the hallway she would not be able to turn back. The doors opened and she took a deep breath and stepped out.

The room was the second one down the hallway on her left. She reached the door and knocked lightly. A gray haired man opened the door and waived her into the room.

“No names, no kissing. I am here to be fucked and used.” Janet stated softly.

“Strip me.” He commanded.

She slid up to him and removed his tie first. She wrapped it around her own neck. She went to his belt buckle next. One long pull and the belt was thrown onto the bed. Janet slowly worked the buttons on his blue oxford shirt. It was thrown onto the desk. He removed his undershirt to reveal a hairy dad bob chess. Janet unsnapped his pants and worked the zipper down. He stepped out of his slacks and they followed the shirt.

Janet dropped to her knees to remove his boxers. His fat cock sprang to attention. Janet leaned forward and kissed the head. The man stepped back and reached for her hand. He pulled her to her feet.

“Your turn.” he said.

Janet turned her back to him. She slipped her arms out the sleeves and let her dress fall to her waist. She swayed back and forth and pulled the tight fabric over her wide hips. She stepped out of the dress and turned back toward him. Her arms were at her sides as she gave him a look at her B cup breasts and her very stiff silver dollar sized nipples.

Janet could feel her pussy tingling. Less than a month ago if you would have told her she would be standing in a hotel room with a total stranger she would have laughed in your face. But here she was. She had asked to get fucked and now she was about to get fucked. She was being pimped out and could not stop thinking how wet it made her.

She started to remove her thong.

“No leave it on.” He ordered. “Get up on the bed.”

She climbed onto the king sized bed and kneeled in the middle of the bed. He kneeled behind her and pushed her torso down onto the bed. Her big ass was spread before hime. The g string was across her brown eyed starfish and split her lower lips. The head of his stiff prick pushed the silk fabric into her. He rubbed her member from her ass to her pussy while pushing her face into the bed.

His free hand pulled on his tie that was around her neck. He tightened the hold as his cock pushed past the thin fabric protecting her cunt. She was so wet the cock met no resistance. He was balls deep on the first push. She let out a long moan feeling the cock inside her and the pressure of the tie on her throat. All of the physical sensations and mental process led to her orgasm.

He wasted no time worrying about her. He started pounding into her like the whore she wanted to be. He did not know or care about her daughter or her husband. He had been promised a hot hooker from one of his sales calls and he was going to enjoy it. The client said she could take a hard fucking just not leave any marks.

One hand was using the tie as a leash. He used the other to smack her fat backside. Each inward stroke of his cock was matched with a slap back and forth on those cheeks. Left then right, harder and harder both his strokes and the slaps just kept coming.

Janet’s hand had found her pussy. She was rubbing her clit fast and hard and she was being pounded by a total stranger. She has asked for a hard fucking and she was getting it. She was being treated as a piece of meat. She did not have to think she could just feel.

She walks out of the bathroom an hour later fresh from the shower and redressed.

“Have you seen my panties?” she asked.

He was sitting in the bed twirling the black thong around his finger.

“I will give you an extra $50 if I can keep them.” he said with a smile. “I will be back in a couple of weeks.”

“Just let him know and it’s a date.” Janet said as she walked out the door with slipping the extra cash into her purse.

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