I wanted to have sex with Suguna. It was no brainer that since the day I saw her in the office, I wanted to fuck her. Every day, I used to watch her walk around the office, talk to people, do her work at the desk and joke around in the office. I used to simply observe my colleague from a distance.

Suguna is beautiful. She has fair flawless skin, long black hair, cute long face with a big nose. I love the way her nose moves whenever she talks in a mischievous mood. She has a fit body with firm buttocks.

The tight Punjabi dresses that my colleague wears always accentuate the curves of her body. Her ample breasts press against the tight dresses of hers which outlines the kind of bra she was wearing underneath. Her tits jiggle every time she rushes in and out of boss’ cabin.

I watched her for so long that I started seeing through her clothes. The other day while leaving the office, I got a glimpse of her pink lace bra when she bent to pick up her bag. Since then, all I could see was Suguna walking around the office in her pink underwear.

Suguna is a very nice, kind-hearted and cheerful woman. Anyone can just approach her and start talking. She won’t mind. Still, I couldn’t gather enough courage to initiate a conversation.

At times when she would catch me looking at her, she used to smile back. But, in response, I simply looked away. Perhaps the reason for my hesitation was that I was so much in love with her body that I feared I might not be able to take my eyes off her chest while talking to her. “What if she thinks I am a creepy pervert?”

This tension between us continued until that one night shift. I was busy with my work. I was neither watching nor thinking about her.

While walking to the bathroom, we accidentally collided and I fell. Even though it was not her mistake, she said sorry. This got us talking and since then, we haven’t stopped. In the next few days, we started talking more. We spent more time together. As we got closer in no time, our friendship turned into a relationship.

Suguna became my girlfriend. I couldn’t be any happier. We would talk a lot about absolutely anything. We would kiss every time we were alone and no one was around.

Even when we were not together, we would constantly text each other, we would chat till late in the night. Whenever we kissed, I would take that opportunity to grab her by the hip.

One evening in the office washroom, we were kissing. Slowly, I moved one hand to cup her boob. I gave a gentle squeeze to her left tit.

“Aaa!” she moaned.

Although there was hesitation, my colleague cum girlfriend didn’t stop me from touching her breasts. So I took the next step. I slipped my other hand in her pants to grab her butt. That’s when she stopped me.

“I want to sleep nude with you”, I whispered to her.

“Not today”, she replied with a smile.

I confessed to her how much I love her body. I told her I want to see her beauty without the clothes. Hearing this, she blushed with embarrassment and walked out of the washroom.

Later that night, I couldn’t sleep. As usual, we chatted for long. Before she said ‘good night’, I texted her something. I told her to send me a nude pic of hers.

There was a long wait after that. I fell asleep staring at a blank screen. The next morning, when I woke up, there was an unread message from Suguna. I opened to find a nude photo of her in the bathroom! I could see her full body neck down.

I was so aroused seeing this photo that I took my dick out and stroked it while watching her photo. I was so happy to see her naked body for the first time. But the more I saw her photo, something felt wrong about. It was the bathroom. I have been to Suguna’s house and the one in the photo was not her bathroom.

When I search for similar images online, I found out that this photo was from a famous porn online. Suguna never got naked to send me a photo. I was disappointed but I never confronted her. Apparently, my colleague was not ready to get naked in front of me, yet.

I kept on asking for more photos for me to masturbate and she kept on sending sexy porn pics.

Meanwhile, we continued to spend time together. She liked whenever I pressed her boob or pinch her nipple. So, whenever we were together in the cab, in the restaurant, in the movie theater; I would find creative ways to touch her soft tender breasts.

Even though I hated it, I always picked a romantic movie to watch with her. So, in the darkness of the theater hall and while she was busy watching the movie, I used to fondle her boobs and play with her assets.

I was getting more and more desperate to have sex with her. “I want to sleep nude with you.” I would say to her. But Suguna always refused saying, “We’ll do it one day.”

That one day was my birthday. I told her that I am having a party with my friends at my house. I lied. She said she wants to come. I agreed. She bought a cake on the way to my house.

“Looks like we are early for the party,” she said finding nobody at the house. I simply nodded in agreement. I knew nobody was going to come, but this was my only plan.

My girlfriend opened the cake box and lit the candles. In the somewhat dark room, Suguna’s face was glowing. She felt more attractive than usual.

“Wish for something, birthday boy”, she said handing me the knife.

I did what she said. Cutting the cake, she fed me a piece. While eating, some of the cake stuck to my mouth. She then gently brushed my lip with her thumb and licked the cake.

“What did you wish for?” she asked. I didn’t say anything but kept on staring in her eyes. She kept on asking but I didn’t tell her. Eventually, she forced it out of me.

“I want to sleep nude with you”, I said to her again. Ignoring me, she turned around. That was the moment I have been preparing for. “It is now or never”, I said to myself.

I took off all my clothes and stood naked in front of her. Then, approaching her from behind, I rubbed my dick on her butt. Shocked, she moved away from me. The moment she saw me naked, she closed her eyes.

“Don’t you love me?” I asked walking close to her.

My colleague slowly opened her eyes and looked at me. She tried very hard to not look at my penis. But I caught her taking quick glimpses.

“Don’t you love me?” I asked her again.

“It’s not… like that”, she struggled with her words.

“Don’t you want to sleep with me?”

I was hoping that seeing me naked would tempt her to undress herself. Sadly, things weren’t going as planned.

“I’m not ready yet”, she replied.

“At least let me pleasure myself by watching you”, I said, gently stroking my dick.

“Ok,” she replied and simply sat on the bed. Meanwhile, I maintained a distance as I stroked my dick watching my colleague.

“Show me your boobs at least.”

She didn’t respond but just looked at my face.

“You don’t want me to see your boob, nah.”

“I didn’t say no, but I won’t show.”

It took me a while to understand what she was saying. Then walking close to her, I gently unbuttoned her dress. At that moment, my dick was hanging in front of her face. I know she was tempted yet she didn’t make any move. Unhooking her bra, I slipped my hands inside to cup her breasts. I squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples.

“Aahh.” she moaned as she closed her eyes and moved her head back.

Pulling her dress down, I brought her breasts in open. “They are very beautiful.” I complimented her.

While fondling with her tit with one hand, I stroked my dick with the other. Meanwhile, she still kept her eyes closed and simply responded to my touch with soft moans.

Within minutes, I was close to climax still I didn’t let go of her boob. Eventually, I sprayed my cum all over her naked chest. Some of it might also have fallen on her dress and her pink bra.

At that moment, I was scared to think about how she was going to respond. Soon, I was going to find out!

To be continued.