The room was dark and silent. In the room was a chair made of rich black leather, which sat in the corner, facing out, its presence strong. Opposite that was a green marble table, with various items set upon it, covered with a thick black velvet cloth. The single window in the room was cracked open slightly, it’s rich red drapery blowing slightly in the breeze, blocking all view from the outside. A lone woman was kneeling on a cushion, made of midnight blue velour and gold cording, quiet with her hands tied behind her back, her bareness and the chill in the room causing her skin to tingle, her nipples to become erect, her senses keen and awake. She was patient, thoughtful, waiting for her Master to enter. Wonderful thoughts came to her, of her and her Master’s time in the past, and what had been talked about for their future. Somewhere in the distance within the house she heard a sound. Her eyes opened wide, even though she could see nothing in the darkness, she tried to guess what was being done in the hallway outside. Suddenly she heard a soft creek next to the door.

“My pet….do you hear me?”
“Yes Master, I can hear you Sir”
“Close your eyes, and wait for me.”
“Yes Master, as you wish Sir”

Time passed, and she was patient. She moved her wrists slightly, the bonds of silk around her wrists bringing her a pleasant thrill, making her ache for her Master, making her want with an urgent desire all the things that he did to her in the past, even to the things he did which made her tremble in fear, but which brought her and him such great satisfaction in the end.

“My love, are you kneeling and are you still for me?”
“Yes, I have only moved my wrists slightly Sir”
“Be still my pet. Wait for my instruction.”
“Yes Sir, I will always do what pleases you Master”

Time passed silently. A clock could be faintly heard, it’s tick tock soothing and sure, like life itself, the minutes passing by with surety. Her Master’s footfalls went back and forth, not with nervousness, but with a mission. She could see him in her mind, tall and strong, his face had as much character as his body. He wore black most times, but tonight, was clad in tan deerskin leather pants, and wore a white long sleeved shirt that gathered at his wrists. The pants were tight, showing his form, and bringing her to sigh just from picturing it in her mind. He stopped by the door suddenly. She could hear the knob turning softly, and all was quiet.

As the door opened, a soft ray of filtered yellow light peeked through and fell upon the woman, coming across her thigh, along her breast, up to her neck, and ending at her chin. In the light you could see her softness, her sensuality glowing as much as the light itself. Her eyes remained closed, her body still, her mind quiet. Her Master, pleased to see his pet so beautiful and still, came to stand behind her. Reaching to the back of her neck, he placed his hand across the width, his fingers pressing into her flesh with passion, moving into the depths of her hair. A chill ran through the woman…an electricity which could not be hidden, and she shivered. A small moan escaped her lips, in her sighs she whispered “Master” and was silent, very still once again. Grasping a hand full of hair, he pulled her head back to him, causing her to arch her back and making her breasts push forth. Reaching down, he kissed her lips firmly, then tracing his tongue lightly across them, then finally to the flesh outside her lips. Stopping, and gazing into her face, he searched her. She never faltered, she never flinched, never turned away. Guiding her head back forward, he pinched her bottom lip between his fingers, and spoke.
“My pet, who is your Master?”
“You are Sir, only you, for eternity Master”
“My love, who do you desire above all else?”
“You Master, with my whole being, only you Sir”

Releasing her lip, he moved about the room. You could hear a sureness in his step, a quest to drink of her and her beauty. She felt him behind her once again, his legs pressing into her back, his thighs on both sides of her head, pressing in. Her mind relaxed, her body was his, her being was alert and alive. A soft tickling sensation passed over her face, and the strong scent of leather made her quake. The strands of the flogger teased her skin, softly brushing across her nose, she inhaled deeply and smiled. Taking this away quickly he placed it in his pantwaist, moving back he released her. Still and quiet, she felt something encircle her neck, and hearing the soft click of metal, knew instantly it was her collar, locked and secure on her neck, binding her to him forever. He looked at her from above, at her breasts, so alive and so wanting of his attentions. He saw that she was content, and saw with pleasure that his time in training her had been well spent. Reaching down he cupped her chin, and turned her face upwards. Her lashes were long and black, the contrast of black lash against ivory skin bringing him a thrill. Tracing his finger from the top of her nose, to the beginning of her lips, sliding across her cheek to her ear, ending at her lobe. Bringing his lips close to her ear, he took the lobe between his fingers, his nail biting into it, making her aware of everything, bringing her to him, and his desires.

He whispered. “My pet. You will do as I say. Understood?”
“Yes Master, I will Sir, always.”
“Rise up for me. Now.”
“Yes Master.”

She rose up, with grace and with politeness, her bottom and her sex exposed to him. Her bare feet, beautiful against the stone floor, stayed quiet and still. Pulling on her lobe, he brought her face sidewards to him. She could feel his warm breath on her face, his teeth on her ear, biting down hard. A chill ran up her spine, her eyelids fluttered, her breathing coming in short waves, her nipples becoming hard from the sensation. Reaching down, her Master felt her sex with his fingers, probing, the softness of her sex like silk against them. Her moistness was apparent, not only between her lips but also on her soft hair, the dampness coming down between her thighs. Tugging on her bonds of silk, he tested it’s strength, made sure of the holds on her and her freedom to move. Crouching down he held her ankles together in his hand, his fingers coming across them completely. His mind was racing, the thoughts coming so quickly now as to all run together into one. Reaching in front of her, he took away the pillow and placed it under one knee. Pulling on one side of the pillow he tore the gold cording from it, the ripping sounds coming to her ears, making her perk, making her wonder. The cords came off with little care, falling to the floor silently, staring back at him, begging him to use them on her. Taking it, he wrapped it around her ankles, tying them twice, the ends brushing across her bare feet, like satin against her flesh.

“Kneel on the floor. Now.”
“Yes Master”
“Are you comfortable pet?”
“Yes, quite comfortable Sir”
“Be quiet, do not speak again, unless I speak to you. Is this understood?”
“Yes my Master”

Bringing his hand down, he took her hair, pulling it outwards. Releasing it slowly between his fingers, it fell across her back. Taking a brush he brushed her lovely locks from her face, tying them behind her head with a thin leather cord in aqua, making her beautiful for him. Taking a medium sized plug from the green marble table, he looked at it in the faint light. Her teeth marks were visible on it, from times before, their markings making the plug more desirable to him than a new one.

Walking in front of her, he placed his hand on her forehead, pushing her head back, her face now upturned to him, her lips parted slightly. Taking the plug he eased this into her mouth, filling her crevice completely. He then left her, going to his leather chair he sat down. Hearing this, she knew. She was silent, still. She was his. He looked at her, a small smile drawing his face up, his eyes never leaving her. Taking his drink to his lips, he drank, and stared at the wonder she possessed, at the beauty she held, at the aura she gave. He sat his cup down, a thud that belied nothing. Coming to her, he looked upon her. Reaching out, he took her breast in his hand, two fingers brushing against her nipple, feeling her hardness, feeling her breath coming slower, harder.
“My pet, open your eyes and look at me.”

She bowed her head to him, unable to speak, due to the plug. Her eyes fluttered open, blinking innocence, as she adjusted to the faint light in the room. She looked forward, still and quiet. Her chest rose and fell with her, the light playing a dance upon her skin. Looking up, she looked to him, her eyes loving the sight he gave. His strength was apparent, making her shiver, a small moan came from her lips unconsciously. Reaching down and taking her up in his arms, he carried her to the green marble table. Stopping, he removed the plug from her mouth, brushing it across her chin, then tossing it to the floor. Placing his fingers above her eyes, he closed them, kissing each one before continuing. With a gentle push he placed her over his shoulder, her bottom pushing up into the air, her arms tied still behind her back, her feet bound with the gold cording, a few wisps of her hair falling carelessly down, swaying as he moved. With his free hand opened, he came up, held it high, his muscles tight, as he spoke…

“My kitten, who am I?”
“You are my Master”
“Do you love Me my pet?”
“Yes Master, I love you without end Sir”

Coming down sudden and hard, he slapped her bottom, the sound of his hand against her flesh making him want more. Her cry of shock and surprise was muffled by his neck against her lips, her shivers tamed by his hands as he held her tight. Striking again on her other cheek, he stopped and looked. Rubbing the areas with his fingers, barely touching, caressing her. Red marks were visible, leaving her with a soft tingling sensation and a loving warmth. Dragging his nails across her lower back, tiny lines appeared, like trails of red against the purest of white powdered snow. Looking to the table, he reached and removed its cloth, looking over the items arrayed carefully upon it, a space reserved in its center for her. Setting her upon it, she sat with her knees drawn against her chest, her hands bound behind, her ankles tied in front.

Placing his hand on her outer thigh, his fingers touching lightly, he pinched her repeatedly, up and down upon her skin, his fingers resting finally upon her sex, the softness of her hair against his palm, her moistness clinging to him. Pushing three fingers into her sex, he moved them, finding the spot that made her tremble in wanting, the spot that brought her to beg before him. Sighing, her eyes shut tight, as she fought to keep them closed against her will, her body aching for more, shivers running down her spine, her quiet moans of pleasure in his desires unheeded as he continued. He spoke.

“My pet, open your eyes.”
“Yes Master, always as you wish Sir”

She looked down, knowing better than to look him in the face, or worse, into his eyes, unless ordered to by him. She noticed the gold cording binding her ankles, and softly smiled. Walking around to the other side of the table, he took a silver handled knife that was laid upon it, and cut the silken ribbon from her wrists. Taking the ribbon and showing it to her, he drew it across her cheek, finally tossing it to the floor. Doing the same to the gold cording on her ankles, he pushed upon her chest, making her lie down against the cold marble, her body bare against it. Taking a towel and rolling it, he gagged her, tying it behind her head. A blindfold was placed on her eyes, blocking out all sight and light. Grasping one wrist, he turned it upwards, his eyes upon her beautiful body as his mouth came closer to it, biting her wrist upon contact, his teeth releasing and biting again, his mind filled with her, wanting her. Bringing it above her head, he grabbed the other forcibly, bringing them together. Reaching below the lip of the marble table, he grasped the chain that was held there, wrapping it around her wrists snugly. Coming to the other end, he took her two ankles in both hands, and pulling her gently, brought her to the end of the table. Feeling resistance and knowing her body was taut and to his satisfaction, he tied her ankles to opposite sides of the table as well. Stopping to look at her, his mind raced, as hers was still, his mind thought while hers relaxed. All was quiet.

“My slave, can you speak?”
The woman moved her head sidewards, back and forth.
“My pet, can you move your wrists from the bonds, or your ankles from theirs?”
The woman tried moving her arms, but failed. She tried to pull up on her legs, but she was held fast.
“Very good.”

Walking from the room, he left her. Her mind was still, her breathing regular. All of her cares were taken from her by her Master. Everything she felt, or was allowed to feel, was a gift from him. Every touch, every word, every motion that he gave or made, was made for his pleasure, and she received them in his name, in honor of him, in her submission to him and his desires.

Her mind was empty, only hearing his voice and his movements. All else was faded, except him, in anything he said or did, she was very alert to, to the point of having only one focus: to please him. This was her gift and her desire, and in giving it, felt relief and gratitude. Time passed, and her Master walked in again, bearing a candle made of sandalwood scented beeswax, the scent filling the room, glowing brightly. He placed it in the holder that was attached to the table, it’s flames licking the bottom of the rounded metal holder that was attached above it. Reaching under the table, he brought up a heavy clay bowl. In it was a thick amber oil, the surface reflecting the light from the candles flames, pure and unclouded. He placed this in the holder above the candles, it’s flames heating the oil gently. Reaching to her breasts, he cupped them in his hands, squeezing them firmly, the nipples peeking out between them, pointing above and out. Coming down to lick them, he eyed her as he bit and squeezed upon her nipples, her moans coming again to him, pleasing him.
Taking one hand

he reached down and went to his pantwaist, pulling out his flogger. The flogger was 18 inches long, from handle to the
ends of the strands of leather, black with woven red suede covering the handle. The flogger had 18 strands, medium in thickness, the smell of it’s leather coming to the woman’s nostrils, making her shiver once more in anticipation. Standing up he held the flogger high up into the air, the strands waving back and forth from the movement, his other hand touching her thigh, he spoke her name aloud as he came down and struck her beautiful flesh again and again, pausing before each stroke, touching the part of her body that would receive each lash from the thick whip. Her body arched up willingly, accepting each stroke from him, her skin feeling the thud of the flogger, each stroke making her catch her breath from the sting, the sensations of each sting raising up inside her, then moving out, it’s warmth moving over her. Her muted moans and cries filled her mind, his voice teasing her to attention, the sting bringing her awake to him. Stopping, he felt her sex, his hand cupping her and pushing upwards inside her, the way easy and warm.
“Slave, you are wet.”
The woman nodded shyly.
“Only sluts get wet when they are whipped little one, are you my slut?”
Her head nodded up and down quickly, causing the aqua leather strand to come loose from her hair, her soft curls floating down, and coming to rest..

Her Master moved fast and untied her gag, throwing it carelessly down, taking her bottom lip between his teeth he bit her and moved away.

“Speak to me. Who are you my slut?”
“I am yours Master”
“Whom do you please, kneel for, and beg from?”
“You Master”
The woman whimpered.

“Tell me, you are wet, and you whimper. What do you desire?”
“Your cock Sir, please Sir, in my mouth”
“You don’t ask what would please me my pet?”
“No Sir, you asked what I desired Sir, and this is it. If this pleases you also Sir, I know that you will do it.”
“Without fail my little one.”
“Yes Sir”
“This is not, however, my desire.”
“Yes Sir”

Taking the clay pot filled with oil, he held it next to her face, it’s warmth touching her skin. Tipping it slightly, the warmed oil flowing over her body from her neck, then to her breasts, it’s rivers of warmth running down to the table, leaving glistening marks upon her skin. Putting this in the holder again, he touched the oiled areas, rubbing it over her, smearing it, her skin very slippery, very wet. His nails dug into her flesh, dragging them across her, as she moaned in ecstasy. Her body quaked, her movements restricted from the bonds. Taking a large sized plug, he rubbed it into the warmed oil that was on her bare skin, rolling it and making it wet. Walking to the end of the table, he reached for her ass, his fingers sure and strong, pulling her cheeks apart with his fingers, he eyed her. Her opening was tight, her crevice above dripping in moisture. Placing the tip against her tight hole, he pushed slightly in, the way opening for him with care, her body relaxed and accepting.

“My slave, open up for me.”

Her hole came open easily, her muscles grasping the plug, pulling it inside, almost as if hugging it against her. He pushed harder, the opening becoming wider, as the plug made it’s way up inside of her, stretching her. His other hand came up and touched her sex, surprised to see her so hot and wanting so early. His eyebrow arched up as he looked at her face.

“My kitten slut, again, you tempt me.”

She was quiet, still.

“My slave, you are hot. Shall I push this in hard, from your obvious wanting of this plug inside your ass?”

She moaned loudly, her hips moving to the side slightly, her bonds holding her wrists and her ankles.

“My my, but you are a slut. You are my slut. You would seek this with a smile if I allowed you, even as far as in public. You have no care but to please me, and to take what I have for you. Be still and accept what I have to give.”

Her hips came back down again, her ass contracting…wanting. He pushed the plug inside of her quickly, the widest part stretching her very wide, before it too went inside of her, her ass closing around it, hugging its base. Taking his fingers he moved it inside of her, the plug pushing against her walls, the sensations making her hands to clamp down in want. Reaching up he slapped her ass hard, the striking making her ass move, her skin becoming pink and warm. Taking the oil again, he poured the remainder on her skin, wiping it across her, smoothing it into her skin. With a finger he touched her clit, rubbing it across lightly, she moaned. With his other hand he pinched her nipple hard between his fingers, making her shiver. Finally, he was ready. He pinched her clit and felt her move her hips up, in want. She began to moan loudly, her head moving from side to side quickly, as in begging him.

“Oh! So you want to come now slut? I think not!”
Taking his hands away completely, he smiled. Walking to the head of the table silently, he whispered in her ear.

Where am I love? Can you ever know where I stand, or where I will touch you next? Where I will strike you with my hand or with my whip?”

Snickering softly in her ear, pleased with her confusion, he walked around her, always silent, touching her now and then, in places she never expected. Her skin came alive and she felt on fire, the feelings of electricity coming to where his fingers brushed. Coming to her side, he pinched her hard, the skin bruising lightly, her muffled cries like music to his ears. Taking a black velvet bag, he reached his hand inside, and moved his fingers around, the contents clicking together, so she could hear, and wonder. He removed a clothespin from the bag…opened and closed it in the candlelight, looking at it’s workmanship. These clothespins were handmade, with a light hand, very delicate yet strong, with assorted jewels, small rings and pearls embedded in them. Taking one, he took her nipple, and squeezed it, and placed the clothespin there, making her nipple stand out, bringing her awareness to her nipples, to the sensations of the clothespin to her sex, where it rested. Taking more he placed them here and there along her body, on her nipples and on her arms, her stomach and her sex, gently squeezing each one after they were placed. Pleased, he stood back, and looked at her. Reaching his head down, he blew warmed air from his lips to her sex, the air bringing her a thrill. Biting her softly, and then harder, repeating, soft then hard, again and again. Her hips moved into his face, her sex dripping again, moist with her juice. Suddenly she cried again into the gag, her head thrashing, her moans very loud, as she tried to ask permission to come. “Soon.”

He went to her feet, and untied the bonds that held them. Coming to the head of the table, to where her hands lay, he reached up above her, and pulled down on the hook that was attached to the beam in the ceiling. Grasping the chains upon her wrists, he looped it over the hook. Pulling on the other side of the chained hook, he pulled her upwards, until she was kneeling before him, on top of the table, her knees barely touching, her body swaying as he touched her. Releasing her gag and throwing it on the table, he spoke.

“Slave, whom do you kneel to?”
“You my wonderful Master, only you”
“Do you wish to come my pet?”
“Sir, please, I beg you, please allow me to come!”
“Do you desire that I touch you, and tease you, and never allow you to come?”
“Master, oh wonderful Master, your desire is mine Sir, to do with me as you please Sir”
“Do you know what my desire is then my slut?”
“No Sir, I fear I do not know your desires, but only accept them and welcome them”
“No, you do not. I do suspect though that I know your desire slave, in your moans and your cries to me.”
“Yes Master”
“Be still now, I do not want to hear you beg any longer. No cries, no moans, nothing is to escape your lips.”
The woman whimpered.
“Yes Master”

The woman submitted to him and his desires, as her mind went into a trance, quiet, still. Her head lolled forward, her body relaxed. Seeing this he was pleased, and stood back again, looking at her beautiful form and the oil upon her skin, shining in the candlelight. She moved slightly when he pushed her, the chains groaning in their hold of her. Coming to the front, he took the candle, and tipping it above her thighs, he dripped the wax onto her, the wax splashing down, leaving red bits of it scattered across her skin, and then hardening. Taking his nails, he scraped them across her stomach. Finally, he reached for his flogger. Taking it strong in his hand, he arched back, and with an intent arm, lashed her hard this time, the welts coming up, making him want her more. Again and again he flogged her, the sounds of whip against skin making him harden for the want of her ass. Throwing the whip aside, he climbed onto the table, and without pause, tugged on the plug, releasing it’s hold. He took his hard cock into her ass, pushing back and forth into her, his grunts of pleasure as her ass wrapped around his cock making him breathless. Holding her breasts in both hands he assaulted his cock into her ass repeatedly…..


and again,

and she whimpered.

With quick fingers her removed the clothespins from her breasts, pumping his cum inside of her warm ass, he spoke.

“Come to me slut, now.”

She came, the pounding of their bodies together seeming to make the room vibrate in their love of one another.

Finished and pleased, he slumped upon the table. Reaching up, breathless, he released her wrists from the hook. He untied the blindfold, letting it drift to the floor, where it finally rested. Taking her into his arms, they laid together quietly.

“My lovely slave, you make your Master smile.”
The woman sighed contentedly.

With this, he got up, and left the room.

Arching up upon her elbow, she looked around her. All was quiet, and still, and a clock could be heard in the distance, it’s tick tock a reminder of time, and how precious it was. She felt her body, and the oil, and the warmth of the lashes she received for him. Getting up, she went to the window. Looking outside, she saw snowfall. The tiny flakes drifted down slowly, covering the ground as with a whisper, the brightness making her happy. Reaching her head out of the window, she caught a snowflake upon her tongue, letting it melt, the water moistening her lips, and she smiled.

The End

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